TomTom licenses its maps data to Apple for iOS6

12 June, 2012
The partnership opens a new chapter for Apple, which is no longer using Google for its Maps app.

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  • bfd2a

nothing beats Nokia got 3D building, live traffic updates, speed limits and all that a Garmin GPS standalone device gives and all these for more than 2 years now :)

  • Anonymous

TomTom = LostLost

  • Kris

Why didn't they use garman? Their much better than tom tom.

  • afra33

Any1 know why Apple didn't buy TomTom? I mean they're cheap, their market cap is like 750mil, that's small change for Apple. I think eventually they will buy them. Apple doesn't need TomTom but they need TeleAtlas IP.

  • Anonymous

Quite a pleasant surprise that a lot are saying that Nokia Drive is the best considering the sales of their smartphones.

They've offered free turn by turn navigation for over 2 years now and they also own Navteq.

  • Anonymous

I have TomTom on my iphone 4. I have no problem with it, even when there is no mobile reception. It works off GPS.

  • mahkhr

Stadtionalist, 12 Jun 2012Nokia Maps is TomTom maps are not tomtom, but navteq.

  • Anonymous

No matter what Google's will all ways make money of apple. The google map is nothing. How many times do u go on Youtube a day ? Thats how google make there money from you

  • Eels

While we were hiking in Germany my friends were using TomTom with their iPhones. No signal or no routes. My N9 did everything vice versa offline :)

  • Bruce

Great idea but it's only for the iPhone 4s

  • Stadtionalist

aeo, 12 Jun 2012Nothing can beat the free Nokia Maps! Nokia is the best. Nokia Maps is TomTom too...

  • AnonD-8044

KK, 12 Jun 2012I can't get my head around the fact that people use their phones... moreI think yours is the best statement,,Just have a proper stand alone satnav and let your smartfone do all your usual stuff,I do, its so much better and easier to keep devices seperate in this scenario.

  • aeo

Nothing can beat the free Nokia Maps! Nokia is the best.

  • gridflash

This was a dumb move by Apple. There is no transit information on Apple's maps. People in the urban cores around the world depend on Google's transit info.
And Tom Tom? What's the matter, Garmin too expensive?

  • AT

Apple is going for the 'Kill'...

  • AnonD-14994

I prefer tomtom navigation rather than google maps...

  • WillJShore

luvmynote, 12 Jun 2012its the apple way. thats proof enough broTrue lol.

  • Hi

Do not update to ios6
Google maps forever should have added street view instead of new map system

  • D79_

Sygic for android kicks ass, nuff said...

  • luvmynote

WillJShore, 12 Jun 2012is there any substance to your comments or are you just trying t... moreits the apple way. thats proof enough bro