Honor X10 Max's 7.09" display will have an RGBW panel

23 June 2020
The screen's brightness was tested on video over week before the official unveiling of the XL-sized phone.

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  • 09 May 2021

DrakeX, 09 May 2021Is that so? Then LG knows they're false marketing. A c... moreso bad of LG I thought it would be 2340x1440 so definitely a 720P wide pane then l!!

also Interestingly enough I find that even The newer TV models also have the sub-pixels as G7.

UN7000 TV model subpixels : https://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/lg/un7000

LG G7 subpixels : http://www.ppomppu.co.kr/zboard/data3/2018/0524/20180524153701_ubmzqkzr.png

from what I perceived it seems that G7 panel is a new tech so as follow we are having a new method of calculating resolution and that happens to be Contrast Modulation (approved by ICDM ).

    Anonymous, 09 May 2021I happened to see both of those sites while doing my resear... moreIs that so? Then LG knows they're false marketing. A comment in this thread has already mentioned that the XZ2P Premium uses an RGBW panel. I cannot say whether the layout is RG-BW-RG or RGB-WRG. Interesting to know there are even more phones using RGBW.

    Yes, the effective coloured pixel count would bring it to be 3120*720. However, the second site you linked benchmarked both LG G6 and G7 refutes the assumption of low sharpness. What's more impressive is that it was proven using an electron microscope. If it was observed as 720p, it would be very noticeable.

    The site also mentioned HDR as a valid point as to why LG had to use an RGBW panel, a good one at that. I just wished that LG had tuned the colour accuracy, it looks way too cool.

    An English forum discussed about display quality. Two people using the same phone have different conclusions.

    At the end of the day, LG G7 users would know whether the display is good or bad and it has been receiving positive responses. Trust your eyes and use the phone long enough to make a judgement. I wrote previously that I've used both Mate 10 and ROG P2 and noticed sharpness problems while most people don't. LG G7 is an interesting case but I don't have any plans of getting one.

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      • 09 May 2021

      DrakeX, 08 May 2021I find it hard to believe it would be a 2 subpixels (RG-BW-... moreI happened to see both of those sites while doing my research .
      the issue is that LG marketed it as M+ but after people finding they start removing that tag from their websites and blogs.
      the funny things is that Xperia XZ2 Premium aslo uses the same setup for 4K .

      about been worse than RGB FHD it is true only for pixels counts .
      here some comparison : https://m.kbench.com/?q=node/188110
      so is the true resolution 3120x720 ? if we said that it's RG-BW pentile.

        [deleted post]I find it hard to believe it would be a 2 subpixels (RG-BW-RG-BW) arrangement instead of 3 subpixels. That would make it to be worse than an RGB 1080p panel. M+ is RGBW and LG says it is used in their 4K TVs.


        So it's not wrong, it's a marketing term made by LG. Samsung also mentions RGBW and also OLED but highlights its weaknesses to imply they have better technology.

        Another site that checked using a microscope:


        I reversed image search and found another forum:

        It needs to be compared to an RGB panel and use one's own eyes to evaluate. Text can determine the sharpness. This panel is certainly not cheap to produce when it's a fact that it's the brightest LCD on a phone but it's funny how they used it on one phone only.

          Anonymous, 06 May 2021yeah I saw that LG have higher pixel density PPI than samsu... moreSomehow, I missed the notification so this is a late reply. Better late than never.

          I see that LG G7 is using the standard RGBW pixel array which means it's technically a 1080p panel at 423 PPI. The width of the panel is the same as a 5.2" 16:9 panel.

          That's what HDR does. It requires maximum brightness to achieve brighter highlights. With almost 1000 nits, 12 bit color depth and 2000:1 contrast ratio, LG G7 is great for watching HDR content. The contrast of LG G7 is impressive but not as good as VA panels used in TVs so the blacks will look gray. This might not be a problem in ambient light conditions but try checking it yourself.

          You should compare with an sAMOLED display as LG P-OLED has always been noticeably inferior. Colour saturation, accuracy, tinting is worse and maybe sharpness, as some users observed. Despite that, LG V40 is more colour accurate than LG G7 but go with what pleases your eyes. It's also sharper albeit marginal gains.

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            • 06 May 2021

            DrakeX, 06 May 2021Nope, it was beyond my budget scope. LG G7's MLCD+ may... moreyeah I saw that LG have higher pixel density PPI than samsung even with the same res and aspect ratio and phone size.
            I tried HDR10 content on it the display automatically forces to boost brightness.
            also I compared it with V40 at that time the colors were good except for the black which V40 rules due to OLED .

            My question if the display is really not true QHD+ and it's nearly to FHD+??

            " Off-topic, I'm surprised you were able to find this almost one year old thread. "
            about that it's google metadata lol , I was searching for a phone with LCD M+ QHD and here I am

              Anonymous, 05 May 2021did you try LG G7 RGBW QHD+ I believe it's a step over... moreNope, it was beyond my budget scope. LG G7's MLCD+ may have higher brightness and energy efficiency and support for 12-bit colour but the problem remains the same as content has always been mastered for RGB displays and sRGB color gamut, lower sharpness and saturation. LG G7's PPI is high enough to compensate for its sharpness but I can't say about HDR content. LG G7 colour accuracy pales in comparison to iPhones with LCD. I can say that it is the best RGBW display based on the features it has.

