Motorola One Fusion+ unveiled with 16MP pop-up selfie, 64MP main cameras

08 June 2020
It's similar to the One Hyper, but with a faster chipset. The 6.5" 1080p+ display now supports HDR10.

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  • Maki

With no NFC this phone is good only for nursery school kids that don't have to do any mobile payments. Wake up,Motorola!

  • Noah

Motorola is one of best companies producing phone for everyone needs and hyper was one of the phone that I bought and I love it and I will trade my hyper when it comes out in the USA

  • AnonD-937503

Sonny, 08 Jun 2020I stopped reading at "IPS LCD"...There's absolutely nothing wrong with IPS LCD. Just because it's cheaper doesn't mean it's sh-t... People are begging for Xiaomi-like specs even though their phones are cheap only because they don't need to make profit on smartphones.

Yoedi16, 08 Jun 2020That 64 mp one is the main camera stupid why someone want q... more64mp ultrawide
64mp normal lens
64mp telemacro
64mp portrait

Because, why not? I'd rather not have 19:9 screen, 5G, glass back, ultra-thin design, just give me 3.5mm jack and CAMERAS! Lots of awesome cameras!

  • Anonymous

LCD in 2020, lol

  • Anonymous

How many phones these days have white front (like this one) around the screen (at least white version)..

  • Anonymous

no nfc, no 5g, no wifi6

  • Anonymous

So basically a Motorola One Hyper with faster internals, bigger battery and worse cameras?

  • Anonymous

Motorola Mobiles have lost their credential as they were in past of no use now it is Chinese dump.

  • Darren

I hate the way they add one in the name to fool people into thinking its an android one phone, so will get two os updates, that's just bogus, Motorola admitted the Motorola Edge will only get in update, and that's there flagship fone. they treat there customers with disdain.

  • 121

What about wireless charging? Looking for an alternative to the xperia 1 2, which has basically everything I'm looking for except price. Greatest pet peeve of mine are the front camera directly on the screen and headphone jack. This seems to have all except what about wireless charging

  • gyu

Lack of NFC is disappointing, apart from that it's a decent midranger

Yuri84, 08 Jun 2020"64MP main cameras" Is extremely misleading. There is only... moreThat 64 mp one is the main camera stupid why someone want quad 64 mp camera if all of them provide same result.

"64MP main cameras"
Is extremely misleading. There is only one 64mp camera, the rest are good old cheap modules. Just like everywhere else.

If you see a quad-108mp camera array, please let me know. At least a trio 64mp cameras.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Jun 2020I do not even remember last time I saw a phone with white f... moreHaven't you seen Redmi Note series off late?

  • BorgiaRusche

Anyone considering buying a Motorola phone should first look at the service records and comments about the recently released Moto G8 Plus. Hope whatever model you buy isn't just abandoned like that one.

  • Anonymous

Take my money moto

  • doctorjee

the white version looks dope! we should have some flagships in ivory white or chalk white in stonelike finish.

The Voice of Reason, 08 Jun 2020I don't understand, is this an Android One smartphone?Not really, it should have the Android One logo on the back if it was. The official specs say it will use the My UX interface, which should be pretty close to stock.

  • MrRobin

Anonymous, 08 Jun 2020I do not even remember last time I saw a phone with white f... moreLast phone with white front I saw is probably Moto Z. 😅 And that was also last phone I bouth from them. They should stay with there original design. All phones are ugly now.