LG Velvet 5G launches in Europe with €650 price tag, €400 in pre-order goodies

16 June 2020
These include a LG Dual Screen accessory and LG Tone Free TWS earbuds.

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Love the Community, 16 Jun 2020Take your pick. LG Velvet vs Nokia 8.3 5G vs HTC U20 5G.... moreHTC and Nokia aren't out yet but I'd probably choose HTC's for bigger battery and storage. None of them are really good though and probably won't be successful. They don't even deserved to be called premium when it's so....bland and low effort compared to the Chinese. Just look at Oppo and vivo, they seem to know how. I wished manufacturers would make flagship phones swapped with a midrange SoC at a lesser flagship price.

R.I.P, lg ..
And Good luck ...

  • nikojas

It's already has a discount on LG Italy official site..... 649.89 reduced to 649!! 89 cent off, quick hurry and don't miss this deal!

They almost got it right. It's a 250€ phone:))))

apprise, 16 Jun 2020Each to their own I guess but I couldn't justify spending t... moreDual screen is a seperate accessory which will likely be sold seperately after the promo so for €650 you're basically getting just the phone

Why not reduce the price by €400?

  • Anonymous

Love the Community, 16 Jun 2020"LG Tone Free TWS earbuds" Does this mean that LG will r... moreI don't think LG will remove the jack anytime soon. They know it's their selling point, and is the only company that never removed the jack. Plus the quad dac shows they're serious on this aspect (no quad dac for velvet though). And LG made that TWS earbud over a year ago, and they were the first to invent neck band bluetooth earphones. Despite that, no removal yet .

  • George

Just wait a month and you can have it at half price probably.Lg is like Fiat of phones they depriciate sooo fast.I was a Lg g2 user by the way.It was great phone back at the day but now there are much better and cheaper phones than Lg.Lg software support is almost not existent as well.

  • Jai

Hope this ll come to India around 30k INR

  • Anonymous

or buy the g8 thinq for half the price and better specs don't see the point here besides it looks like a cheap phone that resembles the xiaomi redmi line

  • Love the Community

Love the Community, 16 Jun 2020Take your pick. LG Velvet vs Nokia 8.3 5G vs HTC U20 5G.... moreI forgot that Samsung Galaxy A71 5G is joining in with the same processor costing only $599 = $600.

  • Sboy

That's actually a decent price with the extras included, wait a bit and it'll be ven cheaper. Shame it's not coming in the UK.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Jun 2020Hard to say. Velvet: curved screen and screen hole. Bad... morefoxconn does iphones and xiaomi too, so there's that

GregLu, 16 Jun 2020Except that the worth isn't really 400 EUR but merely 200, ... moreI agree,mate..
Exactly the same policy with LG,Nokia,HTC.. there's (probably) nothing wrong with the phone, it's ok,but it's a 300euro device,like that new HTC U20,Nokia 8.3..and they want to sell those for twice the price..good luck to them, it's like they deliberately want to fail,sales-wise...

  • Anonymous

This phone cost 50 euros more then galaxy a71 5g but with dual screen, pen support, lg tws buds and won't get lag or battery problems after 10 months like samsung phones. i hope after 3 months their will drop the the price

  • Anonymous

Love the Community, 16 Jun 2020Take your pick. LG Velvet vs Nokia 8.3 5G vs HTC U20 5G.... moreLG by far.

HTC is essentially done. Zero support outside of Taiwan, not even subsidiaries in other countries.
Nokia is as mediocre as it gets. Only for superiority-complex Europeans that think these are somehow superior phones, when they're worse than an entry level Xiaomi.

LG is a huge company, has subsidiaries in most countries, makes quality electronics and appliances, etc.

  • Anonymous

Don't forget: this is what the legendary LG (Optimus) G series died for. What a shame and what a trash of a phone.

Now this is what LG should've started the price at originally, way better that 600-700 euros. Plus the extra goodies. Not bad at all, but was kind of expected, LG loose their value really fast.

harwey, 16 Jun 2020With 400euros worth of goodies LG admits that phone is wort... moreExcept that the worth isn't really 400 EUR but merely 200, they are very crazy with some RRP, how a single transparent cover cost 50 EUR ? It's 1 EUR on AliExpress ... And even other brands sells them for 19 EUR officially, which is already crazy :p

Not the most expensive phone out there, but also not the best. Keep in mind that it will not get regular security patches and may only get upgraded to Android 11 after Android 12 has rolled out to most other phones from this year.