Lava Z61 Pro unveiled: 'Made in India' with a 5.45" screen, small price tag

09 July 2020
The phone is powered by a 1.6 GHz octa-core processor and a 3,100 mAh battery. It has two SIM slots and supports VoLTE.

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  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Anonymous, 27 Jul 2020The so called Made in India phone with a Chinese heart. Why... moreI fail to see how it would be better, only realistic optin to keep the price is Mediatek...

  • Anonymous

The so called Made in India phone with a Chinese heart. Why does it use a Unisoc (Spreadtrum) SC9863 processor which is designed by a Chinese company and in future most probably be fabricated in China (processor).

Beats me. They could have gone with a Snapdragon or a Samsung processor instead.

  • HEMU

it was released officially but not came into the indian market. when it will come.

  • Abdu Al Salami Kebab

If the price is good then I see no issue, wish it had a 4000mAh tough... :)

  • Anonymous

So my comment about how these Bababrands are misusing patriotism to pawn off old Chinese parts in locally assembled products, was not posted. Joy.

The Make in India trumpeters can fool people for only so long without any real progress happening on the ground. Cant fool the people forever without bringing in actual reforms which will make "Make in India" happen. This lava brand doesn't even have the guts to list the chinese parts it's using in this "Made in India" phone, what a joke.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Jul 2020Where to buyRead the article. It's in there.

  • Anonymous

I really want indian company to show there potential in this situation but I think this phone doesn't have that much potential to stand in the market with around 6000/- price, bezels and weak specifications.

  • Mk1

r31ya, 10 Jul 2020when all phase is done, if we use Malaysia as example. Ele... moreAs programme is running with moderate delays so around 4-5 years are expected to complete all phases & establish sophisticated & competetive manufacturing facilities in india that are on par with chinese.

Make In India is really an impressive initiative by GOI.
It will help in improving India's manufacturing capabilities & bringing foreign investment.

At first foreign investment & manufacturing will come to india,it will create skilled workforce & experience while improving indian manufacturing infrastructure.
Later these factors will flourish a new wave of Local indian brands & manufacturers.

It happened in china now its happening in India.
In around 7-10 years from now we can see many Indian brands emerging in electronics business.

  • Anonymous

Where to buy

Is there no "flagship" in Lava's phone?

I really got interested

  • Essen

Just old Chinese stock Lava is trying to palm off as Indian. Indians know better than pay 5-6k for this. It's been years since Lava, Intex, Micromax, Xolo made anything significant leaving the berth wide open for the Chinese. Micromax is better known for their CEO marrying a movie star and for usurping CyanogenMod from OnePlus and doing absolutely nothing with it, than for their products.

They have done just rebranding the Chinese oem phones and they probably have done this again

It's nice to see bezels.

  • Anna

2GB RAM and 16GB Internal Storage. Really? My 3 year old Nokia 3 (2017) has this specifications. They had not mentioned SoC and Android version of the phone.
Surely, it will have some Mediatek processor and Android 9 with some skin and bloatwares pre-installed. This handset will never receive any OS updates in future.
We are already in second half of 2020 and these companies are still launching new phones with such pathetic specifications. Not useful even as secondary phone!

MK1, 09 Jul 2020Government of India runs a comprehensive programme-"Ma... morewhen all phase is done, if we use Malaysia as example.
Electronics will be cheaper as it will be manufactured locally and void of most import duties.

Buying Asus product in Malaysia for example could be up to 30% cheaper than buying it in singapore or indonesia.

  • mr. bayagbag

Looks like a phone from 2016-2017 lol. Who will buy this???

  • SomeGuy

I bet the parts are still coming from china

  • Mohit

MK1, 09 Jul 2020Government of India runs a comprehensive programme-"Ma... moreGood to see some intellectuals.

  • BeParwa

Nothing (Pro) about this phone ...

Redmi 6A anyone