The Huawei Mate 40 to borrow Mate 20 X's stereo speakers

02 July 2020
Or at least the speaker alignment.

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That's all nice,now you put a proper audio chip inside(hopefully AKM), a headphone amplifier and you're onto something here,Huawei...

DavidRegalJnr, 02 Jul 2020I am using a Mate 20 X and these speakers are so damn good.... moreDavidRegalJnr:

Based on the size of the phone they should be. Huawei had more room to put in bigger speakers.

Hell yeah , finally huawei will focus on sound quality but please do it in both base and pro models , don't repeat the same stupid idea that was in mate 20 pro

Love the Community, 02 Jul 2020I hope the Mate 40X has the headphone jack with DAC unlike ... moreYeah, it is a VERY BIG PHONE LIKE THE S20 ULTRA.

Huawei : We cannot fit it, no space for larger battery
Samsung : We managed to fit an Pen but no jacks as we want to make money
Apple : You can live in my new world, or die in your own

Huawei : Larger battery(500mah) or Headphone Jack?
(Your Choice)

Anonymous, 02 Jul 2020True.. funny enough almost no online reviewers mentioned th... moreBecause they focus on the big things :
- No GMS
-Very Narrow Ultrawide
-No 4k selfie videos
-Curved display
-No volume buttons
-Dissapointing 4k60fps videos

Hope the Mate 40 Pro specs are :

-6,6 inch Curved OLED 90hz not QHD+ resolution (hope it is), Please make the display brighter at 1000 nits (current Huawei's top at 800 even in HDR)
-4500mah Battery with 55W Supercharge and 27W/40W Supercharge Wireless and Reverse charging
-Kirin 1020 5G (5 Nm)
-Stereo Speakers
-EMUI 11 based on Android 11, No GMS, with HMS
-Frosted Glass/Vegan Leather/Ceramic Back, Metal Frame
- Quad Cameras with possibly an 3x Telephoto, no periscope, Maybe an 108 MP (Please No), just use the same 2 50 MP sensor on the P40 Pro on the main amd ultrawide. (Rather have an consistent performance at day, night, pitch black, rather than bad low light and sharp daylight)
-PLEASE HUAWEI, MAKE THE ULTRAWIDE CAM WIDER, 18mm IS JUST TOO NARROW TO FIT OBJECTS, MAKE IT 12mm. I appreciate the quality of the 40 MP Cine Camera, but it is just too narrow that i prefer the s20s ultrawide than the p40 ones, hope it gets fixed.


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Nick Tagataka, 02 Jul 2020For freaking sure it'd better come with two speakers, ... moreTrue.. funny enough almost no online reviewers mentioned that the Mate 30 and 30 Pro only had mono speaker.. and the downgrade in display resolution from Mate 20 Pro to Mate 30 was also barely mentioned..

Finally Huawei!! After years from the P30 series to the P40 series no stereo speakers at all. And now it is using the awesome speakers on the Mate 20X??NICE!! The sound quality will be on par with Mi 10 series, Iphones, Samsungs, Pixels and even ROGs and Motorola's.
What a stupid idea of Huawei to use an under screen earpiece when it sounds simillar to am earpiece but come at the cost of ditching the stereo speakers? They just want to make the phone 'cooler', and cooler doesn't make user experience better. Hope the stereo speakers will keep going for Huawei's future phones like the Honor 30 Series.

If something isn't broken/wrong, don't fix it, just improve it.

The stereo speakers on the mate 20 series are good, but they ditch it in favor of an under screen earpiece, SICK.

Good luck with your phone business in the west, Huawei!

For freaking sure it'd better come with two speakers, a single bottom firing speaker on a $1000+ flagship would be an utter embarrassment in 2020 and even more so if it's near the end of the year. Let's wish that they'll pay more attention on sound quality this time around and hopefully reclaim the title of the best smartphone speakers just like when they released Mate 20 X. Now GMS is gone, Huawei needs to pack as many features as they can on their highest end device to attract potential customers, and this news shows that they're moving towards a right direction.

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I hope the Mate 40X has the headphone jack with DAC unlike the Mate 40 and 40 Pro. I am willing to spend that much for the headphone jack and the speakers.

If Apple makes a new ultra expensive iPhone with a headphone jack unlike the cheaper options, I'm willing to buy that.

I am using a Mate 20 X and these speakers are so damn I've heard in the Smartphone industry

Good. They should've switched to stereo speakers long ago. It's a common feature on all flagships. Better late than never.