Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3 unveiled with 30,000 mAh capacity, 18 W output and 24 W input

12 June 2020
This external battery can charge three devices at the same time. It's big enough to charge a Mi 10 four and a half times.

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  • Atul

When Xiaomi mi powerbank 3 30000mah was available in India.. because I urgently want it..

  • Sasika

Is there 20000 one?

Best power bank, I want to buy it, when it will be available in Pakistan...and what is it's price

Ok, this is epic

  • Sohaf

I want.

  • Sky boy

Cyberchum, 13 Jun 2020I think they knew what they were doing: iPhones usually hav... moreIPhone is very good

  • Pink

Can i charge lenovo laptop with this ? When could we expect iin india? Please tell me..

Fayth, 13 Jun 2020is that the official ad? why put iPhone on their ad?I think they knew what they were doing: iPhones usually have poor battery longevity; to let them know that it could also charge iPhones (you'd be surprised to know that some iPhone users think that any accessories made by an Android manufacturer won't work on their phone); could also be because of the consensus that iPhone users usually have more spending power, so who best to market it to if not those who could easily afford it?

  • Darling

Can I use 30W charger in this power bank

  • Didung04

splus, 13 Jun 2020No PD and it's iger the legal airplane limit. What was Xiao... moreI think the usb-C supports pd on iPhone 8 and later

is that the official ad?
why put iPhone on their ad?

No PD and it's iger the legal airplane limit. What was Xiaomi thinking???
If it was PD and 27000 mAh I'd buy it instantly for my laptop. But as it is its completely useless because it's also too big for smartphone users.

There is also a Xiaomi patent for solar-powered phone, reported last year

Anonymous, 12 Jun 2020There are plenty other options for slimmer and more portabl... moreUse logic? That's asking for a bit too much. Logic is a costly commodity here. They'd rather be narrow-minded. I'm surprised some demon guy hasn't left his already.

  • Anonymous

It is more for a laptop than for smartphone. I don't have to carry extra battery for the laptop which cost more than 25 USD.

4780 4.5 times, which means 21 500 mAh really available.

I remember when the Powerbank 2 was out, it has an original capacity of 14 000 mAh for a merely 330 grams. Then there was 2C and the capacity was limited to 12 000 mAh at most. Powerbank 3 with 20 000 mAh was also capped at 12 000 mAh.

Glad to see they bumped the real capacity for such a price. 18W is fairly enough for smartphone BTW :)

I wonder about the weight though.

No PD support? I have PD on my Xiaomi Power Bank 3 Pro - I charge my laptop on the go.
That's wierd not to implement it on a bigger one.

  • Anonymous

they should have kept it below 100kw to make it airplane legal. I would buy a 27000 mAh.

  • Sona

What is the price?how we will get this power bank? how much time to take to full charge?

The 24w charging can only be achieved by their chargers that aren't part of the package?

And 18w charging means the phones should be usb-pd charging?