Kirin 1020 remains unaffected by US actions, on schedule to power up the Mate 40

24 May 2020
The orders have already been placed for the Kirin 1020.

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  • Anonymous

dragonbuttsnap, 24 May 2020and A14 will beating your lame snapdragonMaybe. But next year Snapdragon 875 will beat A14 as well. It is business man. And I don't care about speed because difference will be unnoticeable. And no iOS for me. I don't want to use that limited OS.

  • Anonymous

If Chinese gov asked Huawei to give them data of their customers, it is illegal for them to refuse. If there are 100 million Huawei users in US & India, then there are 100 million Americans and Indians the Chinese gov have access to. What if they work for the gov, researchers, scientists, or soldiers? Chinese gov will also have a copy of their fingerprint. It doesn't matter if they switch to other phones in the future, Chinese gov can access them using your fingerprint.

  • Anonymous

A cellphone consists more than just the cpu and gpu. It has hundreds of different parts in it. Huawei don't have the patent and ability to produce every single parts from scratch. If US wants to totally shut down Huawei's phone production, they could easily do it. They are prolonging its demise.

  • LilPhone

Anonymous, 25 May 2020Huawei better come up with its own chips or it will be doom... moreIt has. Kirin 820 is manufactured by SMIC in Shanghai. SMIC needs to work on its 7nm and 5nm nodes soon, though, if they want to be competitive enough with Qualcomm (Snapdragon) and Mediatek.

  • Anonymous

Huawei better come up with its own chips or it will be doom. I really love their phone as I'm currently using the P30 Pro.

They ditched the headphone jack so i will never buy an huawei especially not if their flagship costs more then 600 euro. Now they also have no google services... mehhhhhhhhhh

  • dragonbuttsnap

Anonymous, 24 May 2020No thanks. Snapdragon for me.and A14 will beating your lame snapdragon

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 May 2020Not yet A14 in the way.A13, A14 are all handicapped chips not being able to reach their full potential coz of iOS.

This is a nice lesson for the future, hope more companies develop their own processors.

  • Anonymous

No thanks. Snapdragon for me.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 May 2020The ban appears to be just for show. It only comes into ef... moreYou absolutely right, but you neglected something important, trump can be easily manipulated by money and I doubt Huawei will stay in the Blacklist for too long since it has a big wealth .

Anonymous, 24 May 2020Is there gonna be a SD865 PLUS Version this year? Coz 5nm ... morenah, no 5nm until snapdragon 875.

Whackcar, 24 May 2020The first 5nm mobile chip... How far we've come. Look fo... moreTechnically one of the first. Apple's A14 beats it in this area, cause even though huawei announces their kirin chipset earlier, by that time apple would already have their chipset ready.

The first kirin 1020 smartphone won't release after like a month after iPHones release.

  • Cool Biker

abigfanoftechs, 24 May 2020LOL, Huawei had been stockpiling ... should last them anoth... moreAre you sure your Mate 20 Pro came with 820 kirin chipset? Mine's only Mate 20 come with 980 kirin chipset.

  • FL

abigfanoftechs, 24 May 2020LOL, Huawei had been stockpiling ... should last them anoth... moreIt's kirin 980

  • Anonymous

Us company are losing big money

  • Yee

If I ever produced anything I'd only concentrate on my own region.
If trupm plays hid games I'd pull ALL businesses from US leaving thousands without work.
This would make people of america very happy indeed.
Huawei could easily do this showing that people of america have a power, not him (or at least people are empowered by constitution).

  • Hua Wei

Am using Huawei Mate 10 till now, while my wife used Huawei P10 Plus before and now Huawei Mate 20 Pro. All 3 phones till now are in good running condition, awesome and fantastic without any problems/issues. Trump down with their rotten Apple that is useless and can't sell in the market. No matters how he create problems, he will lose in the election and Huawei will return to it top peak soon.

Nothing New, 24 May 2020Kirin 980 not 820Yes, you're right. My bad.

alcatraz, 24 May 2020I think the industry is moving towards more radio band supp... moreWow thats great! My samsung galaxy a71 was just delivered 2 days ago ang my battery health is already down at 98