Meizu 17 series go official with 6.6” AMOLED displays, quad cameras and Snapdragon 865

08 May 2020
Meizu's first 5G flagships pair a clean design with powerful hardware.

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  • 13 May 2020

lack of OIS while 16 launched in 2018 has

    Nice to see height is kept 160mm and has decent width of 77mm, 80mm would be nicer.

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      • Pash
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      • 11 May 2020

      The features that are being removed by companies are mostly in their self interest. Look at the sdcard. Almost all high-end smartphones do not have a sdcard. These smartphones have dual SIM but no space for a hybrid slot? Companies want the consumers to shell out extra buck for storage. Most people won't buy the higher end variants for 12gb ram, but for the 256gb storage over 128gb. Give people the sdcard and most will settle for 128gb of fast storage.

      We already lost the removable battery to planned obsolescence(the lame excuse of thin and heavy won't work for today's 200g+ phablets.) What are we going to lose next? Usb-C for propriety wireless charging and data transmission solutions? SIM cards for propriety eSIMs. Bluetooth for propriety shortwave and codecs? Wait, half of these are already happening.

      At this point we really need more regulatory authorities to ensure that such monopolizing practices are discouraged like EU. And people need to vote with their wallet.

        RishiGuru, 10 May 2020As I said before removing the 3.5 mm audio jack from latest... moreAn excellent analysis of the marketing strategy behind Apple/Samsung removal of 3.5" audio jack, which should pacify all those who are finger-trigger-happy to condemn any phone that is devoid of such audiophilic luxury.

        That said, most people don't read, won't read, so sadly your comment shall go pretty much unnoticed by those who really need to understand and appreciate the factors that dictate the presence of the humble audio jack.

        Though your analysis supports the strategies of the well-established companies, e.g. Apple, Sony, LG, how can one explain the absence of the audio jack on the highest priced flagship models manufactured by both the Chinese and Samsung ?

        Only in the Galaxy S range is the headphone port absent (with the exception of the Galaxy Note10 Lite), whilst the port in present in the Galaxy A and M series ?

        Does this suggest Samsung retains the headphone port on their lower priced phones in the knowledge that the target consumer are price conscious, thus highly unlikely to purchase a Bluetooth headset accessory ?

        If so, that may very well explain Samsung's strategy having shipped 7.4 million pairs of Galaxy Buds for a third-place 6.9% market share in 2019. Xiaomi faired better than Samsung in the True Wireless Headset (TWS) market in 2019 with 9.1 million units shipped, giving Xiaomi an 8.5% market share and vastly behind market leader Apple having sown up more than half of all sales (54.4%). Huawei are entrenched in fourth place hovering at a lowly 2% market share.

        If the marketing strategy of smartphone manufacturers is to coerce those with a higher disposable income to part with even more of their cash by the removal of the audio jack on higher-priced mobiles, than this strategy is set to continue as it is anticipated the global TWS market will grow (by units shipped) almost tenfold by 2024, and will see revenues upwards of $100 billion.

        It is therefore self-evident from these figures that the removal of the humble audio jack shall continue as an important avenue for future smartphone growth, irrespective of one's opposition to the omission of the jack in one's favourite phone.

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          • ypY
          • 10 May 2020

          RishiGuru, 10 May 2020As I said before removing the 3.5 mm audio jack from latest... morestop with the conspiracy theories......i use a 20$ Airdots and they are perfect..idc about headphone jack

            Anders, 08 May 2020Yet more BS phones without a headphone jack or micro SD. Me... moreAs I said before removing the 3.5 mm audio jack from latest flagship smartphones was a carefully measured and finely executed strategic business decision by Apple. Samsung understood immediately and followed. Others manufacturers are now following.

            Apple invested $3 billion to purchase Beats Audio. Samsung quickly followed and bought up Harman International. Harman includes JBL, Harman Kardon, Mark Levinson, AKG, Lexicon, Infinity and Revel brands. Why did they do this? Are they mad? NO.

            They want to tie their smartphone business with their newly bought audio business in order to generate more revenue from both. How? By developing cool looking audio products and then forcing their smartphone users to buy them. How to force? Out went audio jack and in came property port supported headphones (Apple) or USB supported ones (Android), herd of own branded audio dongles, series of colorful Bluetooth headphones from their own audio brands showcased in their own stores across the globe. Marketing sells.

            So are you buying a $1000 iPhone from Apple store? No worries we have this cool looking $200 Beats bluetooth headphones (which took $20 in hardware parts, and heck we glued the parts so the customer cannot mend it) that matches your shirt color. We also have different colors to choose from that matches to every shade of your lipstick - if the belong to the fairer sex. In the end its all marketing and business.

