The Huawei Mate 40 could have a curved screen, like the Mate 40 Pro

10 July 2020
An alleged screen protector for the Mate 40 has surfaced.

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  • Dometalican

BigDisplay, 10 Jul 2020Damn curved display, hate it. Had 2 different Sammy S seri... moreYou and me both. A Mate 40 X with more LTE/5G bands, FLAT 7.3" 18:9 ratio OLED panel with 120Hz refresh rate, stereo speakers, headphone jack with that awesome DAC Huawei throws in, 50MP/40MP (Ultrawide)/13MP (Telephoto)/ToF setup and 6,000 mAH battery and even without Google for $1,000, I will make that purchase happen.

Heck, let's go nuts, I'd love to see a side pop-up selfie cam with ToF for streaming with FULL display.

  • uselessness

BigDisplay, 10 Jul 2020Damn curved display, hate it. Had 2 different Sammy S seri... moreThe current wave of curved design is substantially different from that of previous years, not just in the physicality of the material used and its detailed finish, but also in its general design orientation. The strength of such design is its pure aesthetic orientation and its "uselessness". It is unabashedly "aesthetics first" and "for aesthetics only". Yes, it is useless, and the designers are very proud of this "uselessness".

Damn curved display, hate it.
Had 2 different Sammy S serie phones with this crap years ago... Never again.
I don't know anyone which like this bullish..

I hope for a Mate 40 X without this useless gimmick bull...

error corrected, 10 Jul 2020Not true. The report is primarily based on the opinion of a... moreWell peoples are more stupid than I thought then.
Because there are basically tons of reasons against the curved edge display and the only reason for it is "It LoOk BeTtEr".
And the initial impression may be good, but after few minutes, you quickly ignore it, leaving only the cons...
Which, anyway, if using only the "wow" factor as a way to boost numbers, make them this thing even worse.
Yes looking at it initially surprise, it give the illusion of bigger usable display while actually the side aren't usable properly, but it shouldn't be counted as preferences.

As for high refresh rate, it is actually becoming a new norm (and this is a good thing) and it actually have long term positive effect as the added fluidity isn't necessarily something you notice, but it contribute to the overhaul experience, also this is a contextual thing, you need the app to support it, the touch sampling rate to be high enough and to do what actually allow to use it, like scrolling, which many users will, in said test, probably totally forget to look at and just used the phone only focusing on other things between the scrolls.
Refresh rate is actually so important that, in VR headset, it is the difference between motion sickness and a smooth experience.

The naked phone movement followers are stupid if they want to use both unprotected device and a highly vulnerable one (between exposed display to camera hump and glass back) combined with manufacturers who don't cover drop for most of them, you get a really stupid Murphy Law demonstration of how user should be protected from himself.
My fictional concept phone that you can see here :
Is a phone actually designed to be used without a case, the structure is really strong (hybrid graphene and titanium) as is the exterior (probably all titanium), the displays (the main and the sides ones) are slightly pushed inside the body, both protecting them and preventing accidental touch, and in my concept the borders between the front and side displays are made out of a soft material fabric based on graphene layers (for both abrasion resistance and overhaul strength and tear resistance) which cushion impact, feel better in the hand and allow for more grip.
And that is way better than any curved edge display could ever hope to archive as it basically have many of positive aspect that curved display try to achieve but fail at, without any of the cons.

The issue with curved edge is that, it is a way too popular feature, I don't say it shouldn't exist, but clearly it shouldn't exist on SO MANY high end/flagship phones.
Plus, I don't know where they found their peoples for the survey, but look everywhere, everytime a phone with this is released, it get even more hate than double punch holes, basically everyone hate it and almost no one say they love it.
Curving a display is a good thing, but NOT in this way, concave is the proper way to curve a display, that's how every display made for better experience were bent, and convex is something old CTR forced us to live with and that we all got relieve when finally Plasma and LCD displays allowed to get rid of this horrible useless thing.
That's like, everyone ever hated dead pixels, but we have to deal with punch holes...
Why is the whole smartphone world so messed up lately ?

  • Anonymous

What new stuff this will have compared to p40 pro?

