Ross Young: Galaxy Note20 duo will have larger ultrasonic fingerprint readers

14 May 2020
They cover a 17 times larger area than a typical reader and can scan two fingers simultaneously for extra security.

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I wonder if the Exynos version will have the HORRIBLE Optical fingerprint reader instead? This would be a deal breaker for me. Samsung opticlcal fingerprint reader is terrible on my smooth fingers.

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    • 18 May 2020

    unless Note 20 will have an under display camera in one of the models, sales will not go up for Samsung

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      • 16 May 2020

      Samsunghole, 14 May 2020Doesn't matter what phone this company bring it will always... moreWhat your heart actually meant to say was for Samsung to get enlightened and finally start listening to all its customers instead :)

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        • 14 May 2020

        Doesn't matter what phone this company bring it will always look stupid with punchhole shit same phone different name I hope this company burns down forever for not listening at all to customers

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          • 14 May 2020

          Waw so much hate and miss informations...
          Educate yourself about the second generation Qualcomm ultrasonic FP sensor before saying stupidities...
          It is called the "3D Sonic Max", and no ! It is totally different from the first gen "3D Sonic", its the same tech of ultrasonic waves for gathering 3D fingerprint, but it is totally different and way better !

          Its faster, better, more accurate, more convenient and more secure than any other fingerprint scanner available and is the most secure biometric AND security system available on smartphone to date.

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            • 14 May 2020

            The reader is gonna be the same speed as the 1st gen ultrasonic sensor, Qualcomm have said that themselves. So you get the same crap level of accuracy, high fail readouts, slow speed, but at a much greater surface area!

              A larger but still much slower fingerprint scanner than the competition. This has been going for years now with Samsung flagships though.

                Exynos,no thnx.

                  two thumbs down for double the trouble ...

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                    • 14 May 2020

                    Punch hole no buy

                      This is also great but it would be even better if they also impove speed and accuracy of sensor

                        Anonymous, 14 May 2020Interesting. But most people use their thumb to unlock the... moreI was imagining putting both thumbs on the screen (while holding the phone with two hands).
                        Ideally, this would be optional and will be used only in a few places - e.g. your bank app, not the lock screen.

                          Samsung is technology and the entire Android platform worldwide 🌐 it's been that way for 10yrs it's not going to change.

                          I will be buying the Note20 Plus or Fold2 haven't decided which yet but unpacked in August will tell me definitely.

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                            • 14 May 2020

                            Interesting. But most people use their thumb to unlock the phone. How do you contort your hand to use thumb and another finger?

                            Will this version also improve speed and accuracy, or just increase the size of the sensor?

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                              • 14 May 2020

                              Fingerprint scanners are a joke when it comes to security. The best is the number or password lock.

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                                • 14 May 2020

                                Will never ever buy another On Screen FP.