              Off-topic, I'm surprised you were able to find this almost one year old thread.

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                • 05 May 2021

                DrakeX, 24 Jun 2020No problem. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1jT7... moredid you try LG G7 RGBW QHD+ I believe it's a step over old ones

                  DrakeX, 24 Jun 2020No problem. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1jT7... moreThanks a million

                    IpsDisplay, 24 Jun 2020Thank you for this amazing breakdown,love technical stuff l... moreNo problem.


                    I checked on multiple sources to reassure my statements so this isn't something I made entirely. I just pass on knowledge. You can google on "pentile OLED true res" and "faux 4k rgbw". Calculating PPI density refers to area not distance which is why calculating pentile OLED structure is different than normal RGB.

                    This technical knowledge needs to be proven in real life usage or rather anecdotal so with the past use of an RGBW and OLED phone, it does hold some merit. Do note that not everyone can notice pixelation which is why some people are satisfied with 720p and 60Hz. Also to add on from my previous OLED statement, I had a Mi 9T and the PPI was 403 but actually 329, it still looked plenty sharp. OLED iPhones used an odd resolution to compensate this problem so they DO know about OLED's issue and I always thought it was Apple being weird.

                      DrakeX, 24 Jun 2020Pentile RGBW is worse than pentile RGBG since the white sub... moreThank you for this amazing breakdown,love technical stuff like this

                      Are you willing to share that spreadsheet

                      So oled pentile takes advantage of our eyes bias to green so it's still "sharp"

                      Ok and I learned that the the direction of the pixels matter as well interesting stuff

                        IpsDisplay, 23 Jun 2020I didn't realize RGBW contributed to resolution loss simila... morePentile RGBW is worse than pentile RGBG since the white subpixel replaces every fourth subpixel (RGB-WRG-BWR-GBW) leading to -25% loss based on 9/12 subpixels. However, Mate 10's arrangement is a bit different, it goes like this: (RGB-RGW-RGB-RGW) which is 10/12 subpixels, a -16.67% loss. Strangely enough, it looked worse than a normal FHD RGB IPS panel to my eyes even though it's 5.9" 2133*1200 (415 ppi from 498). This same arrangement was also used in Mate 20 with an effective resolution at 6.53" 1870*900 (318 ppi from 381). If we apply it on X10 Max, it's 7.09" 1900*900 (297 ppi from 355). That looks uninspiring.

                        Also, pentile RGBG (OLED) isn't -30%, it's actually around -18.3%. Sure it's 2/3 subpixels per pixel but that's in one direction. Assuming it's an equal drop in subpixel density in both directions, that's closer to no. of pixels in one direction/sqrt(3/2). Another thing about pentile OLEDs is that they use two smaller green subpixels as it consumes more energy and humans are more sensitive to the colour green which is why they can still look sharp. I started noticing this once I have ROG P2 (currently using) which was advertised 391 PPI but actually 319 PPI. I noticed it's a bit blurry. I've made a spreadsheet of true OLED resolutions and seems like 1440p (or rather 1176p) OLED will perfectly satisfy me. Unfortunately, those phones are pretty expensive and also consume noticeably more battery.

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                          • 24 Jun 2020

                          I think the 7.09" inch is not enough size to segregate as different category from the regular midrange phones now a days. Since the average size of regular phone is between 6 to 6.5 inch. They should make it at least 7.9" to 9" to be called max because during the max was 1st introduced before as 7 inch phone, the average size of regular phones are 4 to 5 inch.

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                            • 24 Jun 2020

                            Wait, did you say a phone?

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                              • 23 Jun 2020

                              This phone is getting lots of attention bcoz of it's huge display size.. i hope oneplus, xiaomi and realme also release a mid-range phone with huge display like honor x10 max.. say whatever u want to say but huge displays are the future of upcoming smartphones..

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                                • 23 Jun 2020

                                Iluvdoingstuff, 23 Jun 2020Jesus, a 7.09" display?? So it's another android tablet?Did you know? This "tablet" is still smaller than the tablets in 2013 (like this phone is smaller than Asus Nexus 7).

                                  Jesus, a 7.09" display?? So it's another android tablet?

                                    WhySoSeri0us, 23 Jun 2020The high-end Honor Note series where great. Now they make b... moreBut honor was dominated by LCD screen as usual ...

                                    I don't understand the mediatek gripe

                                    The dimensity 820 is arguably the best midrange chipset of the year

                                    Well if you look at its actual merit and not preconceived ideas of the mediatek brand...

                                    And it can't be a case about custom ROMs seeing that Kirin soc and Huawei is locked up anyways

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                                      • 23 Jun 2020

                                      Man I wish I can buy this phone

                                        DrakeX, 23 Jun 2020IPS RGB panels nowadays have decent sunlight legibility alt... moreI didn't realize RGBW contributed to resolution loss similar to pentile OLED, i've learned something today

                                        My question is , is it 30% loss like pentile oled??