  • Anonymous

The philosophy of "Naked Phone" Movement:

- You are actually using the phone when your skin is in direct touch with the phone, not the case.
- Your best phone is a phone that you truly own and use, and that shows the wear (patina) created by you.
- A phone without patina is a phone that has never been loved.

  • error corrected

Demongornot, 10 Jul 2020Most peoples only saw pictures and thought it looked good, ... moreNot true. The report is primarily based on the opinion of actual buyers. According to the report (June, 2020), the preference for curved-screen is most pronounced among off-line buyers.

1) When an off-line buyer does a side-by-side comparison of a curved-screen phone vs a flat-screen phone, a preference favoring curved-design is usually reached with a few seconds.

2) When an off-line buyer does a side-by-side comparison of a 60Hz refresh-rate phone vs a 120Hz refresh-rate phone, usually no obvious preference is reached even after 10+ minutes. In other words, high-refresh rate screen is not actually taking off.

This curve-favoring trend also coincides with the growing "Naked Phone" movement, i.e, a preference of daily phone use without any protective case, so that you are actually using the "naked" phone, not an odd-looking cased phone.

curved-screen, 10 Jul 2020According to a recent (June, 2020) "smartphone supply-... moreMost peoples only saw pictures and thought it looked good, and indeed in pictures it look good, in reality though, it doesn't really change much, except for ALL the drawbacks that it add and that most of the persons saying they "prefer curved display" don't even know about.

Most poll (where there are mainly tech nerd who know a minimum about smartphone tech) clearly show a tendency of preferring flat displays, also many of the peoples who bought smartphones with curved display regret it.
That's the problem, often, peoples doesn't know what is good for them, also there is the "trending" factor that news media and ad campaign for those phone launched, which have a huge influence over people's preferences.

Now considering that many brands DOESN'T cover fall damages, which, fragility because of the display being exposed, is the biggest drawback of curved edge displays, you quickly come to realize that this is actually a really bad feature, that it is to be avoided, and that, as usual, the many don't know what they actually want.

The survey in such case should be conducted not on what people buy or want, but on what is their experience with such tech, which, like punch hole and notches, should die out and become a rare occurrence and NOT an invasive "feature".

Why is it that only INVASIVE features that you can't do anything about them (holes and notches being constantly in your screen and curved display constantly having their drawbacks) are the one peoples make popular ?

  • Anonymous

According to tipsters, the whole Mate 40 series will be using quad-curved design similar (but not identical) to that used for P40Pro.

  • curved-screen

According to a recent (June, 2020) "smartphone supply-chain (China)" report regarding buyer's trends, the curved-screen design is really taking off in a significant way. Most buyers prefer curved-screen over flat-screen, especially among the flagship buyers. Many buyers claim that they will not consider any flat-screen flagship smartphones. Among the curved-screen designs, the quad-curved design used by P40Pro and P40Pro+ is the most favored. (Several surveys have rated P40Pro as the "best looking" phone of the first half of 2020.) Multiple phone-makers will be using quad-curved design for their top-end flagships.

As a response to that trend, 1) the quad-curved design will be used for the premium flagships by multiple phone-makers, 2) the more conventional 2-curved design will cover all flagships and some of the premium mid-rangers, for the 2nd half of 2020.

  • Anonymous

I hope the standard, non pro, will still have a flat screen like the Mate 30.

  • Anonymous

KebabSLO, 10 Jul 2020Damn it. Why the F doesn't Huawei listen to customer ... moreApparently, having curves helps with gesture navigation. Swiping is so much smoother on a curved screen and Huawei flagships are curved on all 4 sides.

  • Anonymous

When this curved madness stops??? I think I'll keep my Xperia 5 for a while and wait then. Maybe will get new Pixel or Xperia 1 II then. No choice anyway really.


  • Dometalican

I really hope not. It's sad how 'under-the-radar' the Mate 30 was when that phone had a good flat panel, headphone jack (with 32-bit DAC), and stereo speakers; ALL unlike the Pro. It still had a solid battery, solid cameras, expandable memory, and IR blaster for a solid price.

Damn it.
Why the F doesn't Huawei listen to customer feedback.