Sony Xperia 1 II battery life

12 July 2020
We couldn't carry out our battery tests during review time, but having gotten the final firmware a few days ago, we now have the numbers.

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When doing the test did you have "Video image enhancement" on or off? I'm wondering how much of a difference this makes?

  • Phny

In a sea of alike looking chinese phones (Samsung also but from Korea but nonetheless looks like them lot) why would one buy for 1000€? No way. You buy Xperia 1 mk 2 to be different while also having top of the line specs.

  • thechecker

Anonymous, 12 Jul 2020Support on Sony phones is good? XZ1, XZ1 Compact, XZ3 have ... morexz2 got 2 updates and the xz3 is still being supported and came with android 9 and is now on android 10 and 11 isn't officially out yet. Your point?

  • Anonymous

Shanti Dope, 12 Jul 2020The battery is enough to last a whole day. Besides, the slo... moreYou conveniently left out the fact that the said phone was operating at 120 Hz while Xperia 1 II was operating at 60 Hz.

  • Anonymous

Shanti Dope, 12 Jul 2020If you're using a Samsung or Apple or any other Chines... moreAre you talking about yourself?

  • Anonymous

Kroom, 12 Jul 2020You are fighting over stuff that doesn't really matter... moreSupport on Sony phones is good? XZ1, XZ1 Compact, XZ3 have only one OS upgrade. And these are flagships, mind you.

  • Anonymous

Vegetaholic, 12 Jul 2020For such a price is a laughable charging times and laughabl... moreOk, so which phone for the price DOES NOT have laughable battery life?

S20+ is rated 87h in 1080p/120Hz display or 97h in 1440p/60Hz, most of it comes from video playback

X2 Pro is rated 88h in 1440p/120Hz or 96h in 1440p/60Hz and once again most of the advantage comes from video playback which tells you X2 Pro doesn't switch to 60Hz mode when video is running (something they fixed on OnePlus 8 pro)

What else is there?

Kangal, 12 Jul 2020Nah, the display is still "bad". Remember once y... moreYou had one in your hand or only trolling by paper facts?! Troll somewhere else useless!

  • Anonymous

$1000 for 60hz screen? Lol

  • Anonymous

Kangal, 12 Jul 2020Nah, the display is still "bad". Remember once y... moreActually all 4K display Xperias including this one upscale every video to 4K.

Aside from being way too overpriced is a good phone, but man it's just too tall :/

  • Al thor

Vegetaholic, 12 Jul 2020For such a price is a laughable charging times and laughabl... moreListen people like myself didn't care about Samsung or apple when we bought our mark 2.

We are enjoying it immensely. You go ahead and scream about how great the other uninspired phones are

  • Anonymous

YouKnowIt, 12 Jul 2020Sony clearly say they only support for 2 years... xperiache... moreThat's quite bad considering the price of Xperia 1 II. Damn old bloody Pixel 1 is running Android 10 for quite a while without any issues.

Nick Tagataka, 12 Jul 2020I would say it's a fairly decent score given that the ... moreNah, the display is still "bad".
Remember once you start watching a 720p video, the display resolution will automatically drop down from 3K to 720p. So this saves battery life. So overall, the battery life seems average and not great.... and this property has been a sticking point for Sony devices for a while now. However, I think the display technology they're using is not as advanced as what Samsung has, and that's the contributing factor since they have closed the battery-capacity-gap. Remember the original Razer Phone, and it's very thirsty display? It was very thirsty despite being quite dim (low brightness), and even if you lowered it down to 60Hz, at 1080p, it was thirsty.

Additionally, the Xperia 1/ii does NOT have a 4K screen. It has a 3K display, that is to say, it has the horizontal pixels but not the vertical pixels because the screen is "cut" for the aspect ratio. If it instead was "extended", you would have 4K on the vertical pixels, and greater-than-4K on the horizontal axis (and so you would call that a 5K display, or a +4K display, or 21:9-4K display). Currently, it cannot show the full 4K content... the older Xperia XZ1p/XZ2 did have full 4K resolution though (and through a hidden menu, those LCDs could be boosted to 120Hz).

I do believe Samsung will move from their (18:9, 19:9, or 20:9) phones, and will follow Sony's lead. So expect the Galaxy S30 (or S40) to come with a 21:9 display, using 1440p, and 120Hz... but on the superior display technology of Samsung. Not sure how they'll handle HDR (and colour accuracy), maybe it will be similar to current flagship or it might be improved. But yeah, Samsung will not be rushing into 4K resolution anytime soon. And the default out-of-box settings for their devices will come with a Dynamic Resolution scaler and Dynamic Frequency scaler (so it will sit at 1080p/60Hz for MOST of the time, and it might bump up to 1440p and/or 90Hz-120Hz only some of the time to save battery life).

  • Smag

Maybe Sony did it for a purpose.If you put a 5000mAh on it,it will add more weight to the phone.Common sense!

I was actually surprised by the SoT I've got from mine. 10h if you're using it "nicely" is easily achievable. It reminds me of the XZ Premium, that had a pretty good battery life when it came out.

I would say it's a fairly decent score given that the display is 4K. The browsing part is ok-ish, but the call time is actually downright impressive given the "mere" 4000mAh battery capacity (Sony has always been great when it comes to background power saving).

The video playback, however, seems to have taken a huge hit from increased resolution and partly for this reason I still believe the combination of slightly lower resolution + higher refresh rate is still more balanced and practical approach for most people unless one has an excellent eyesight and watches a ton of movies on a phone.

  • Kroom

You are fighting over stuff that doesn't really matter. Performance? Battery life? Screen? They are all good enough. The fight should be about for example support (Sony has been one of the very best since Arc/Neo) or camera (there are better options for camera fans than Sony).

Shanti Dope, 12 Jul 2020Okay, I just checked and it was officially ended after almo... moreSony clearly say they only support for 2 years... xperiacheck shows when phones get updates.. and they stop getting anything at 2 years. What model do you think got longer recently? Take G8141 for example... yes, the "47.2.A.10.107" update did get to some markets as recently as 4 months ago BUT that version actually started rolling out 10 months ago to most handsets, only a few operators took 6 months to actually roll it out!!

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Ignoring the fact the screen is 4k.... Good job