Redmi Note 10 with the upcoming Dimensity 820 chipset benchmarked

16 May 2020
GeekBench has a dozen new listings of the Xiaomi phone with an unannounced Mediatek SoC, an MT6875.

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  • Anonymous

This phone, Redmi 10X 5G, may not be made immediately available for the international market, because the supply of D820 is very low at the moment.

  • Anonymous

Apparently, this phone will be called "Redmi 10X 5G", a member of Redmi 10X series. Redmi 10X series will be as follows:
1. Redmi 10X 4G: based on G85 SoC;
2. Redmi 10X 5G: Based on D820 SoC.
3. Redmi 10X 5G Pro: forthcoming.

Xiami will not introduce "Redmi Note 9 series" in its domestic market because they are not competitive. Instead, this new "Redmi 10X series" will be Xiaomi domestic market equivalent of "Redmi Note 9 Series".

  • Anonymous

Gsmarena should admit Redmi note series is the biggest fan base right now... ..
Gsmarena should tell this to whole world..

  • Ramandeep Singh

There's a certain race between Redmi and Realme to pick the latest MediaTek and Snapdragon chipsets. Guess who would win it? The customers for sure!

  • Woo_hoo

AnTuTu score of the new Dimensity 820 that peaked at 415277. The score is similar to 2019's Snapdragon 855 flagship processor.

  • danish pandey

I've noticed that Redmi never integrates an old Mediatek chipset in their smartphones, they always pick the latest one which has been the case with Redmi Note 8 Pro with helio G90T, Redmi Note 9 with the latest Mediatek helio G85 and now Redmi Note 10 with Mediatek Dimensity 820! the Redmi Note 8 Pro definitely ruled the smartphone market for months and hopefully these mediatek powered Redmi phones will also capture attention of many Redmi fans

This will be a good competition to the 765G chipset. And I'm sure to bet on mediatek Dimensity 820 proving to be the better one.

Mediatek sux, 17 May 2020- they dont give warranty when you brick a phone with custo... moreOne can easily unbrick a device and flash stock ROM to claim warranty.
Technically challenged ppl like you shouldn't tell others what others should do.

Besides, Xiaomi is extremely developer community friendly.
They used to give root out of the box. They ain't listening to technically challenged users trying to make decisions on whether developer community support should exist or not.

un-rootable, 17 May 2020This whole custom ROM business doesn't serve the interests ... more- they dont give warranty when you brick a phone with custom room.
- effectively lose a few percentage of customers for basically nothing, great idea!.
- its already seen as a brand with good phones at cheap. Or do you want them to go apple?
- same as point 2.

Anonymous, 17 May 2020PCMark test is to short to mais the device throttle...Media... moreThe test runs for like 5-6 minutes, thats more than enough time to make any passively cooled device throttle which runs at its max clocks all the time with its cheating mode.

Mediatek wasnt even a thing in high end soc space when qualcomm released 810. Cant go wrong when you dont even have anything.

No browser uses big cores all the time at high speeds, unless its a heavy page to load. With that cheating mode the g90t is matching sd855 in pcmark, and no you wont match it in real life, unless you dont mind very bad efficiency.

Pcmark probably failed becuase those obscure devices had poor software.

  • Anonymous

Vegetaholic, 17 May 2020This guy, the only who strugles,is you to understand that A... more you have to turn down certain things in gfx settings, turn off Bluetooth so that network performance isn't affected, close apps in memory and
Still it will overheat after couple of hours.

ROG 2 and other gaming phones have no such issues. Can use Bluetooth headphones since it has 4 WiFi antennas and performance is not compromised over wireless networks. Also chipset doesn't throttle after continuous gaming. And don't have to close background apps during gaming.

