Redmi 9, Redmi 9A, Redmi 9C specs leak

01 June 2020
The Redmi 9C will have two variations - with and without NFC, different cameras as well.

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  • sid

As much as I like Xiaomi's phones, I am not going to buy the Chinese manufacturers phones from now!

while I was waiting for the Redmi Note 9, I get to see this news! The redmi 9 series would be a great addition to the entry-level segment

this is quite an affordable range of Redmi products with mediatek's soon to be launched gaming processors in the G series

  • Akshat

Redmi 9A have price equal to redmi 8a

  • Ramandeep Singh

Redmi 9 is another good smartphone with mediatek helio g70 processor. Would be interesting at low price.

  • Arnav

Its nice to see more gaming options coming out, Helio G series has already proved its gaming capabilities so far.

I see a new mediatek chipset Helio G35 mention here.. a new gaming chipset ??

  • hmm

The price will be increase due to 1GB ram more than 8A. I should get a 8A before 9A launching. It just RM299 (70 USD) or less after deducted with vouchers.

Xiaomi seems to be migrating almost exclusively to Mediatek. Gee, I wonder why?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Jun 2020A40 1 year older model you can say is compact. 149mm isnt e... moreCome on, dude. Survival for the fittest. I respect your opinion and needs. But what to do if smartphone manufacturers simply have no desire to make any? I used to have a phone weighing only 121 gram with a screen size of 4.3 inches. I directly updated to a 200 gram phone with a 6.5" screen. I really had a tough time adopting it. But I had no better choice.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Jun 2020Market is only full of 6 to 7 inch phones. Majority people ... moreRedmi note 8

  • MINtKS

Another phone from Xiaomi.
Great .
By the end of year Xiaomi is going to have 100+ phones released along with 100+ renames for different markets.

  • Anonymous

Okay, skipping yet another Redmi since the 4X.

Helio G35 & G25 could be running 8 x A55 cores with different frequencies. Interesting.

  • sammy7

Anonymous, 01 Jun 2020Market is only full of 6 to 7 inch phones. Majority people ... moreGoogle Pixel 3a/4a
Samsung S10e
iPhone 11 Pro

These are you best choices. But I agree, I don't know who wants these "mobile TV's" manufacturers are calling smart phones.

I refuse to buy a phone over 6"

  • Essen

IpsDisplay, 02 Jun 2020Your logic makes no sense whatsoever and it falls apart mis... moreYou are right in saying people WERE given the option of compact phones. But they aren't anymore. OEMs are releasing phones like flowers releasing pollen during spring. In those hordes of 100s where is the choice if every phone is between 6.4-6.8 inches?

Besides, the advent of glass for the back and the largeness are making phones heavier than they need to be. You should speak to doctors about the increasing occurrences of carpel tunnel thanks to putting so much strain on the wrist. And all doctors will recommend you to not use phones for long periods. But with so much done on phones, these days, that's not easy to adhere to. Instead a light compact phone wouldn't lead to such issues.

And there have been countless instances in history where the majority thought of something -- slavery, caste-ism, racism, patriarchy, and even the fact that the earth was flat -- as right and true. That doesn't mean it is. Nor does it not leave room for a differing opinion. I don't mean to equate something as serious as racism with something as trivial as phone sizes. But my point is only to state that a norm doesn't necessarily mean it is unquestionably the right thing and should continue.

It's great that there are so many phones to cater to people who want large, heavy devices. But it's impossible that there is no market for smaller, lighter devices.

Thank you for the debate, though. Stay healthy and safe.

  • redmi

Redmi 9 Helio G70, looks like Redmi 4X Prime reborn... will be?

Essen, 02 Jun 2020Completely agree. There are some compact phones like the Sa... moreYour logic makes no sense whatsoever and it falls apart miserably

Not sure if you don't understand where smartphones are coming from

People literally laughed at samsung when they introduced the phablet category of large phones..

What this means is people were ALREADY given the option of compact phones with powerful specs where were you???..

The irony here is the people didn't know they wanted BIG PHONES then they accepted it

Is it so hard to understand that it was the consumers and not the OEMs that pushed that preferred large phones

The last 8+ years was ONLY compact phones

  • macavity

seriously, what the point of redmi series if the size is big as redmi 'note' series? make it under 6" or just around 6.1". My previous phones are redmi 1s and redmi 3s. Evnthough i am now on 6.4" phone, i still love the smaller factor of redmi phone.

Anonymous, 02 Jun 2020I would ask you the same. Earth have over 7 billion or mayb... moreLet's have some respect for context

Being physically surrounded by 100 people is a lot of persons

Having 100 subscribers is considered having a little

Hope you see where I'm going here....

7 billion people right you do know that if 1 billion people are interested in small phones they are a minority right?

1billion by itself is alot but it is a tiny group Vs the entire world

And again I keep repeating myself about minority and yet still your reply.. makes It sounds like I said everyone wants big phones