Huawei remains banned from doing business with US companies for another year

14 May 2020
President Trump's new executive order extends the original ban for another year which means: still no Google services.

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Haidar7, 15 May 2020U r kidding, right Yuri? Maps, youtube, work in any browse... moreCan you run youtube in a corner from the browser? It's a premium feature I particularly like. And when I get YT in the browser, UI is terrible. Mobile app is many times better.

I haven't used any of the other apps from a browser on my phone for many years so I don't know if they work well. Last time(s) I tried it wasn't a great experience, but since browsers became more competent.

I'm more concerned about not having a Google app store than anything else. Sure, I can install APKs and get apps from the side, but that means I'll also get malware, spyware and other nasty stuff with it. And often there will be no auto updates. So I'd rather not.

I'd rather use Google app store and get my small bunch of apps from there directly, with updates and (most of the time) without malware. Luckily, I don't need many apps, unluckily, I'm hooked to Google apps suite. If that ever changes, Huawei might get a chance, but I just don't see it happening next few years.

  • Anonymous

Another ban for apple and us company in china , this is already 50bilion loss for us company after ,so we will see

  • Anon

Anonymous, 15 May 2020There are many phones with GMS but still not able to sale e... moreWhat about the android ecosystem. People buy apps and invest money in the ecosystem. They won't like to migrate to another ecosystem.

  • NokiaSceptic

I think that a lot people pushing some things irrationally.
US has nothing against China,only against this company. If google is allowed to Xiaomi and its chinese brand,what are we then talking about? And all these phones and tablets are made in PRC even most popular US brands. This paranoia about spying is very funny, if you are afraid of spying that means that you are hiding something. If you doesnt,so dont worry, live your life, listen music, watch movies, tv series, send pictures of your multi spiced Beefsteak from BBQ gathering( but keep distance 2 meters!😁). Salut mes Amis!

potato4k, 16 May 2020So what phone do YOU have? I have a Redmi 2 Prime, that's rated good for audio quality. And also, in the stock firmware itself, I get the choice to remove all Google apps, plus Security app that keeps a track on internet usage by apps.
Plus, its small sized and really lightweight. with a 128GB card, but still fast even today!

Now, looking for a decent replacement because its 5 years now... and can't find a complete one. And needless to say, my eyes are on Huawei... seeing what they do next.

Samath N8 808 owner, 15 May 2020Exactly. A lot of people hate Google. A Google free phone i... moreSo what phone do YOU have?

Anonymous, 15 May 2020There are many phones with GMS but still not able to sale e... moreOh please.
Bestseller Android phones are Samsung Galaxy A phones and Xiaomi Redmi phones. Both lineups have GMS. Huawei sales are mostly within China. China != the world.

Anonymous, 14 May 2020Let me remind you that the US government has had numerous s... moreWell said.

This website has far too many people that just regurgitate what they've been told but don't bother to delve deeper into the topic to search for the truth.

Ignorance truly is bliss.

Anonymous, 14 May 2020What, you mean the US isn't going to delay the ban anymore ... moreThis guy gets it.

Solun1, 14 May 2020If you send them this text, they will see the light. I am s... moreYou do realize that America has been caught spying on various different countries, right? Are you not aware what Edward Snowden has revealed that the NSA was doing?

Anonymous, 14 May 2020By that time US will found themselves buried alive on their... morePretty much.

Yuri84, 14 May 2020If Huawei cut prices of their flagship phones by half (or m... moreU r kidding, right Yuri?
Maps, youtube, work in any browser. Also many alternatives for maps
Gmail can work in a browser, also u may use mail app in huawei phone to connect to ur gmail.
Google photos??? Who uses such a bad app when you have your own gallery app??
The problem is not google apps, the problem is google security thaf many apps rely on like Banks apps, etc..

Anonymous, 15 May 2020There are many phones with GMS but still not able to sale e... moreExactly. A lot of people hate Google. A Google free phone is a dream now true.

We should be able to completely control our data, as long as there's no FIR/ FBI/ warrant against us. And you're so right about home market and competition forced to step up!

  • mike

i just bought a p40 pro in philippines...beast of a phone...and the app gallery it's all u need google huawei are waaaaaaaay way way better phones the crapple and samsung...way better

  • Anonymous

potato4k, 15 May 2020Google won't suffer. Indians and Brazilians will demand GMS... moreThere are many phones with GMS but still not able to sale enough to catch the sales of the "crippled" phone.
That should tell you that people are looking for more than just a phone with GMS in it. And just assuming that a phone without Google services won't sale may not necessarily be true.
Mind you, all over us here including yourself are just assuming of what might happen and so far indications are pointing to Huawei coming out it stronger otherwise by now the company would have have been history because it's over a year since it was placed on the entity list.
That's why people are saying if the company can play it's cards right, it can capture those markets as well but of course it won't be easy but they will manage because they have a home market to act as a springboard for them because they can regain the international market.
Also keep in mind that those of us supporting Huawei it's because we like competition and it is keeping other OEMs like Samsung and Apple on their toes in terms of innovation, otherwise, we will be getting raw deals if they remain alone.

  • Anonymous

I find it funny that everytime we talk about Huawei, there's always someone who assumes India will help out Huawei by buying their phones. Only Chinese people would make this assumption. The only reason Indians buy Chinese phones is because it is cheap, not because they love China.

Peachy001, 15 May 2020Draconian taxes? They making and taxes from Huawei now? I d... moreGoogle won't suffer. Indians and Brazilians will demand GMS, and since Huawei cannot deliver, the people there will simply get a different phone from others, and there are PLENTY of others (Xiaomi, Realme, Oppo, Vivo, Samsung, and many other brands).

Go ask the price sensitive consumers in India and Brazil, why should they opt for a Huawei and then sacrifice GMS and the apps they use, when they can just buy a Xiaomi or Realme phones, with GMS, on the cheap?

  • Anonymous

Buying Huawei phones only make sense if you live in China. To any of you who kept saying you can work around the problems and use alternative apps, I bet the phone you are using right now is not Huawei. Huawei will not conquer India for the same reason, India is not in China. People in India relies on Google or iOS. Huawei is a crippled phone. They need to cut the price to get people to take a chance on them. There are so many phones out there for the same price, why would I buy a Huawei with all the headaches that comes with it?

Yuri84, 14 May 2020If Huawei cut prices of their flagship phones by half (or m... moreinstall Aurora Store mod and Apkmirror mod is two great

potato4k, 14 May 2020Google is a US company, so they follow US laws. And why wou... moreDraconian taxes? They making and taxes from Huawei now? I don't mean the whole thing. Google should care, because the West is just one, increasingly less significant part of the world. If Huawei get China, India and Brazil... Google will suffer. Ignore the "little" guys at your peril. Yes Huawei's name is mud in Europe and US, it isn't mud everywhere.