Samsung lifestyle with Soul

08 Feb, 2008
Samsung officially confirmed today the style-driven Soul, a high-end handset to crown the Samsung Ultra lineup. The Soul (standing for Spirit Of Ultra) will debut at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona...

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  • CorvaXer

This Phone looks nearly like the Nokia 6500 Slide.

Not very clever to "cover" other producers ^_^

  • jismarena

i love the idea of simple customisation. its been long overdue. this idea is something that should be explored more i think. but it still comes down to people having to have knowledge of computers to make their phone totally needs to be simple and this is a good step forward.

  • Anonymous

@Steve Jobs
It isn't real image stabilisation - it's just electronic image stabilisation (which was even on the K800), so it's nothing new.

Also, I reckon this phone is going to annoy many with its 'touch d-pad'. Either they make the entire phone touchscreen, or just have a 'real' dpad. Imaging playing games!

  • Steve Jobs

First of all, this IS an ULTRA series flagship. The designated model number for the Samsung Soul is U900 (carrying the torch after the previous U700 Ultra). Link:­=668637#post668637

Did somebody just say 13mm is thick? LOL

For its camera, I believe this is an upgrade. In the GSMArena cam shootout, the staff forgot to include Samsung G800 there but on the G800 review they had a shootout versus the SE flagship and the Samsung camera was on top (I'm not implying its better than the N82's cam though). If the SOUL's camera is an improvement on the G800 (first to have Image Stabilization), expect this to topple the Nokia 5mp cams.

I wish the internal memory of this phone would be big. No word yet. I also hope this has a 3.5 earphone jack, Wi-Fi and better battery life than the U700.

Oh yeah, and the N96 looks FUGLY. Hope thats a fake. The black N82 looks nicer in comparison yk yk yk.

  • fred

and check this out!samsung 920sc,3g, 2,4''screen 28MILIONS color screen but i think available only in asia,europa has crapy nokia

  • fred

n95 takes worst picture from all 5mpx fons.i had it also samsungs,nokia's fotos were awfull so i would vote samsung,just vga video should be standart for high ends in 2008,i have toshiba 07 with vga so happy enough and won't go for this one coz vga missing

  • Anonymous

Pretty good phone. But there is one problem will all samsungs, the battery life is terrible. I can go from a full charge to the battery crying on my d900i by using opera mini for 2-3 hours. My n82 can hold strong pretty much all day.

  • ash

i feel a damp patch in my underwear that i swear wasn't there until i saw this phone...
As a proud owner of a d900 for 1 year and then disappointed by the u600 for another year...
I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!
Bang + Olufsen sound! you cant get better! i think sound was one of the things lacking in previous models, so it is nice to see it being addressed.
I bet it will cost a small fortune
I'd convert to contract just for this!

  • Anonymous

How can you compare the N95 or N96 to this? This doesn't have wifi or a nice Carl Zeiss camera... every shootout n95 8gb had it won, remember?

  • P

Hot.. Looking really nice..

  • Anonymous

great phone. not too slim. xtra features and fully sxy designe.... the navigation pad is very tripped out but has great functionality.... not comparable to N95 or N96.... it's still just a Samsung...

  • Anonymous

just when i bought a N95 8GB, this phone comes out! grrrrr i hope it would never materialize. If it would, give me a year or two!

  • Anonymous

I do agree! wats up with that N96?? u cant rip me off with that phone. but this one, it totally caught me by surprise ^_^

stylish and feature pack! definitely a keeper!
buying a feature pack phone is costly enough
how much more with a stylish design?! tsk tsk tsk

  • Anonymous

truly amazing phone! the features are great and the design is fantastic! ...i may have to shift to samsung ...i hope it wont cost a leg!

  • Anonymous

WOW!! is this really true??? damn

  • Anonymous

FINALLY a 5MP slim phone.
liked it much.
samsung'll probaly take motorola's part in the market.

  • chris

if it's called the Spirit Of ULtra... does that mean they aren't continuing the Ultra Edition Line? i hope they do... my last two phones were the d900 and u600... im waiting for the next generation!

  • Anonymous

Wow samsung finally....nice going

  • Martin

Nokia is over the hill i hate big phones and i dont care if they have a lot of features, for me a phone should fit a pocket in jeans without looking like you got a video tape in your pocket, Samsung makes the best phones here, if you want a good camera then buy a real digital kamera, i buy my phones for looks, size and music, all Sony Ericsson look alike Nokia is slow in the meny.

  • shiazo

The phone look amazing