            Have you ever thought why LG & Vivo is sticking to audio jacks in their flagships? Its surely not bcoz they love the audio jack. They will remove the moment they do see fit. But they are not doing so because a big chuck of their avid customer base are music lovers and their revenue will get hurt if they remove the audio jack. LG have their V series the last word of sheer audio quality over headphones in smartphones. Vivo with its audio roots have also created some the best audio centric smartphones like Vivo NEX S, X5Max, Xplay and may others models with awesome HiFi capabilities. For LG & Vivo the audio jack is a necessity in their flagships. That's why it is there.

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              • 3gE
              • 09 May 2020

              Aka, 09 May 2020If main camera focal length is 26 mm and telephoto 79 mm th... moreThey didn't declare the maximum focal zoom of the telephoto camera. 26mmm is from other camera... You can't use it! 79mm is the base focal lenght declared in that telelphoto camera. As you don't know the maximum one in the telephoto, the only way to calculate it is asume the most probable angles of view: 79/33 = 2.39x and 79/28 = 2.89x with 33º and 28º being the angles of view.

              You don't need to be very intelligent to figure that, if they didn't declared it, is due to a good reason, hide it because is not a number to brag... If you also watch the declared maximum lossless zoom 8x including digital/hybrid processing... is easy to figure its optical limitation. It's very clear that is below 3x optical zoom, between 2.39x and 2.89x.

              For example with 3x optical zoom the max focal lenght is 79*3= 237mm Why don't declare it? Brands always do the same, it's called marketing. When you are no interested in publish some specifications due to not be on par with competitors you find a way to make them looks like better. For example in this case: 79mm focal lengh as a base and 8x lossless zoom. ; )

              Aside specifications, 8x lossless hybrid/digital is also below competitors, which means that their image processing while zooming is not that good or really limited by the 8MP OmniVision sensor and the lens they use.

              In real life, playing with the dimensions of a known object, distance, etc, and using the base optical lenght mode if available in the camera app, you could do an experiment to calculate the exact optical zoom. I say if available because for example Oppo one of their phones only allowed a minimum of 6x hybrid zoom to hide the real optical one that they alleged to be 5x but smells that not... XD So... never trust manufacturers they can perfectly decide that rounding 2.51x to 3x zoom... it's ok or if they are afraid to be caught then simply hide it in some way or omit information.

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                • 09 May 2020

                Anonymous, 09 May 2020Cheap phone with premium specs that will be avoided by ever... moreMeizu is known in China and Russia, no Europe

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                  • LH6
                  • 09 May 2020

                  Cheap phone with premium specs that will be avoided by everyone because nobody knows about Meizu, mostly Europe. Greaat phone with 865 under 700 usd. Camera looks like a nice shooter.

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                    • 09 May 2020

                    i hope, meizu 17 come to asia pacific against xiaomi and poco copy domination

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                      • 09 May 2020

                      Zoser, 08 May 2020None of the cameras has OIS, at least not mentioned in offi... moreIf main camera focal length is 26 mm and telephoto 79 mm then how it become 2.49x zoom.

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                        • Gusta
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                        • 09 May 2020

                        Anders, 08 May 2020Yet more BS phones without a headphone jack or micro SD. Me... moreHow about iPhone which doesn't have 3.5mm jack and microSD card slot too. Is it garbage and hope them bankcrupt too? Lol

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                          • Luxor
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                          • 09 May 2020

                          NoAndroidUpdate, 09 May 2020Meizu used to make cheap Chinese iPhone knockoff phones onl... moreProbably. It actually does kinda remind me of Galaxy S10.

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                            • g36
                            • 09 May 2020

                            Meizu used to make cheap Chinese iPhone knockoff phones only but not they make great phones. Can someone confirm if this phone will still forever be stuck with Android 10 just like Oppo "flagship" phones?

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                              • 09 May 2020

                              Dude, 09 May 2020Did you really just spew headphone jack and microSD card in... moreDude, headphone jack is supreme, rather that than 200 airpods or the many android equivalent

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                                • 09 May 2020

                                Davy Jones, 08 May 2020Still No IP68 and usb 2.0 on a 2020 flagship phone :(Because of the price of Meizu to offer :)

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                                  • 09 May 2020

                                  Dude, 09 May 2020Did you really just spew headphone jack and microSD card in... moreSure and next decade you'll still come here with the sames questions and songs... But phones will still have audio ports and expandable memory. Probably of other type and you will still arguing against them unless your brand do otherwise. But from one of the most greedy ones, that probably will never happen.

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                                    • 09 May 2020

                                    Anders, 08 May 2020Yet more BS phones without a headphone jack or micro SD. Me... moreDid you really just spew headphone jack and microSD card in 2020?

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                                      • 08 May 2020

                                      Anders, 08 May 2020Yet more BS phones without a headphone jack or micro SD. Me... moreJeez, what's with the negativity? Meizu hurt you?

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                                        • 08 May 2020

                                        Anders, 08 May 2020Yet more BS phones without a headphone jack or micro SD. Me... morelol what? You living in a time warp? Hardly any flagship uses micro SD or 3.5mm. In fact most of the best selling ones don't, hows is that ewaste? Stop talking nonsense