Our Motorola Edge+ video review is up

22 May 2020
Check out Motorola's first true flagship phone in a while.

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  • David
  • 42w
  • 24 May 2020

I've had this phone for a few days now and it is definitely nice. I only have one gripe about it and it is that the version of Google Chrome that they have on here that is not removable is glimped version. It is missing a lot of the built-in default extensions and therefore Chromecast does not function on it. They will need to fix this before I will be completely happy with this phone. And for those people who don't like the curved display well then just turn it off. It's there if you want it and if you don't hit the button and turn it off. It's pretty simple.

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    • SHp
    • 23 May 2020

    I wander if we would see a statistic of how many phones above 1000 euro were sold at their starting price. Per company per model at the end of 2020
    What will be? less than 100 units? Especially for "new" players like this one.
    1200 euro for obvious bugs in one of the main aspects (and selling points) these days...

      I haven't watched or read GSMArena "opinion" piece reviews for almost a year now, but what have me in so much shock is, the readers here think Lenovo Legend gaming phones, etc. will change the smartphone world but its Elite/Premium brand, Motorola, can't even match phones like the Nubia's RM5G, IQOO 3 5G, etc. for half the price.

      What's is wrong with you people? Seriously?!

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        • 23 May 2020

        Peoples :
        We don't like curved edge display, please stop with that, flat display are better...
        Motorola :
        Ok, we will push the curved edge at the extreme limit by making it 90° per side and try to justify it with near useless "features", we will even name the phone after that...

        Peoples :
        We are a bit tired of notches and punch holes, could you please make something else.
        Motorola :
        No problem, here is a big punch hole right in the spot where notification are and where text start !

        Peoples :
        Ok, that's nice to have camera with huge megapixels, but we need a better software.
        Motorola :
        Ok, here is a really poor software for our camera, poor optimisation, bad use of sensors, lots of bugs and totally weird behavior showing we barely tested it.

        Peoples :
        We are tired of super expensive smartphones, there are 400/500¤ phones with the Snapdragon 865 so we don't like those who are up to 1000¤ and more without justifying it.
        Motorola :
        We got it, here is a 1000¤+ phone with absolutely nothing to justify compared to those who are worth half that.

        Smartphone industry in a nutshell...

          Yup,just as good as expected. Only thing that is a letdown is the camera,and compared to my most expensive phone rn,the black shark 2 it does much better pics so still a goodie,just not for the price