Huawei Mate 40-series might get a 108MP main camera with 9P lens

13 June 2020
A special free-form lens should improve picture quality by a bunch.

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Ladies and gentlemen ... !!!

The real King of smartphones is coming up !!!

Huawei is the camera hardware king of all smartphones

  • Anonymous

No way they drop the new sensor 50MP after using once.
No upgrade until next year.

  • AnonD-754814

.alpha, 13 Jun 2020Mate 40X with flat 7.2" QHD screen, IP68, dual/quad speaker... moreYou better buy a tablet instead.
Because your 7.2 inch 8000MAH battery phone might surpass 300 grams mark,

  • AnonD-754814

Why would they use a new sensor ?
They're already doing market best photography(in most cases) with their current sensor. They should just improve the lens I guess.

I would pass this rumor any day. Not going to happen.

  • Apple

Unfortunately, if no google ppl outside China will not buy it.


  • Dearman

Would like to see a Mate 40X to replace my current Mate 20X. Love the size and features of the Mate 20X, but it is time for a successor.

It will nice for the mate series to upgrade it's camera performance and if it goes for 108mp camera this could be a revolution for the mate series and Huawei...cause I know the image quality of the phone would be dope cause Huawei would have made more upgrades on the camera to beat their major rivals like Samsung...I hope they go with it.

  • .alpha

Mate 40X with flat 7.2" QHD screen, IP68, dual/quad speakers, 6-8000 mAh battery

Nope , mate 40 will use the same sensor as p40 pro , it will have new ultrawide camera

  • tkSteveFOX

This is BS. Mate 40 will use the exact same sensor as the P40 series along with a 5x optical zoom and maybe an improved ultrawide (cinema).

  • Anonymous

Are those kind of lens that come equipped with GMS?

Would be awesome with a Mate 40 X...

HUAWEI doesn't play by this M race or lens element race like Xiaomi does

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