Motorola's foldable Razr is $500 off until June 21

16 June 2020
At $999 it's the cheapest mainstream foldable ever.

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Note7 owner, 18 Jun 2020That's great to know. But I surely don't enjoy going to the... moreWell we don't all know that we'll have to go with this in for a repair 2-3 times a year. I don't think they'd provide the service if they knew you'll have to repair it this much and at no cost. It seems more like a show of confidence in the product.

After June 21st, it'll be $999 off. Where it should rightfully be at.

Solun1, 17 Jun 2020Dude they provide unlimited free repairs for 2 years when y... moreThat's great to know. But I surely don't enjoy going to the post to mail out my phone I need daily to have it repaired. And we all know you will need to have this repair at least once but more likely two - three times in that 2 year warranty period. After that 2 year warranty is over good luck trying to sale this to someone else. Better to sink $999 into now bankrupt Hertz stocks than this.

  • Anonymous

Is there Ferrari or D&G edition?
This is master peace, who need discount

  • Anonymous

It should've been launched at $500 then It would've been a huge success.

  • Anonymous

What a flop

  • Sawsan

That's still $400 too expensive.

Too bad I love the form factor. But it would have to have less compromises for me to consider buying this over others in this premium price bracket.
Funny enough durable phones (CAT) used to have plastic screen to be safe from drops - they weren't foldable of course, so less of an issue there.

  • Anonymous

I cant find any positive review about this phone.

1000€ for phone.. insane world.

Jimbob, 17 Jun 2020500 off and it still costs more than a ps5 & xbox combi... morePS5 is not yet released. And enjoy your PS5 and Xbox One at home, I will take the smartphone, it will provide more education, socializing and entertainment than all the current consoles combined :)).

Note7 owner, 17 Jun 2020Biggest problem with this phone is it's durability, $999 is... moreDude they provide unlimited free repairs for 2 years when you purchase this. This means they are confident it will be pretty durable and might wear down only after those 2 years. Do you think you want to have a phone with these already obsolete specs for 6 years? No one will. Z Flip came out before this and it is way better.

  • Jimbob

500 off and it still costs more than a ps5 & xbox combined.... no thanks

Biggest problem with this phone is it's durability, $999 is a lot to literally throw away in a few months.

Still a terrible deal. No thanks.

Wow imagine creating a phone so damn overpriced that no one would buy it even at 1/3 off

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  • mel

still very expensive, and easily to break phone ( because of flipping and thin sides ) and once you break the screen, the price to pay will cost you $800 lol

  • Anonymous

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