Hot take: Motorola Edge and Edge+

26 April 2020
Here are some initial impressions we have of Motorola’s new pair of devices.

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  • Anonymous

jakov1, 26 Apr 2020Uhmmm... are you sure? OP8 doesn't support Verizons mmWa... moreYou dont have any idea what you are talking about. There is a so called device compatibility and if your phone does not qualify means even your phone runs in 4G or 5G they cant program it, all phones has different type of programming and that is why there is the "carrier exclusive" means the phone has been built with the guidelines of that particular carrier to cater all of its capacity.

Rakesh, 27 Apr 2020why do you have to be so boringwhy do you have to be so lame

  • I think...

If Motorola manages to fit an under display camera soon enough in it's next flagship, it will take Samsung crown for best Android phone manufacturer.

IronTed, 27 Apr 2020Lots of countries would be happy to have Motorola as their ... moreAnd they wouldn't be happy with OnePlus?

jakov1, 26 Apr 2020Yeah, buy the good old 'Merican Motorola (owned by Chinese ... moreLots of countries would be happy to have Motorola as their champion company. Does you country even have an equivalent of Apple, Samsung, or Motorola as champion company?

I really like it. Huge battery, impressive waterfall screen, balanced 90hz refresh rate. Considerably better choice than S20+ or Ultra. Let's wait for reviews.

  • Rakesh

JDK, 27 Apr 2020Are waterfall displays(90 degree curve) done by most brands? No.why do you have to be so boring

  • Bcbcjxi

Overrated phone. Lost me at that cancer punch hole and waterfall screen.

  • Anonymous

I love it, saddly won't find it anywhere here in indonesia

Rakesh, 26 Apr 2020they are like 2 years late. Rounded display is done with ma... moreAre waterfall displays(90 degree curve) done by most brands? No.

  • kenosis

Are there screen protector and case for Edge+ ?

  • Anonymous

Orchard Inc., 27 Apr 2020Quote, "...and there's no official ingress protection ratin... moreBucket full of water is not a proper test.
IP68 means 1,5m + 30 min, also prptection against dust.

Hey look another $1000 phone... Don't we already have so many of these readily available.

Quote, "...and there's no official ingress protection rating, although Motorola claims the Edge+ is mostly compliant with the IP68 spec in its internal testing. Even so, not wanting to spend the money on a test for such an expensive device, leaves a bit of a sour aftertaste."

Lenovo is a cheapskate for not opening it's tight ar$e in not pursuing the ingress protection certification of its Motorola Edge Plus.

Had this phone been sub-$700, it non-pursuance would have been understandable, in its attempt to avoid raising the cost of the phone. But this phone is more than $1000. It is expected all phones over a certain price (say in excess of $850) ought to be IP-certified - handset manufacturers owe it to the paying consumers.

If proof were needed, the Edge Plus is not worth the giddy price Lenovo are asking.

Quote, "Motorola claims the Edge+ is mostly compliant with the IP68 spec in its internal testing"

Being most compliant is simply not good enough. It is either compliant with IP68, or it isn't.

With Motorola foolishly coming out with such a statement, essentially indicates the Edge Plus is not IP68 compliant, but possibly one of the following: IP67, IP58, or IP57.

At the very least Motorola could have emulated the tactics employed by OnePlus last year, when OnePlus deployed the 'bucket of water test" to prove its OnePlus 7T phone was in-house IPx8 rated.

RN, 26 Apr 2020Nokia still confident with their waterdrop notch ðŸ&cur... moreI got that stuff behind me, not really care, camera and audio performance matters to me more.

Rakesh, 26 Apr 2020this 3,5 people of internet. All using 4 years old phones a... moreI actually use usbc-jack dongle, so its not waiting, more like lamenting.

With that 9mm+ thickness they should have went the popup-selfie route. They'd outsell all the competitors up to this point...the only two reasons I personally would not buy is that and the asking price. At that price I would expect it to do my oil changes for the next 10 months because I won't be able to afford those if I buy it lol.

No doubt Motorola Edge+ & LG Velvet is the most beautiful release of 2020.

  • Aquila

Aquila, 26 Apr 2020I could get S20 Ultra for a very good price and i passed..... moreErrata, battery seems the same.

  • Aquila

Anonymous, 26 Apr 2020Well, except mate 30 pro all those phones that earn more th... moreAgreed on Mate 30 .
Interested in AI RAW mode on the new Honor though. It might be possible you could do the denoise yourself in PS after, without the watercolor effects.