iPhone SE (2020) AnTuTu scores reveal underclocked chipset

23 April 2020
The A13 Bionic chipset in the $399 iPhone is closer to an iPhone XS Max than an iPhone 11 Pro Max.

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  • 23 Apr 2020

AnonD-833125, 23 Apr 2020Well, you can get a Xiaomi Mi 9 (unsealed), with 24 months ... morewell i have a zte nubia z17 for 2years now n it s
still working like new on the first day i bought it

even in very low memory it is still as fast in opening apps
i dont see how it deteriorate in 1-2years at least for nubia


    Alex 94, 23 Apr 2020And what is the point of releasing phone with a13 which is ... moreWhy would they work that hard for a $399 iphone mate

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      • 23 Apr 2020

      That's weird. Yesterday iPhone se reviews started on YouTube and I saw a geekbench test showing it score on single and multi core tests identically to the iPhone 11's.
      Here's a video, the test is around 08:16 mark

        And what is the point of releasing phone with a13 which is underckocked and which should be best selling point of this phone? They could make it thicker with at least 2000 mah battery but with full potential of a13 soc.When u put phone in a case there is not difference in thickness.

          Clearly Apple had to make some compromises to make this phone more affordable than their top on the line Smartphones, an underwealming battery capacity that powers a powerful SoC just shows you that you can't have your cake and eat it.

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            • 23 Apr 2020

            Well, you can get a Xiaomi Mi 9 (unsealed), with 24 months warranty, in Czech Republic for about 300EUR. Even cheaper if you can get one refurbished.
            And if I am not mistaken the SD855 inside has about 450.000 points in Antutu.
            But then again, is not about raw performance, is about the optimization of the system. Sadly, Android phones (with very few exceptions), work very good for about 1, max 2 years. Or until one major system update comes to the phone. Then is good afternoon, good evening and good night.

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              • 23 Apr 2020

              There is no excuse for under clocking CPU without notice to users. I would be first one to buy for performance of A13 but as for now i will not. That was only thing that was driving me to buy it

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                • 23 Apr 2020

                Nice to see positive comments on this topic. And I agree with those. If lower clock speed would result in longer battery life and still excellent performance, why not? Apple has made the right decision in this case.

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                  • 23 Apr 2020

                  That is fine. I guess this phone is not aimed at anyone looking to do some hardcore gaming anyway. And it will be more than powerful to handle some multi tasking and app switching. My iPhone 7 still works like a breeze.

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                    • 23 Apr 2020

                    Battery life has always been a concern for the smaller iPhones. Underclocking the CPU was done to keep it from running down the small battery. A12 speed is still decent for a cheapish phone.

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                      • 23 Apr 2020

                      Well that makes this discount XS (A12) than 11(A13). I smell some lawsuit coming..