vivo is preparing iQOO Z1X, a cheaper version of the Z1

05 June 2020
The phone will have a Snapdragon 765G chipset.

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Qwerty2020, 06 Jun 2020'powerful' my ass... Even MediaTek G90T is better than S... moreG90t is worse than sd 720g, proven by many people in xda, GSMArena, and youtube. Sure 720g is worse than dimensity 800 and up, no doubt.

Good thing 720g note 9 pro is cheap, or is that still too much for you?

Except dimensity 820 reaches nowhere near 855 levels, let alone 800. The gpu performance is even worse. The dimensity 1000l has a weaker gpu than even sd 845, imagine the 800 coming close to 855.

The real tech savvy people are hoping mediatek would ditch those mali gpu with poor drivers.

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    • 06 Jun 2020

    Spanky, 05 Jun 2020I was just saying yesterday that I wish that OEMs would rel... more'powerful' my ass...

    Even MediaTek G90T is better than SD765G, proven by many people in xda, GSMArena, and youtube.

    Once again, SD7xx series is just a bunch of overhyped SoC with the sole purpose of milking people of their money who thinks that they will get 'sub' flagship-grade SoC, with overpriced price tag.

    No matter how high QC clocked SD765, it will NEVER reach the performance of SD855 from last year, with just 1 + 1 A76 cores.
    On the other hand, D800 with 4cores A76 can easily reach SD855-level of performance, let alone D820.

    That's why tech-savvy people have big expectation of MediaTek this year with their Dimensity series, as their SoC are unreasonably powerful, with afforadable price tag.
    That's the reason why phones like Iqoo Z1 or Redmi 10x exist.

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      • 06 Jun 2020

      Why not use 768g instead ? Qualcomm needs to invest in recycling machines instead of clearing old CPU's like this in new phones !! When 768G is there then why even think of 765G.??

        I was just saying yesterday that I wish that OEMs would release cheaper, premium mid-range gaming phones. Not everyone wants to pay for a flagship SoC, but would still want gaming-oriented features, such as shoulder bumpers. The 765G is a very powerful SoC and should make such gaming phones more affordable.

        Maybe they'll even release a Snapdragon 730G/720G gaming phone. Even that one should still run almost all current games flawlessly, for an even lower price.

          Hackbox, 05 Jun 2020best they can go with dimensity 800I think so too, 765G is weak in terms of competition. But I think even if it comes with 765G, it will be still better than 1+'s upcoming so-called Z in terms of value-performance rate.

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            • 05 Jun 2020

            Interesting that iQOO is under Vivo brand, but isn't in separate brand naming.

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              • 05 Jun 2020

              best they can go with dimensity 800