The Redmi K40 will be a 5G phone, MIIT listing confirms

23 June 2020
China's MIIT issued a certificate for the phone, revealing next-gene connectivity.  Some rumors claim this will be called Xiaomi Mi CC10 instead.

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  • tT2
  • 17 Nov 2020

no OLED panel :/

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    • arlo
    • gNR
    • 12 Nov 2020

    need refresh rate in redmi k40 atlest 90 or 120hz with oled.

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      • Dicky
      • tDR
      • 31 Aug 2020

      Redmi k40 uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 775G processor, Quad camera 48 MP wide, 12 MP telephoto, 12 MP ultra wide, 5 MP Marco, super amoled screen 6.67, 20MP Selfi pop up camera, 5000 mah battery, stereo speakers of the same size

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        • Zakir
        • X06
        • 28 Jun 2020

        Anonymous, 24 Jun 2020I hope for a 120hz LCD and mtk dimensity 1000+Bro 144hz 😊

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          • nahid
          • a3x
          • 26 Jun 2020

          hope we will see
          6000mAh battery
          120hz OLED

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            • 7xc
            • 24 Jun 2020

            For 2020, Xiaomi (Redmi) has adopted a product development strategy that positions Redmi phones as direct competitors against Honor in its domestic market. The guiding principle is this: Can this compete against Honor effectively in the Chinese market? Using the word of Lu Weibin (VP, Xiaomi), "If you can compete against Honor in China, you can compete against any other player in the international market." At least in the mid-range and lower-mid-range market, Honor has enjoyed a 'Blue Blood' reputation and a near 'Royal' trapping in Xiaomi's domestic market. Here is what has happened so far:
            1) Redmi K30 series vs Honor 30 series. (It appears K30 series is on its way out of the market.)
            2) Redmi 10X series vs Honor X10 series. (Honor X10 Max and Honor X10Pro are still forthcoming.)
            3) Redmi 9 vs Honor Play 4T.

            The question is: What will Redmi K40 series target at? Honor V40?

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              • Anonymous
              • fqT
              • 24 Jun 2020

              I hope for a 120hz LCD and mtk dimensity 1000+

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                • Anonymous
                • 6s$
                • 24 Jun 2020

                It will be at least 4-5 months till we see the 690 in phones.

                  Hoping for amoled, jack, fm, nfc, IR

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                    • sayabosanhidup
                    • XUv
                    • 24 Jun 2020

                    Spanky, 24 Jun 2020Well, competition is generally a good thing, but Qualcomm w... moreit is obvious that qualcom will release a new chipset anyway but in
                    a year s time or even two buying time 2 give d least n charge more

                      IpsDisplay, 24 Jun 2020The 775 does seem nice We are finally here boys where th... moreWell, competition is generally a good thing, but Qualcomm would have released new SoCs anyway. We'll never know for sure just how much of an impact MTK's chips had (or how), because there are some other companies on the market. My guess is that Qualcomm was sort of forced to release the 768 earlier than expected. But the 765 is still one of the most powerful all-round mid-range chips. Its AI engine alone is just under the 865 and 855.

                      Anyway, I'm excited about the Snapdragon 775(G) and it will probably be my most anticipated SoC for the upcoming period. From a synthetic point of view, I expect ~450K in AnTuTu 8, maybe slightly higher. I wonder if it will be built on a 5nm process…

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                        • Kg%
                        • 24 Jun 2020

                        Spanky, 24 Jun 2020Oh, yes. There will probably be more than 5 K40 models. Bes... morelmao true

                          Oh, yes. There will probably be more than 5 K40 models. Besides the obvious „regular“ versions, take your pick from: Racing Edition, Pro, Pro Super, Zoom Edition, Max, Ultra, Xtreme, Lite, LTE, Mini, Plus, Pro Plus, Pro Max Plus, Pro Max Ultra Super Zoom Plus…

                            The 775 does seem nice

                            We are finally here boys where this year midrange chipset is equivalent to or slightly better than last year's flagship at least from a CPU and thermal point of view

                            Imagine if mediatek didn't release the dimensity series then qualcomm would just leave us with that lousy

                            765 man the 765 is so weak

                            Now qualcomm has to release 3!! ... 7 series Chipsets in one year lol