Samsung details its debit card, coming to the US later this summer

27 May 2020
Cash rewards await you.

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What's the purpose of this? You need to feed/transfer money to their debit card in order to be able to use it. How many people will go through this hassle. These OEMs are out of ideas on how to earn more money for their beloved share holders and come up with stupid ideas, like this one.

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    • Fayth
    • X%x
    • 28 May 2020

    I bet the card is made of titanium
    just like next door neighbour

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      • Henlu
      • sxs
      • 28 May 2020

      Apple first!!

        Love this, I like to get rewards with my credit card purchases and would definitely grt this if I was in the US.

          Shameless. No shame in the game.

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            • AnonD-558092
            • IBL
            • 27 May 2020

            To be fair, that kind of "all-in-one money management services" are proliferating, and that was before Apple's solution.

            But remember, your data will be captured and sold to whoever's paying the most.

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              • Anonymous
              • mcx
              • 27 May 2020

              NotAnOpinion, 27 May 2020Apple may "tolerate" you now Sammy(hoping that JPI/AU/Sharp... moreOMG who the hell cares?

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                • Dometalican
                • 7BB
                • 27 May 2020

                Omg...stop this...

                  Apple may "tolerate" you now Sammy(hoping that JPI/AU/Sharp get their shit together very soon), for the moment, but my family and I never will.




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                      • RN
                      • vgN
                      • 27 May 2020

                      Ok, soon other brands gonna make it too XD