Oppo officially announces 125W flash charge, 65W AirVOOC wireless flash charge

15 July 2020
The company has also developed a pocket-sized 50W mini SuperVOOC charger and 110W mini flash charger.

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Blackk Mamba , 19 Jul 2020Man I stopped reading Anandtech back in the day (2011-2012)... moreYou're making a strawman fallacy.
Anand Lai is much more intelligent than you, and much more intelligent than me. He was the founder of AnandTech, and chief editor for a long-time, and the quality of his professionalism and work speaks for itself. You say he can't criticize Apple, well that's wrong, he gets PAID by them to be critical.

I mean did you seriously compare AnandTech to the Washington Post?

Besides, you derailed the subject.
Cheating in benchmarks is cheating, and it is wrong. I condemn it. And if you are a consumer, you should be condemning it too. The only people that defend those unethical acts are the owners or managers of OEMs. I'm beginning to suspect you have affiliations in some form.

  • Blackk Mamba

Kangal, 19 Jul 2020Blackk Mamba, I posted an unbiased article and you did noth... moreMan I stopped reading Anandtech back in the day (2011-2012) days, where they would cover up for shortcomings of iOS and iPhone during reviews while subject Android flagships to next level scrutiny.

They'll test other products fairly but then when it comes to pitting them against iOS or Apple devices, their bias creeps in.

At the end of the day, Anand Lal would be fired from his job if they criiticzed Apple too much.
I am not considering a site owned by an Apple employ to be unbiased.
It's similar to Washington Post owned by Bezoz, who would be a little lineant in their criticizing of any negative news related to Bezoz or Amazon or downright shuffle such articles as low priority.

Blackk Mamba , 17 Jul 2020Funny part is that the person who wrote that article is the... moreBlackk Mamba, I posted an unbiased article and you did nothing.
You didn't talk about the subject matter, which is that, whitelisting Apps is bad practice. You never addressed any of my points. So my point still stands. You yourself should be more critical and open-minded, and condemn such pointless practises. It is cheating.

Now, about Anandtech.
I've been a long-time reader of theirs and have seldom seen them make mistakes, or show signs of gross negligence and bias. These guys are the real-deal, they are professionals. When questioned, they take the time to address concerns and show their methodology. Nothing that Anandtech has done, well going back to last ten years, shows Apple bias.

I didn't know about the Tweet, because I'm not on Twitter.
But on closer examination, it seems that Andrei F. was correct. An insider employee from Oppo did tell him that their 40W charging does degrade the battery from 100% down to 70% in that amount of charging cycles (I assume 2-3 years / couple hundred). That seems correct. Oppo's response is also correct. Discrepancy; difference in battery quality, circuitry quality, generation of hardware, and type. Oppo's response was that their SuperVOOC 3.0 was charging at 65W for about 800 cycles and only lost about 10% capacity. That is true. Their VOOC charging is currently the industry's best.

Let me explain: This is referencing their latest generation, their previous ones were not as advanced, so think about VOOC 3.0, VOOC 2.0, and VOOC 1.0. And what sets their latest from their previous is: higher-quality lithium batteries, better proprietary cable, newer processors inside the wall-adapter, and using TWO cells inside the phone instead of one. All of these things combined together make for a battery that can charge faster while remaining cooler/less warm. On Oppo's setup the wall-adapter and cable get quite hot, but not the phone itself. Win-win scenario. Batteries degrade most often due to extreme temperature and time.

However, Andrei F was referencing their 40W AirVOOC charger which is WIRELESS. On this front, Oppo does NOT have anything special compared to the competition. There is no cable and no wall-adapter which gets hot, to allow the phone to stay cool. No they are using conventional coil-over charging (but using two coils, and both larger). So when the device is charging at the full 40W, it has to deal with the heat generated by that conversion, and it has to do it on a much smaller space, and the coils are sitting on-top of the battery. That means the battery gets hot making the coils hot, and the coils get hot making the battery get hot. Lose-lose scenario.

So you see Andrei was telling the truth, and he wasn't running baseless rumours, nothing he said was debunked. Andrei has responded to my questions before, and never has he shown he loves Apple, Samsung, or any brand... nor has he ever shown he hates any certain brand. He is very level-headed, and he judges a product based on it's merits and not on which logo it carries. I don't know where you got that Anandtech writers were fired. Citation needed. Just realise that Anandtech makes little money off their website, but they are respected in the industry, and most of the writers are IT experts and they do have full-time jobs outside of this. Even the website founder Anand Lal Shimpi, he was hired by Apple back in 2014, and he works in product testing for their prototypes earning a good amount of money for his professional work. Yet due to his journalistic integrity, he actually stepped-down/quit writing for AnandTech so that the website and his peers would not be questioned about biases.

