Schematic of Apple iPhone 12’s smaller notch leaks

21 April 2020
The notch is significantly smaller and packs the same sensors as before.

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  • 22 Apr 2020

Anonymous, 21 Apr 2020This is the most fanboyest comment i've ever seen. Dude do ... moreSince my previous answer was deleted (strangely your comment didn't...), I'll answer again in a more acceptable tone.
I am far from an Apple fanboy, as I said, I don't own anything Apple and I only have little experience with any Apple product, nor I consider buying one, except if I had money to spend just for fun.

Many peoples didn't realized that I didn't made my comment to defend Apple products, I actually tried to point out how different the implementation between the two iOS and Android notch are and to basically say that the Android one is really a bad one as it cause many tangible issues, while on iOS it doesn't cause any real issues, though it could have been implemented better still, a lot of peoples hate the iPhone notch because they hate the Android notch without realizing they are two completely different things.

It would be like comparing totally worn out tires and slick race tires, yes both have a slick surface, but they are totally different, or comparing an hybrid car like the Prius type (one switching to the other to save fuel) to a performance based hybrid McLaren P1 style (the electric motor kicking in to give more HP to the car), yet peoples still compare Android and iPhone notch as if it was the same thing, they are not.
That's not an argument based on taste, opinion or anything of such sort, this is based on facts and reality.

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    • 22 Apr 2020

    Anonymous, 21 Apr 2020exactly, that person only thinks that his argument is the o... moreWell yes, except that actually HIS argument was wrong (I answered about it) and mine was correct.
    The Notch when properly implemented isn't an issue.
    Actually if I was the guy who did the notch implementation of iPhone, I would have simply made the display area around the notch not accessible by any apps and only showing status icons (like currently) and ambiant background/wallpaper to give the fullscreen vibe while still causing no issues to any apps.
    And the whole display (minus the notch area) should have kept the 16:9 ratio, like basically most Android phone should had have too, the vast majority of content are in 16:9, making other ratio only cause compatibility issues.
    But the notch itself doesn't have anything to do with it.
    As I said, the Apple's notch is basically a top bezel with two displays on each side to show status icons, think if it like a modern LG V10 :
    Rather than a dent on the display, because the status bar is something non fullscreen apps does have access to, it is always in the way, Apple just cleverly combined bezel with status bar, it is clearly visible here :
    Their error was to make the display around the notch too seamless with the rest of the display, they probably wanted it to look like a well integrated part without any separation to give off this fulldisplay phone vibe, they didn't anticipated Android to copy it,because it isn't something that work well on Android, funnily enough it would have also worked well on Windows Phone as the top portion of the display is a low population status bar without notifications in it, and peoples thinking that the notch is a dent on the display rather than a bezel with display around it...

    Also it isn't as if the notch wasted usable space compared to previous models, the display, even without the notch, is significantly taller than the previous 16:9 ration of iPhone 8 and prior models.

    Peoples hate the iPhone notch out of pure fashion, all the initial review of the iPhone X basically concluded that the notch isn't an annoyance or intrusive, many even say it isn't really noticeable after some time, and it is because it doesn't interfere with non fullscreen apps...
    But then, the notch got copied by Android, and suddenly everyone hated it, the reason is simple, it is not adapted at ALL to android devices, something like the LG V10 had a way better concept and it wouldn't had been an issue if Windows Phone was still around and a Lumia got released with a notch.

    My argument is based on analysis, facts and reality, his was basically theoretical thing that doesn't apply in reality and your is pure emotional, "you hate the notch so the notch shouldn't exist and argument for its existence are therefor wrong"...
    I really wish Android phone makers could have simply got inspired by the notch and not copy it, a bezel/display mix where the status bar is, with the notification bar bellow it (in the display) would have been so great actually, even if it doesn't offer 100% fullscreen, it would have still put to use the vast majority of the front of the phone.

      AnonD-909757, 21 Apr 2020Thanks you a lot for being the only person which, yesterday... moreQuote, "I thought no status icon are really missing compared to previous version, after some researches apparently some useful ones (like bluetooth for example) can't be displayed anymore, this will thankfully be fixed with the new smaller notch."

      I am in a state of absolute shock to learn the iPhone notch actually hinders the visual presentation of certain critical status icons, such as Bluetooth and possibly others.

      I never thought for a second that Apple would permit the notch to actually impede the functionality of the iPhone. This is an astonishing oversight by Apple, and is utterly reckless, which speaks volumes to Apple's genuinely poor engineering.

      Surely Apple should have accommodated the presence of the notch with an iOS fix that would give the user the option in avoiding the section of the display occupied by the notch.

      Wow, just wow. And Apple sells these devices for north of $1000. The arrogance and self-delusion is simply blindingly astonishing.

      I still cannot believe there isn't a software fix for this anomaly.

        Love the Community, 22 Apr 2020Android people will never understand that the notch in Appl... moreQuote, "Android people will never understand that the notch in Apple phones is there because it has state of the art sensors that makes up FaceID..."

        On behalf of Android users (of which I am not), they are fully acquainted with the supposed technology that debuted during the 2017 unveiling of the iPhone X, which lay claim it had a one-in-a-million chance of being unlocked by a random person, a massive improvement over its predecessor, Touch ID, that had a 1-in-50000 false positive chance.

