Redmi 9A and Redmi 9C announced with notched displays, big batteries and 13MP cameras

30 June 2020
The Redmi 9A is powered by the Helio G25 SoC whereas the Redmi 9C has the Helio G35 at the helm.

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  • 02 Jul 2020

Vegetaholic, 30 Jun 2020End SD 875 cost 250 dollars, madnes please stop buying qual... moreThats why, 720g is one of the best midrange soc, really, add to that, that even Xiaomi have phone(s) with that soc, some of them for just 160 euros (Note 9s), thats a real deal, really.
Do you know, how many flagship phones in the last 10 years, android phones, had mediatek soc? :D

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    • I@H
    • 01 Jul 2020

    Redmi is getting larger by the day i wish they have stick with 5.5 inch screen for the Redmi A

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      • ucr
      • 01 Jul 2020

      Different phone for different market different usage. My wife is using a phone with 2GB and 16GB rom.

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        • ybx
        • 01 Jul 2020

        Vegetaholic, 30 Jun 2020End SD 875 cost 250 dollars, madnes please stop buying qual... moreAt least qualcomm could actually intergrate the modem and stop overcharging people!

          End SD 875 cost 250 dollars, madnes please stop buying qualcomm garbage people :)

            Light, 30 Jun 2020People these days need to understand and keep in mind that ... moreHush! Don't say that out loud now. Lot of the folks here prefer whining to thinking.

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              • MrGrumpy
              • MpN
              • 30 Jun 2020

              Pointless phones, Xiaomi is chucking around horse manure to see what sticks. Don't forget it'll be buzzing with flies (ads and bloatware).

                Ekott, 30 Jun 2020We're you expecting SDM 865 performance at $100.No, he expecting normal phone. This two phones uses rebranded p22 and p35, with just 2 gb of ram. Both will struggle in everything. Phone can have sd 865, but with 2 gb of ram u will face big lags, especially in multitasking. Also this G chipsets from mtk are not optimised. ( I don't have nothing against mtk, they have many other great processors). Don't be foolish by names, cortex a53 is not good enough today, it's old architecture. My advice for everyone, don't by this phones, wait, save more cash, and get note 8 or 8t, which are on discounts now.

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                  • SauGat
                  • YPe
                  • 30 Jun 2020

                  why not to buy last year Redmi 8?

                    Anonymous, 30 Jun 2020Redmi 9C is a great choice for a budget phone with more tha... moreNo it's not, and with Miui, are you kidding? It should've been at least 3Gb in the 9C, and these devices shouldn't have been launched this early. The note 9, the 3Gb version especially, is still struggling with the new soc and the unoptimized software, people are still waiting for fix updates. Know imagine how the situation will be with these weak new chip sets.

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                      • Light
                      • 7Xa
                      • 30 Jun 2020

                      People these days need to understand and keep in mind that not everyone can buy a mid-range or flagship level smartphones, that is why companies like Xiaomi is catering entry-level devices such as these two devices. These devices are intended for people that understand that it's not for heavy gaming and doesn't want to spend too much on a smartphone. Basically, a decent device which is good for everyday use. It can also be someone's daily driver or a back-up device.

                      Don't be close-minded. At the of the day, it's all about business and marketing strategy to make a profit and at the same time to boost their company's popularity even further.

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                        • 3rS
                        • 30 Jun 2020

                        What a waste of environment resources

                          Indian, 30 Jun 2020Still Galaxy M10s better choice in budget categoryAm not sure. In my country almost $150.

                            NoM, 30 Jun 2020Both processor are weak and non reliable, phone on that cri... moreWe're you expecting SDM 865 performance at $100.

                              I don't know whether it's only me but Redmi 9C looks lot better than Redmi 8a.

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                                • Ubev
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                                • 30 Jun 2020

                                Anonymous, 30 Jun 2020what a letdown. 2gb ram is too low.What a let down, less than 100usd is too low.

                                  The 9C looks like a Mi 10 Lite Lite. Excellent.

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                                    • ucr
                                    • 30 Jun 2020

                                    Redmi 9C is a great choice for a budget phone with more than average camera and a big size battery. 2GB ram is more than enough for average users.

                                      Anonymous, 30 Jun 2020No Snapdragon. No buy. Nobody wants slow processor after fe... moreI strongly agree.

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                                        • 7Xb
                                        • 30 Jun 2020

                                        what a letdown. 2gb ram is too low.