Weekly poll: the three vivo X50 phones take different paths to your heart

07 June 2020
The X50 Pro is all about stabilization, the Pro+ focuses on low-light shooting, the vanilla X50 is happy just being a 5G mid-ranger.

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The X50 Pro+ does not have gimbal, but it has the new Samsung camera sensor, and it has a 120 HZ display and of course the best CPU available.

To make it good for me you'll need to :
Take the Pro+ model and :
*Ditch the leather/glass back, make it Titanium instead ! Same for the frame.
*Put the Gimbal of the Pro.
*Make the 5x optical periscope a 12MP, change the ultrawide for a 12+ MP sensors (18?), and add a macro/telemacro sensor of 12MP.
*Add a 8MP or even 12MP depth sensor (ToF).
*Put a really powerful and well optimized AI and camera software.
*Remove the Useless 5G and gimme Wi-Fi 6E.
*Remove the ugly and useless punch hole and put an awesome pop up (large like the Vivo V17 Pro) with 3D Facial recognition sensors comprising Doc Projectors, IR + UV camera and lights and why not Iris scanner capabilities too.
*Change the prehistorical optical FPS for an ultrasonic one that can read large area and multiple fingers.
*Put a dedicated security chip that store locally (away from the OS) biometric data and prevent the phone to be formatted/factory reset by preventing access to boot loader to unauthorized users and also handle multiple users and "friends/guest" authentification and limitations.
*Make the display and the back of the phone Flat.
*Make the phone thicker (15mm) and remove the camera hump/bump.
*Add a standalone SD card slot.
*Put back the damn Jack port ! And even make both USB and Jack each a magnetic port.
*And add wireless charging...

I'd buy this twice its current price !
But currently, none of those variants interest me.
Though I admit those phones have really interesting features, the 2x optical portrait on top of the 5x telephoto is really nice !

So Pro gets a gimbal OIS, while Pro Plus does not?
Pro Plus gets a bigger sensor, but not gimbal OIS?

There is a < center> left somewhere it should'nt ;-)

Not gonna lie, I'd easily take the middle X50 Pro. It might not have SD865 or 120Hz refresh rate or large effective pixel count or even faster battery charging, but that gimbal OIS is definitely a first in the smartphone world. I am definitely more interested in that stabilization technology.

As for Samsung GN1, it somehow reminded me of OmniVision's OV48C sensor.

Yeah VIVO is taking a different path altogether - reports have surfaced in India, that Meerut police has found that some 13000+ VIVO branded phones have same IMEI numbers across the country. Specifically VIVO branded phones.

Further investigations are on.

I think police should conduct similar investigations for other sister brands of VIVO. We would surely get to know more on it.