        With Apple having touted Face ID as the industry's most advanced biometric security system, unsurpassable in every way, Cupertino Inc. was utterly humiliated upon its Face ID attention-detection security being defeated by security researchers at Tencent, with little more than glasses and a $1 tape affixed to the lens of the glasses.

        If this revelation of Face ID's abject failure wasn't demoralising enough, a second team from Vietnam duped the so-called ultra-secure Face ID, by using a 3D-printed mask with an attached silicone nose and some makeup.

        To further rub salt in the wound of the vulnerable Face ID, it has been shown repeatedly to be fooled by family members who bear a close resemblance to the Face ID-equipped iPhone owners.

        Both Apple and you may continue to defend the tech hidden within the notch, but let's be honest, the engineering and design "gurus" at Cupertino are severely handicapped to the extent the notch is the best they can achieve. Within the void of the notch belies a hotch-potch of semi-complete and poorly executed technology that serves to further erode the little semblance of security possessed by the iPhone.

        Incremental improvements are being made with their 2020 phone - by having a smaller notch. The Android fanbase understand Cupertino's delinquency, and whilst they privately indulge with fits of laughter at Apple's inadequacy, publicly they are dumbfounded by Apple's resistance in maintaining their staunch defense of the flawed notch, which incidentally has become to be adored the bleating faithful. The notch has become to be the symbol of the iPhone, almost as much as the part-bitten logo is synonymous with Apple devices.

        Long may the notch live, if only for the data-harvesting and ad-ridden enduring Android users to be drowned in their inglorious fits of laughter aimed at the humiliating iNotch.

          Android people will never understand that the notch in Apple phones is there because it has state of the art sensors that makes up FaceID while our phones have none, just for design flair.

          One day, glass and MicroLED displays will be transparent enough for the sensors to sense through it and Apple will make the most bezelless iPhone ever because all the sensors are tucked inside the screen meaning notch-free.

            Adoogle, 21 Apr 2020Quote, "Remember, Android = good, Apple = bad and that's al... moreI know, mate ... I was being facetious

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              • 22 Apr 2020

              Whoooowhh, Honor 8X territory. They're closing in on us. LOL.

                I am curious. Why apple is expensive?

                  Well, couldn't they simply get rid of the Structured Light thingy and use 3D ToF, like Huawei and LG, as that requires a lot less sensors? Moreover, the idea of having the earpice there, pretty sure it has no actual space in that tight space and that it is positioned somewhere under the senzors and has a channel which directs the sound up to the bezel, as on a S20 or Note10.

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                    • 21 Apr 2020

                    Anonymous, 21 Apr 2020Android is the way to go. Even my S6 Edge still works good.... moreDoes you phone released in 2015 run the latest android OS? well the phone 6s is still being updated with the latest iOS 13.4 as of current.

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                      • 21 Apr 2020

                      AnonD-888522, 21 Apr 2020LMFAO..typed by someone who clearly never experienced FaceI... moreDear friend, Face ID has nothing to do with a notch. Face ID can be implemented on a conventional slim bezel above the screen. Have a good day. Or night. Stay safe.

                        Except for 5G (which will take quite sometime in my place) IPhone 12 seems to be NOT a big upgrade from XS or 11 Pro

                          Adoogle, 21 Apr 2020Quote, "They're an evolutionary brand though. Slow and stea... moreYeah, sadly. But they can be. They have people locked in. They have the updates, they have very competitive devices. I wouldn't have said that a few years ago.

                            Davy Jones, 21 Apr 2020Totally agree with that even though the prices were ridicul... moreYep, me being one of them.

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                              • 21 Apr 2020

                              Something innovative for Android to copy like they have always been doing for the past 13 years

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                                • 21 Apr 2020

                                Android is the way to go. Even my S6 Edge still works good. If you aren't in a hurry or you aren't heavy user or gamer any decent android phone is enough. Make sure to not buy very cheap ones.

                                  rabinossauro, 21 Apr 2020Not the biggest Apple fan, but nice! Price will probs hike ... moreQuote, "Price will probs hike a little..."

                                  Noooooo, you don't say.

                                    Peachy001, 21 Apr 2020They're an evolutionary brand though. Slow and steady. Quote, "They're an evolutionary brand though. Slow and steady."

                                    Yeah precisely - evolutionary in specifications, but revolutionary in price.

                                      Refurbished, 21 Apr 2020You must be new to GSMArena if you expect even an iota of a... moreQuote, "Remember, Android = good, Apple = bad and that's all there is to it."

                                      Android ? Good ? You must be barking crazy !! Android is biggest and most baddest data thieving scoundrel that has ever existed.

                                        Headline quote, "Apple iPhone 12’s smaller notch leaks"

                                        The notch has become a trademark for iPhones, so much so, an iPhone without a notch couldn't possibly be considered an iPhone.

                                        The notch, complete with forehead and chin, makes the iPhone worth more in $ than any other phone.

                                        If only Pete Lau (CEO of OnePlus) was savvy enough to incorporate these bedazzling iPhone features into the just-released OnePlus 8 Pro, it could have upstaged the iPhone 11 Pro Max on price, by being the first non-foldable to cost in excess of $1500. Certainly a missed opportunity by OnePlus.