LG Velvet 5G launches in Europe with €650 price tag, €400 in pre-order goodies

16 June 2020
These include a LG Dual Screen accessory and LG Tone Free TWS earbuds.

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Love the Community, 16 Jun 2020Take your pick. LG Velvet vs Nokia 8.3 5G vs HTC U20 5G.... moreNokia for pure clean android experience.
Any U.I. is tottaly disaster and just slow your phone down because it will be loaded with tons of preinstalled useless apps and other gimmicks.

That 400 preorder should be normal price.
650 bucks for average midranger where Xiaomi redmi note 8 pro or 9 pro for half the price offers equal or better specs.
LG is really stupid if they think anyone would buy this phone for 650 buxks.

  • James

With a future update happening in 3030? It's overpriced.

  • Anonymous

Still overpriced LG, makes no sense to pay top dollar for mid spec chipset will all the fancy goodies other than the dual screen, 500USD I may consider with included dual screen not a dime more. Also Hated the narrow aspect ratio width compared with V60, will have to scroll more to read!.
Would rather pay $65/ $165 with the Dual screen for the V60ThinQ....that is the winner NOT this fancy looking garbage, mid tier chipset without OIS camera, all just fancy looking gimmick with no substance when it comes to performance and real life usage.
LG, Why cant you release a good product like the V60 globally ASAP, have you not heard strike the iron when it is hot!
Hope V60 will be release soon as cant hold off buying a competitor phone much longer and when you do; please MAKE SURE IT IS DUAL SIM for Global release please, would buy in a heartbeat for $900 with the included Dual screen, same price as in US!

ipolit.matveich, 17 Jun 2020Nice additions, the dual screen accessory looks good with V... moreI definitely wouldn't say useless, it is single-handedly the best phone accessories ever existed, especially for productivity. The fact that you can use two different apps at the same time on different screen without any resizing whatsoever is a big win for me.

Wait, DualScreen case for the Velvet? NO. WAY!

Nice additions, the dual screen accessory looks good with Velvet.
For me it is useless, but people might like it.
Maybe in six months when the phone goes to 350 euro (without the "goodies"), I will check it again.

  • Anonymous

Love the Community, 16 Jun 2020"LG Tone Free TWS earbuds" Does this mean that LG will r... moreSony put it back on Xperia 1 ii after removing it from XZ2 onwards.

  • Anonymous

LG lacks badly at updates

  • Anonymous

Raky, 16 Jun 2020Maybe someone see that as a high price, but that's Qualcomm... moreit also be that europe tax hard on non euro goods

  • Anonymous

Jerry101923, 16 Jun 2020While the original 600 euros is unreasonable, 400 euros sho... morethats literally not what it says.

  • User

LG should update the latest security patches and new features for the LG V30+ ThinQ.(h930ds). LG please update android OS 10 in LG V30+ .

best phone of the year 2020. base on design.....


  • trilulilucoder

nikojas, 16 Jun 2020It's already has a discount on LG Italy official site..... ... moreThey just testing discount system, for month or two, it will be half of the price, like every LG from the past.

  • Raky

Maybe someone see that as a high price, but that's Qualcomm's fault.
As you can see Samsung A71 5g have a similar price, and rumours about Oneplus Z (Nord) are saying that will also cost around 600€/$.
So, LG is on point here...and if they bring all that goodies, I don't see nothing wrong with the price.
At least we know it will have better camera than Oneplus.

But I will however skip it...just can't see myself using a device with that SoC.
I would rather buy some sd855+ based phone from last year, or wait that this year's flagships fell down.

  • Anonymous

Add a little more and buy better phone from various brands.

  • Anonymous

Still way too much... Heck you can over quote that 400 bucks gift all you want, even at 100 bucks gift, 650 Euro is still no way attractive as a phone

  • R

Really? I prefer poco f2 pro...

Love the Community, 16 Jun 2020Take your pick. LG Velvet vs Nokia 8.3 5G vs HTC U20 5G.... moreWell I'll pick none this year as they're all too large for me, though they're all good phones. If just talking about which phone I like more, I would prefer the Velvet > U20 5G > 8.3 5G. Ranking the 8.3 5G the last is because I'm less confident with HMD than LG and HTC.

GregLu, 16 Jun 2020Except that the worth isn't really 400 EUR but merely 200, ... moreWhile the original 600 euros is unreasonable, 400 euros should be a good starting price, as it's worth it (great deal if dual-screen inclusive for 400 euro).