Realme X3 goes official with 12MP telephoto camera, Snapdragon 855+ chipset

25 June 2020
It skips on the periscope camera of the SuperZoom but retains most of its other key features.

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  • Umar

Realmex3 next sale

  • Jerry

Cash, 28 Jun 2020That capsule and the IPS screen are deal killersI agree.
From what I've read there's only $7 difference between ips and amoled display.
But let's be honest, rarely any company produces what we want, yet we buy this overpriced crap (shout out to apple and their 720p display which deapite having a medieval resolution still sold in millions lol).

  • Cash

That capsule and the IPS screen are deal killers

  • Rahman

Doesn't 5g network
So 🤮
5g important with price and processor compare other company

Anonymous, 27 Jun 2020Look at that ugly display. If there's a notch or a punch-ho... more+1 to that! Bring back motorised camera!

  • Anonymous

Look at that ugly display. If there's a notch or a punch-hole cutout for the camera on the display it goes to the trash. Bring back motorized cameras.

Realme lost a plot after launching x2 pro... X50 pro 5g, X3 and X3 superzoom are not worth their price.

  • Anonymous

ganesh, 25 Jun 2020What about realme data privacy. 1. Is data is secured or ... more1. Data is transferred for face matching algorithm in default gallery app, yes
2. Yes, no ads
3. Most of it can be, rest can be done using adb

Why didn't they center the cutout? Android doesn't utilize the middle part of the statusbar

DragonNF, 25 Jun 2020to most people out there who said amoled 90Hz would have be... moreYes the X2 pro is more expensive, especially if we consider that the base model comes with 64Gb/ufs2.1 storage. But that's in India, in the global market you'd expect this phone to be priced at 350€ (X2 pro 399€), but that's the pricing of the most overpriced realme phone in history, the realme 6 pro, so I expect them to do something to differentiate they're "more premium" X3.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Jun 2020I would rather have a Fingerprint scanner in the back of th... moreHow are those two related?

  • Anonymous

I would rather have a Fingerprint scanner in the back of the phone than to deal with that ugly pill-shaped cutout in my eyesight .

jakov1, 25 Jun 2020Old? It's been like 9 months since the first 855+ phone got... moreIt's still a chip with last year's performance.
They seem to have a lot of stock of 855 chip and IMX 586 sensor.
They are putting these on everything they can.

  • Essen

So almost all major Chinese OEMs offer great value at a budget. But only when it comes to flagship devices, they go, "Hmm, this is a flagship premium phone. So we must remove stuff like SD card slot, earphone jack and other useful features that's only fit for peasants with little money." Except Samsung, and perhaps Sony, every OEM has gotten into their hands that if it's flagship/premium, then with one hand we giveth, and with the other, we taketh.

The Poco F1 was the only Chinese flagship without such antics.

  • Ansh

Snapdragon 855+ with 120hz is awesome but ips lcd panel with same boring design. Price should have to be around 23k for base varient and for 8 gb varient 25k or 26k is also good but base varient is overpriced

  • Anonymous

Valdemort, 25 Jun 2020This is a Super Good Value For money product i think, my on... moreX3 and X3 superzoom are cheaper than x2 pro

  • Anonymous

It's a shame. The hideous gaping hole in the screen means No Thanks

DragonNF, 25 Jun 2020to most people out there who said amoled 90Hz would have be... moreThey could have gone with a 60Hz OLED. I don't think these are items that skew the price of a phone too much. But the perception is OLEDs should be in more premium products so the price is just higher by default.

Costs more than the IQOO Z1 while being slower.