The OnePlus Z coming in July

28 April 2020
The OnePlus 8 duo was unveiled in mid-April, but the Z - the "lite" model - was delayed.

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Let's see to the: "Xiaomi Redmi K30 5G"👇

CPU: Snapdragon - 765G
Display: 6.67 FHD - IPS LCD - 120Hz refresh rate - HDR10 dual-punch hole.
Camera: rear - main Sony imx686 64mp + 8mp altrawide + 5mp macro + 2 depth,
Front cam: in display punch-hole 20mp+2mp depth.
Battery: Li.Po 4500 big battery
headphone jack: 3.5mm,
Fingerprint & NFC: (side-mounted), NFC,
Price: 253 Euro/$280 Usd

Let's see to the: "OnePlus Z 5G"👇

CPU: Snapdragon - 765G
Display: 6.4 FHD - Super AMOLED - 90Hz refresh rate - HDR10 single-punch hole,
Camera: rear - main Sony imx586 48mp + 16mp altrawide,
Front cam: in display punch-hole 16mp
Battery: Li.Po 4000 big battery
Fingerprint & NFC: (in display), NFC,
Price: ? 270 Euro / 300 Usd or less?

All people are not luxary, if all people are was luxary they all will not to buy budget phone, why a people are buy a budget phone? Phone maker forgotten it..

If OnePlus z come with over 270 euro/$300usd or 25k rupee, people are move to other, and I hope OnePlus come with under 25k rupee and back dual camera 48+16 altrawide, because OnePlus CEO tall it's adorable and OnePlus are not doing bad as other brand like 8mp altrawide camera, 2mp macro, OnePlus provide quality full, useful future, and I hope it's come with under 25k ruppe, and I hope OnePlus realize why OnePlus was famous, for budget friendly, and mid-budget people are why buy this with over price if other brand give me better with same price, that reason OnePlus x was fail, that time xiaomi also not doing good with har user with mi 10 serious are over priced, what is benefits with over price, if they are do vellue price all are will buy, best price best profit simple, over price all are not buy this, we don't need 3-4 camera we need 1 camera with best qualityfull and useable, we don't need telephoto lense.

I heard its going to be around $300 - 400 ?

  • Anonymous

It's gonna be around 500-600 USD.

  • Swapnil


  • Kumar

ILoveEeEe , 30 Apr 2020Hi One Plus, do you have something similar to compete with ... moreHow Mach rate

  • ILoveEeEe

Hi One Plus, do you have something similar to compete with iPhone SE, small in size be the main concern.

i feel this is going to the wrong direction

  • Markobarko

One plus 8 pro camera comparison ( s20+, icrap pro, ultra) was a disaster, not to mention video. The regular one plus 8 is crappy at best, so the Z is gonna be even worse.

  • Anonymous

Me, 28 Apr 2020If it doesn't have flat display i'll set my Oneplus One on ... moreLOL! Your first sentence made me chuckle. If I were interested in this smartphone then I'd probably do the same thing, too.

  • Anonymous

Lin Chong Wei, 28 Apr 2020Midrange market is firmly under the control of Xiaomi and ... moreSo you want every smartphone company to release a buttload of redundant smartphones with confounding names like Xiaomi? Are you okay?

  • Anonymous

I will never buy a MediaTurd device! Never!

  • mikky

is this phone for middle class people ?

m.samuel, 28 Apr 2020I'll appreciate these 3 things to consider this phone: F... moreI don't think they will do a curved display since it will just increase production cost for no reason, the 4000mAh is a must have and it would be stupid to use anything lower, as for the punchole, nothing is for sure.

  • OP6 user


  • Maybe

I'm down for this. Depends on screen size though. I like displays smaller than 6". I mean I use my phone like a phone more than a media player.

  • Anonymous

Me, 28 Apr 2020If it doesn't have flat display i'll set my Oneplus One on ... moreI don't care at all about headphone jacks but I bought an 8 Pro and just returned it today. Great phone and all, but the curved screen ruined it. I had not had a curved screen since the Galaxy S7 Edge and vowed never to get another after that. However, I gave this one a chance because it had a more narrow curve, but I was wrong.

  • Me

If it doesn't have flat display i'll set my Oneplus One on fire and buy a Pixel instead. Curved displays are the worst thing done to mobile phones after the removal of 3.5mm jack.

Anonymous, 28 Apr 2020My guess: - 6.2" 1080p oled SDR - gorilla 5 on screen ... moreIt might have a 90hz panel but I would rather buy the 7T at even a cheaper price. 5g isn't necessary.

  • Anonymous

I think companies should bring new phones every two years instead of yearly.
OnePlus 7, 7 Pro will be better than this one.
Probably similar price.

Why would you buy this one?

This applies tocall brands that make midranges and low ends.