OnePlus Nord full specs surface: 6.44" display, UD fingerprint reader, and 4,115 mAh battery

10 July 2020
It will be unveiled on July 21 with a Snapdragon 765G SoC under the hood and a 90Hz display.

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T M, 10 Jul 2020Ya, it's absurd. Some of users here think they are ent... moreYeah, China is the only place you could get a snapdragon 865 for US$300

  • Alex

Many of you are talking about Compact phone.
Then you can go for Last year's Galaxy S series.

  • Alex

Oneplus Doesn’t care about your opinion.

They have already decided about price and will not change it.This is called Business guys.

  • The Albion

CptPower, 10 Jul 2020You forgot couple more countries like England Ireand Scotc... moreWhat are you saying ? English is the spoken language in Ireland, England and Scotland. ( Scotch is a drink not a country !) And " Nord " is not in the English language. I dont know re Finland.

  • Adarsh Mohan Tiwari

Phone's specs are good and competitive to others but the price the 25000 is most attractive.

  • Irish

At this point of time, I think users (especially) in India will want to have a smartphone which is budget oriented with this specs. Anything beyond 28,000 or (400 USD) will be unreasonable. People will choose not to buy it. But if they launch it below this price point, it will see like hot cake. Price point is a big thing in a price-sensitive market like India.

  • Anonymous

Where to buy the one plus nord after its launch

  • SM

How come the speck sheet shows the rear camera dead centrer while the other official images shows the quad camera setup towards the left?! I think it's a bluff! By one plus no less!

  • Anonymous

user, 11 Jul 2020what about the GPU?Probably adreno 630 (if sd765)

  • user

what about the GPU?

Blackk Mamba , 11 Jul 2020Currently best way of reducing bloatware which can't b... moreWe have global versions for sale of all xiaomi phones.
Maybe apart the blackshark.
Delivery company we buying in dont have black shark for sale.

  • Anonymous

Loon, 11 Jul 2020No one ever said, it will cost 300$, just some leaks, and ... moreIt called competition... OnePlus does not have remotely the reputation they (or it fanbase) think it have to the general public. OnePlus may be a a minor step up from Xiaomi and others, but it ain't too far off. It a niche market they have the reputation, and there are companies does that too and has more reputable brand names. IMO their biggest feature niche is the OS, but other company have their own niche too. OnePlus does not standout on all front for them to sell at the pricing they think.

  • Oneplus Nope

No just no. If the iqoo Z1x is possible then this is just not good enough from Oneplus.

  • Anonymous

anonymous, 11 Jul 2020If the body is still made of glass instead of plastic or me... moreWhy

  • TechTantrum

anonymous, 11 Jul 2020If the body is still made of glass instead of plastic or me... moreIt's glass front and back with a metal/aluminum body

  • Unlucky boy

Anonymous, 11 Jul 2020Prize Price:- 8GB---21,000

MKA RASEL, 11 Jul 2020No telephoto lense no deal.Exactly same thoughts from India no Tele lens no deal, Nobody needs these useless 5mp,2mp useless lenses just give me a proper wide and tele extra so I can use them.

  • anonymous

If the body is still made of glass instead of plastic or metal, then it's a no go for me.

  • Ameen

Moto fusion or 1± NORD ??? WHICH is best??

  • Blackk Mamba

CptPower, 11 Jul 2020Man me too, or same c... moreCurrently best way of reducing bloatware which can't be removed without root is to disable those apps so they don't bother you in day to day operation.

As far as warranty goes, One can easily unroot the phone and claim warranty again.

Do you guys sell Xiaomi phones with EU ROM out of the box?
I know EU Roms are very popular among European users.
I myself have flashed EU ROM for so many ppl back here in India.
That way get Root along with all the latest features which are usually arrive first only on China ROMs but without the Chinese language.