Nokia, Samsung, Huawei, HTC to make the first phones with WP8

20 June, 2012
Qualcomm will remain the only source for chipsets for Windows Phone mobiles.

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  • Anonymous

i was hoping SONY will join MS in WP8, they are the best in terms of design

  • AnonD-60431

Don't go on the dark side dude buy android!

  • Anonymous

Who cares who makes the WP8 or not!!!

You guys will not get an upgrade to the WP9 anyway.

  • Simba

I don't get all the people moaning about WP8 on the Lumia 900. I mean. even with 7.5 it is an exceptional phone and still pretty cool. Above that, it is a $99 phone which means you've paid less for it than you would some feature phones. Plus if you were quick you probably got it for $49 at ATT or $0.01 on Amazon - then Nokia paid $100 on your first bill. I mean, Nokia literally paid you to have this phone, so if you ditched it for a WP8 in Dec, you've just used a great phone for 7 - 8 month at no cost!

  • err0r

philip, 21 Jun 2012Microsoft never again I bought a lumia and spent a lot of money ... moreold software doesnt make the phone redundant or trash. plenty of android 2.3 phones wont get ICS updates, doesnt stop them being good phones.

  • Anonymous

Windows Phone 8 runs on Windows NT kernel (same from Windows 8) which is different from Windows Phone 7.5 with Windows CE kernel. They only need to do this one time.

  • philip

Microsoft never again I bought a lumia and spent a lot of money for what, windows 8 won't come to lumia 800 Microsoft Abandoned all WP users all!! Im leaving the platform for good, its throwing money to the trash! I'm going to go to apple or android S3 and iPhone have support, iPhone 3gs runs latest IOS and lumia with better hardware won't run windows 8, guys Microsoft and Nokia for me never again, at least apple and google don't abandon users and we have great Samsung,HTC,Sony devices for android, and iPhone for IOS so for me WP never again!

  • AnonD-54870

old nokia user, 21 Jun 2012All window users are crying and facing issue across the world. S... moreWell, u urself shud mke note of d rubbish u r talkin.Wp vil ovrtke ios by 2014 acc. to a very popular its meaningless to say tht windows vil b a flop.

  • AnonD-56684

Anonymous, 21 Jun 2012so you finally brought up personal attack, because you couldn't ... moreFirst of all i always owned u that's y i didn't run like a rat like u did.
All ur innovation thing- we r talking wp here and it specifies hardware requriements for wp devices and doesn't change for the hardwares.
Now go n tell ur fav. fruit company to make dual,quad core wp 7.5 devices with full hd recording,hd screen and all of highend features.they won't coz they can't.that's OS bound hardware limitation with wp 7.5 that lumia devices and ur sammy has to follow.this limitation will be removed by wp 8 and when it does come sammy won't be the only one to come up with all the highend features.there r others too.
That's what i meant. samsung has better specs in their droids and not in their wp 7.5 devices coz of the "OS".The android allows it but wp 7.5 doesn't.
now understood ?
U indeed lack the sense to interpret as i said amazes me

  • AnonD-54125

Anonymous, 21 Jun 2012Well, they can't because quad core is not supported, and it all ... moreWindows phone 8 supports up to 64 cores and you know they will be optimised unlike quad core androids. Windows 8 uses krait, same one in htc one s. S beam and s voice features default in windows 8. Just not named that way. Free offline maps and turn by turn direction. Skype phonelike integration. Directx gaming. Plus much much more. All features of windows 8. I still think that nokia would offer a better deal. In terms of camera, build quality and telephony. Basically all the features of symbian plus new windows 8. I'm waiting for mine

  • AnonD-21645

I think where Winmo 8 is going to struggle is...

a) lack of customer confidence after the Lumia 900 not being upgradeable to version 8 only months after its release

b) lack of early adopter support for how they've been treated over this

c) although a lot of hardware improvements to Winmo 8 there are still so many 'soft' areas that restrict you; e.g. having to use Zune, no drag/drop, no use of own MP3s for ringtones, no separate volume for alarm / media / ringer, no bluetooth file transfer, MAJOR ONE - no central notifications centre / bar - even Apple copied that one, etc. - all these little things TOGETHER create an OS that may look at lot funkier than iOS but is still as restrictive...

d) a lot of emphasis for Nokia in particular has been about Pureview and getting that into the Lumia range... the problem here is that people want performance / screens / apps and a camera is very much a secondary (or third / fourth) desire...

e) Sammy, Sony, HTC are already ahead in the game in establishing brand recognition and quality handsets (Xperia, Galaxy, etc.) - people stick to what they know / like - and with all manufacturers really steaming ahead with added accessories, functions, etc. - Nokia are still very much playing catch-up...

I think Winmo 8 is still about a year or so behind the competition in terms of maturity...
Nokia are a couple of years behind manufacturers in terms of what people want...

It's going to be a make or break 2013 for both!!!

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]so you finally brought up personal attack, because you couldn't win a single debate.
What have I told you, the first rule of internet debate : "never lose your clam" and yet again you are raging all over again.
well, I guess you are owned by me, yet AGAIN.

By the way, I'm not comparing Lumia series to anything since it has own charms, making my point by saying that the great hardware innovations always lead the great software innovations and vice versa.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-56684, 21 Jun 2012Sammy was ahead in hardware coz of android OS. In wp platform i... more>Sammy was ahead in hardware coz of android OS

do you know how stupid is that comment. Great hardware innovations encourage the software developers to design new awesome apps and games.

This cycle has been already proved by gaming consoles, graphic cards and much more.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Jun 2012if samsung maded a quad core WP8 phone and has a S-voice,S-beam,... moreWell, they can't because quad core is not supported, and it all comes down to design as the hardware choice in windows phone is pretty limited.

  • AnonD-56684

Anonymous, 21 Jun 2012Top comment - exactly! Nokia killing-off their own OS's in favo... moreSo u want to say that nokia should've waited for Q4 2012 to release thier first windows phone ?
That would be so foolish n illogical.

  • AnonD-56684

John, 21 Jun 2012Agree. Samsung will want a foot on both camps if WP8 is any good... moreSammy was ahead in hardware coz of android OS.
In wp platform it's hardware was no better than others.

  • AnonD-56684

Anonymous, 21 Jun 2012if samsung maded a quad core WP8 phone and has a S-voice,S-beam,... moreSame vice versa

  • Anonymous

if samsung maded a quad core WP8 phone and has a S-voice,S-beam,and HD super amoled screen and nokia will bleed alot

  • AnonD-59530

Nokia would make beautiful Android phones! Seems Samsung and Nokia are really all Windows Phone has going for it

  • thank u

Nokia wp8 please