Motorola One Fusion+ unveiled with 16MP pop-up selfie, 64MP main cameras

08 June 2020
It's similar to the One Hyper, but with a faster chipset. The 6.5" 1080p+ display now supports HDR10.

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I don't understand, is this an Android One smartphone?

  • Sonny

I stopped reading at "IPS LCD"...

  • Ooinaru

Overall this phone looks great, until Motorola pulled a Xiaomi and removed NFC 😐

  • AnonD-937503

Anonymous, 08 Jun 2020I do not even remember last time I saw a phone with white f... moreA white front shouldn't be more expensive, it's basically a sticker. Companies stick with black so the display blends in with the bezels, quite pointless though.

The One Hyper has HDR10 support too.
I just checked it (yes, I'm using a Hyper, but getting this phone was extremely hard and stock was VERY limited - maybe the Hyper was the test device for the Fusion+).
Anyway review for the One Hyper maybe?

  • Jim

Not bad but the lack of NFC is quite disappointing.

  • Anonymous

So no prominent feature like with the other members of the Moto One family?

  • Anonymous

I do not even remember last time I saw a phone with white front.
Companies make front black just to save money.