Google Messages will get Android 11 Bubbles “over the next month”

13 June 2020
The Android 11 Beta will enable third party apps to have an experience like Facebook Messenger’s “Chat Heads”.

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  • trailertrash

I wondered what the bubble was when recently appearing on my Sharp Aquos - spent ages trying to get rid! Hate it.

  • altich

I don't see any added value to such bubbles. I pops up whenever you don't need it.
That's the first feature that I disables when Facebook messenger launched a similar feature.

  • Smith

Blvcklvght, 13 Jun 2020Isn't it already available on Samsung Galaxies in the form ... moreYes. Samsung always been ahead of Google when it comes to features

  • Jack

Original-Jamaican, 13 Jun 2020Good people. The first application I remember featuring the... moreSamsung and LG had this for years

  • d0x360

I've been using bubbles in any app (including Google messages obviously) since the note 9 came out. It's fantastic. It also just makes everything easier.

  • Anonymous

Does anyone remember the early days of the custom ROM called Paranoid Android? I used to run that on my Nexus 4, eight years ago.

The current version of Paranoid Android is fairly simple and a lot like stock Android. But back in the day it was doing a lot of custom interface designs. One of those things was a feature that was exactly like Google's new bubbles feature. Not similar, but the exact same thing.

Again, that was eight years ago.

It's funny that something that was being done in the custom ROM community eight years ago, Google is now passing off as some great original idea of their own.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Jun 2020Lmao, your phone still on kitkat, lollipop or what ?yaa

Original-Jamaican, 13 Jun 2020What does RCS mean?

Anonymous, 13 Jun 2020Think I'll go ios had it with rcs shambles What does RCS mean?

Good people. The first application I remember featuring the bubble pop up was Tango. Was that the first, was Facebook the first or did another app come out with it first?

Looking forward to your responses.

  • Anonymous

Shanti Dope, 13 Jun 2020Somewhat like that, except I still want to receive notifica... moreLmao, your phone still on kitkat, lollipop or what ?

It's trash imo, but I won't mind if it can be globally disabled.

  • Etang

Shanti Dope, 13 Jun 2020Really? People hate Chat heads? To me it's a really conven... moreYeah, I love the idea bubbles, it's a nice work around for not being able to mark texts as unread. For exactly the reasons that you mention above.



  • Sammyb

I think this is just a typical development/evolment in technology and society. Makes notifications have less friction to the user and get to them instantly. Tech companies have incentives to get users to use more!

  • Md

And Google phone and messages both 2 apps should change icon by an update

  • Anonymous

I think that the facebook bubble thing is trash and that android shouldn't have that fearure

  • Anonymous

Think I'll go ios had it with rcs shambles

  • Anonymous

I hate chat heads, how about pinned conversation, and rid that ugly pastel colour

Spanky, 13 Jun 2020I agree with your observations. It's always nice to have mo... moreYeah, some manufacturers insist on making such feature, so forcefully baking it into the core of the Android OS would leave them no other choice but to practically have them on all of their new phones.