The Huawei Mate 40 to borrow Mate 20 X's stereo speakers

02 July 2020
Or at least the speaker alignment.

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Mate 20X is still the best phone on the market 2yrs later. Bought the s20 ultra but ended back to the Mate 20X 1 week later.
Pleeeeeease make a Gen 2 version of this without taking away the best parts (Big screen, top speakers, that amazing battery life.

  • Anonymous

sponge, 03 Jul 2020i hope there would be a mate40x, i have mate 20x and never ... moreAgree. It hard to find a replacement of this phone if consider overall feature such as "Big display, Stereo speakers nice camera and still smooth.

  • sponge

i hope there would be a mate40x, i have mate 20x and never upgraded my phone, its the best for media and gaming for me.

I will celebrate when they borrow jack. Wouldn't mind even 1000mW output.

Finally a huawei flagship phone with a decent stereo speaker system! The only drawback that I considered for the P40 series (among other things) was the speaker.

  • Anonymous

All alternatives to GMS is available in Huawei’s HMS.
Google charges each phone sold with GMS $60 to $80, and HMS is free (I see other jump to HMS in the future)
Google take something like 15% revenue from apps in GMS, Huawei charges 5% or nothing (more n more apps will go to HMS first or go exclusive because of this)
Huawei n HMS has a huge following in the world (#1 is sales in April and May in the world, beating Samsung for the first time) so yeah Huawei will be around for sure.
I really admire Huawei for what they can do with the US kneeling on its neck. I support Huawei n against US despicable n evil tactics.
Go Huawei!

  • Marius

The only way I"m going to buy a new Huawei phone without playstore is if it is as good as the mate 20 x which I still use today, big screen, loud speakers, huge battery and good camera even by 2020 standards. All that in a nice and thin design unlike s20 ultra(thick as a brick).

I've Mate 20x.. Loud and Crisp stereo speakers with Biggest screen ever are a treat
I hope this rumour turns out true

  • Luigge

It Will only be worth if the speakers are facing to the front otherwise...

About time.

Its the only way to make screen bezelless + stereo speaker. And last Mate 20 X speaker is no joke, its really loud + high quality sound.

Anonymous, 03 Jul 2020I want Mate 40X . biggest phone ever . 16:9 ratio and at le... moreWould love a mega big 16:9 to.

Nick Tagataka, 02 Jul 2020For freaking sure it'd better come with two speakers, ... more"and this news shows that they're moving towards a right direction", they always does with the Mate serie.

Destroy the notch huawei... Go back to mate 10 pro design and add this dual symmetrical speakers.

  • Anonymous

I want Mate 40X . biggest phone ever . 16:9 ratio and at least 7.0 inch

If true, I might actually buy the phone.

Dometalican, 02 Jul 2020Actually...the Mate 30 had stereo speakers (which is embarr... moreThose so called stereo speakers using the earpiece as a second one are pure joke.
I was worried purchasing the p30 pro because of the mono bottom speaker, but after comparing it with my old mate 20 there is almost no diference. There is no competition with a proper two speaker sistem.

  • designerka

I say its a phone when its have symetrical stereo speakers.

  • Anonymous

more than that, they need to bring back the volume buttons !

  • Dometalican

AnonD-923722, 02 Jul 2020Hope the Mate 40 Pro specs are : -6,6 inch Curved OLED 9... moreThis is what I think will become of the Pro:

Kirin 1020 (with a little bit more added LTE and 5G bands like 4G bands 13, 25, 29, 66, and 71 and 5G bands 2, 5, 41, 66, and 71)
6.6" QHD+ OLED not-as-curved display with 90Hz refresh rate; HDR10+; still notched to bring that epic facial recognition hardware
Wifi 6

8GB RAM/256GB version and 12GB RAM/512GB version with Nano Memory (they're not going MicroSD anytime soon)

Stereo Speakers (along with that OLED speaker from the 30 Pro) with Dolby Atmos
While I'd prefer a headphone jack, that's probably not going to happen here.
Bluetooth 5.2 (future-proof)

2,500 x2 mAH batteries with 40W wired and wireless charging
27W Reverse Wireless Charging
Heat suppression for both the processor and battery

108MP (per most recent rumor) 4-1 Pixel binned main camera with OIS
40MP Wide angle cam
13MP Periscope Telephoto cam with OIS, 7X optical, 20X Hybrid, and 30X digital zoom
ToF sensor

32MP selfie cam
8MP wide-angle selfie cam

Advanced In-Display Fingerprint Reader
IR Blaster
Function that switches between Wifi, 5G, and 4G seamlessly based on wmthe stronger signal

I can picture this actually starting at $1,249 but if it has everything above, it's better than any other phone in that price range.

  • Dometalican

Anonymous, 02 Jul 2020True.. funny enough almost no online reviewers mentioned th... moreActually...the Mate 30 had stereo speakers (which is embarrassing that the 'Pro' doesn't have that AND the headphone jack...)