Realme 6i to launch in India on July 14 for under $200

11 July 2020
It's rumored to be a rebadged Realme 6s announced in May.

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  • Justaquickreply

Anonymous, 12 Jul 2020Realme 6I is already launched in my country for many months... moreWe had the realme 6i in our country too.
But it had the helio g80 chipset.
Which chip do you have in yours?

  • Axn

Have been using Realme nearly 2 yrs and top notch performance

  • Anonymous

Rk100, 12 Jul 2020How are they making profit lmao.As realme said they never earn profit more than 3% and they have lower marketing and advertisement expense. These are the main reason they can provide more convenient product at cheaper price. Where other mobile phone brands profit magin is high and they have so much advertisement and marketing expenses.

  • Anonymous

apprise, 11 Jul 2020Didn't think I'd see the day RealMe are launching... moreRealme 6I is already launched in my country for many months, India is getting unsold stock from other markets.

How are they making profit lmao.

  • oli buff

Why they are not using clean Oxygen OS...
We don't want that bloatware OS

  • Anonymous

What type of charger is providing 18watts or 30 watts

Realme getting over
If tey come with scenario for year with 2/3 year they will be out of market..
So confusion among the name and minor feature with pricing high
Realme 6 pro 12999 then 13999 and now 14999 what?
With minor change realme 6i only cera 64 to 48..

While Xiaomi is doong good in mid range in india with price difference and competitive price also feature..

Redmi 9 --not launch but may under 11k
Redmi note 9- launch soon price may 13k 4/128
Redmi note 9 pro -14k also option poco m2 pro
Redmi note pro max-17k

Launching in under ****K is new trending tagline from companies😐

apprise, 11 Jul 2020Didn't think I'd see the day RealMe are launching... moreDon't be fooled, this is just another Realme's shenanigans - this Realme 6i will be different device from Realme 6i sold in Europe - we only get the garbage version with 60Hz HD+ screen and G80, this version will have 90Hz FHD and G90T...

Yet another f*cking rebrand... Stop it, get some help.

Didn't think I'd see the day RealMe are launching phones in the UK before India

Enough with this renaming already 🙏

  • Indian

Too many phones