  • un-rootable

This whole custom ROM business doesn't serve the interests of Xiaomi. Many phone-makers had made insightful decision to make their devices unrootable a log time ago. Xiaomi need to learn from them. It is in the best interest of Xiaomi and its 'real' customers that Xiaomi should start to make all its future smartphones unrootable. The benefits are numerous:

- Reduce warranty service related issues;
- Effectively weed out undesirable buyers that are cancerous to the Xiaomi users' community;
- Good for brand building and brand royalty;
- Making device unrootable will have near-zero negative impact on Xiaomi's bottom line.

Advice to Xiaomi:
- Keep the new pricing firm;
- Clearly separate the 'Redmi' line from 'Mi' line;
- Don't over-commit to any specific products, and keep the flexible product development schedule;
- Keep the larger and strategic picture in focus, and don't over-commit to any specific market(s).


…for majority; ~5% is small a percentage to make a decision that could potentially cost them more. If they could save $2 per device sold, it'd more than compensate for the loss of measly ~5% of buyers.

s4f786, 16 May 2020Bit of a sweeping statement, which is untrue, there will al... moreLemme correct it for him, "virtually nobody cares about custom ROMs."

What percentage of phone buyers do you think know about custom ROMs and actually flash them? 2%? 5%?

At least, 95% of total buyers either don't know or care about custom ROMs, and generalizations could be made based on that.

Xiaomi, just like every other company, make their internal decisions, and review them only when they see the need to. If you don't like what they are offering, speak about it on their support forum (you know the one they monitor? Yeah, that one), briefly on tech sites, then deal with it. Get yourself a device you like, and be cool with it. When you own your company, do whatever you deem fit, maybe allow the public to make important decisions for you. Until then, there are countless options out there, go for any!

They provide their products for majority;

  • Anonymous

r33fd, 17 May 2020Are you for real dude? If this is a serious comment it's... moreMost people aren't technically competent enough to install a custom rom on their phone (pretty much all iPhone buyers and the majority of android phone owners). Whilst, in principle, we should be able to do whatever we want with our phone (it is a personal computer after all), the reality is, only those who frequent XDA forums really care about bootloader unlocking and they wouldn't make up 1% of the phone buying population.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 May 2020qualcomms fault? why? because they are making the best SoC... moreYes products are good...most times

Even when they release shit like SD810...
Or soc weaker than their competitors like SD410 or 615...
They sell tons of them...

Please read the courthouses decisions and you will understand how this market works.
But you're too lazy to read and not smart enough to understand.

MagicMonkeyBoy, 16 May 2020This is clearly the most powerful Note series smartphone fr... moreThis guy, the only who strugles,is you to understand that A13 smokes your SD865 and it does not strugle to run any crappy PUBG game :)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 May 2020Nobody cares about custom ROMs any more, it's 2020 and not ... moreThat's why you need custom ROMs! The speed at which OEMs are releasing their phones, in a couple of years a phone becomes too old for them to update.

While I applaud Xiaomi for consistently updating their devices for at least 3 years even if they're just security patches and MIUI updates after one manor update.

Look at my case with Redmi Note 5 Pro, it got upgraded to Pie and now it gets security patches and MIUI updates, in a year it'll get the occasional MIUI updates alone but the experience with current MIUI version is not upto the mark, the phone can still perform better than how it performs with MIUI in terms of both performance and battery life. Right now with my custom ROM almost flies with everyday tasks and I see no reason to replace a phone just because it's deemed old and slow by a software! I'll swap out the battery for a new one and hand it over to my parents in a year, it'll suffice their usage and will relatively have a new software too. Idea is to stick with phones as long as it works for you and reduce e waste in the long run.

Anonymous, 16 May 2020so go & buy iphone 11 pro max....12 pro max...iphone ... moreWhy the F would I buy Apple's closed ecosystem phone? I would rather buy a Mediatek phone then an Apple phone.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 May 2020Cheating problem? Anandtech's review is based on PCMark on... morequalcomms fault?
why? because they are making the best SoC in the world?
first of all, look at that fact which is in front of you nose.