Hot take: Motorola Edge and Edge+

26 April 2020
Here are some initial impressions we have of Motorola’s new pair of devices.

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  • AM Bunny

why is it so damn expensive? Anyone would pick an S20, a Note 10+ or an iPhone 11 Pro Max at this price and... any of these are better choices than a Lenovo subrand.

Nokia, Motorola... all Chinese now, thanks to governments supporting these historical companies.

  • Aquila

Anonymous, 26 Apr 2020Not all people can afford to upgrade every 2 years like you... moreYou can buy it on contract or some financing anyway. Two year will expire and you can update. Usually it's a good investment as it acts as a music player, phone, media device, camera, video player with a HDMI out to TV etc. Some even have a dedicated desktop mode and can use it for emails, editing documents. The S865 it's pretty powerful. You could even stream games from Nvidia to your TV and connect a Xbox controller via USB...

  • Yee

Just another phone for a £1000.
This one tho, is only 1080p, for a £1000!
Yes, I'll stick with oneplus and save some money ;)

jakov1, 26 Apr 2020800 is pushing it already if you ask me. OnePlus 8 Pro has ... moreKeep buying the Oneplus 8 cheap china knockoff u clown!

  • Anonymous

Aquila, 26 Apr 2020I don't get the issue with software updates, it's mostly sm... moreNot all people can afford to upgrade every 2 years like you.. My midrange phone, I have been using it since 2016..

  • Aquila

I don't get the issue with software updates, it's mostly small increments. Also, next year we will have probably better hardware and update again, I would keep maximum 2 year a flagship phone, after that, period it woul be a mid-range anyway.
I looked at some selfies from the 25mp cam and they are exceptional in 25mpx resolution. The audio seems ok also on Motorola one vision, maybe they will put a better dac in edge + . I will upgrade from p30 pro soon, it seems.

  • Anonymous

How much did Motorola pay you guys to push this article?
For $600, you can get a snapdragon 865 in Asia and most of Europe.

No device is perfect. These are solid entries in the premium bracket.

But software updates have been major issue post Lenovo ownership. Even for these premium handsets Lenovo is promising only 1 major software version update. Now why would one want to spend so much of hard earned money ( both plus and vanilla version) when software updates are uncertain. No body would want to take risk on uncertainty.
With that money one would rather prefer other flagship devices in Android releam OR opt for Apple iphone, which have assured software updates for nearly 3 years at least.

Honestly good specs have to be coupled with Android One program and nothing else is needed for Motorola to rise again. Additionally, reduce the number of devices and increase the software version updates will bring them back to league of top players.

A buyer wants a confident product and not a confused variety.

Anonymous, 26 Apr 2020No phone is worthy the 1000 dollar price tag800 is pushing it already if you ask me. OnePlus 8 Pro has just about anything you can imagine in a phone except premium zoom hardware, ToF sensors (face unlock) and a headphone jack for a price very close to $800 (even under, depending on the region).

Anything above that should offer something really special and not a single phone on the market does that.

  • Davor

I like the Edge. Looking forward for the review.

  • Anonymous

Hmm, this year it may be the one that samsung is consolidating its first position. Their refreshed A series models seems to be a better deal. All the other brands came with increased prices and for what? Glass shuttering devices and a bunch of gimmickcs.
Maybe plastic devices or metal ones are the way. I always put a case on the back anyway so the "beauty"of the glass is not necessary. Maybe a plastic body with a good screen, good cpu, plenty of memory, fair cameras and overall an affordable price is the way.

I think Motorola has made an admirable flagship. Yes it had it's flaws (IP certification, No SD Slot, 18w Charging), but it has it's appeals too (Design, Camera setup, Big Battery). It's a flagship without any doubt, and it mostly delivers the required experience.

Edge+ is $900, S20 Ultra is $1400, so the pricing of the Edge+ is much more reasonable too.

I don't know whether this phone is gonna be commercially successful or not, but i do know Motorola is on the right track.

1200eur will be no issue if the reviews are stellar and they will be only if moto did very good job not just on design but inside too.

  • Anonymous

No phone is worthy the 1000 dollar price tag