  • Blackk Mamba

Kangal, 17 Jul 2020Sorry buddy, you're wrong. It is cheating, and it is ... moreFunny part is that the person who wrote that article is the same guy accusing Oppo of fast charging degradation, running baseless rumors on Twitter and he was subsequently debunked to be fake news. This guy really has some kind of deep Hatorade against Chinese brands.

Please post credible sources.

  • Blackk Mamba

Kangal, 17 Jul 2020Sorry buddy, you're wrong. It is cheating, and it is ... moreThe same Anandtech (aka AppleTech) which was caught lying about Oppo accepting 70% battery degradation?
All these guys get fired from their jobs upon writing Articles against the malpractices by Apple.

If that 65W wireless charger is:
- safe
- cheap
- easy to manufacture

...we can put them all over public, and finally let go of Battery Life Anxiety. Heck, I wouldn't care as much about losing my fact feature: User Removable Battery. My guess is this is the next step in making Pebble Phones (no external buttons or ports).

Blackk Mamba , 16 Jul 2020There should be applications able to harness that much powe... moreSorry buddy, you're wrong.
It is cheating, and it is bad. We the consumers do NOT want this. They cheat on both the performance benchmarks and the battery life benchmarks, this gives the product sort of "false advertising" as you expect it to be significantly more powerful and longer-lasting than the competitors. Well it doesn't pan out. And usually the flagships are more efficient than these cheating competitors anyway.

I mean back when Samsung, HTC, etc etc were cheating Android Ecosystem was in it's infancy. We condemned them heavily, so Samsung and others permanently stopped doing these shenanigans. The new MediaTek Software Stack and many Chinese phones still do cheat, and we condemn it still.

Read this:

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Anonymous, 16 Jul 2020Which mean thats cheating . The score you see wont exist in... moreThere should be applications able to harness that much power in the real world.
Most of the power drawn during cpu benchmarks is rarely used in real world scenarios.

If The processor is capable of it without causing damage, it's not cheating.
High performance mode simply means highest performance the chip is capable of without damaging the chip.
It's different from overclocking the chip beyond what the company limits.

It's hilarious, you don't understand basic concepts between dangerous overclocking and high performance modes.
SOT down boy, you just revealed yourself as an amateur.

Actually it's better to not support other manufacturers! Fast charging is great but, it will also have a negative impact on your battery life and using a non native charger will contribute further to kill your battery earlier than expected. Not all smartphones are optimized to support that extra speed, there will be serious strains cycle after cycle. Guess why most manufacturers don't recommend third party chargers? If you only think about an hypothetical financial lost, you're wrong!

  • Anonymous

Blackk Mamba , 16 Jul 2020That wasn't cheating, they just used to automatically ... moreWhich mean thats cheating . The score you see wont exist in any other app . And forcing cpu to run above what it should and what it can in short time potentially can damage the cpu and shorten the phone lifetime . If this is not considered as cheating what would ?

  • Blackk Mamba

Anonymous, 16 Jul 2020The benchmark cheating was in fact found to be true. There ... moreThat wasn't cheating, they just used to automatically trigger high performance mode upon detection of benchmarking apps.
That's like turning on 4*4 mode when going off-road in a car.
Cheating would be if their numbers were higher than what the processor is capable of.

  • Anonymous

Blackk Mamba , 16 Jul 2020How will it harm battery if heat generated is kept in check... moreThe benchmark cheating was in fact found to be true. There are several articles. It wasn't just Chinese companies though. Samsung got caught as well.

  • Spike

For a weird reason Oppo chose to not support the full charging speed of other manufacturer, although they can sell more if they did!

  • Sk

Anonymous, 15 Jul 2020Awesome ... Now this is Innovation. For all you people who... moreThe fact is that realme X2 pro comes with only 50w charging support

  • kmcmurtrie

JDK, 15 Jul 2020anybody noticed "extremely fats"?Not a typo - It's going to make the battery swell up.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Jul 2020The phone was released in March and you've used it for... moreYou talked about realme x2 pro and why should i talked about other phone? You clearly a liar with a dead brain. Go back to school and please study hard on your comprehension.

  • Blackk Mamba

Morsel, 15 Jul 2020Too soon to reach 100+. It's going to harm the batte... moreHow will it harm battery if heat generated is kept in check Mr.Expert?
You are just envious of Chinese manufacturers giving higher Watt fast charging than Samsung.
This is why accuse them of cheating on benchmarks or put baseless allegations of fast charging causing battery degradation.

Ali Bashir, 15 Jul 2020Technically its probably the same in terms of efficiency as... moreI explicitly questioned the time difference. I was asking a real question that has to be tested on these extreme high-wattage chargers. What is their efficiency? We know phones gets really hot when charging, so there is a lot of waste energy. Is it worth burning off an additional 100 watts to charge a few minutes faster?
Computer power supplies has to have an efficiency rating because they generate so much power these days, it is definitely time for us to start looking at mobile chargers, when they user as much power as 20 contemporary lightbulbs.

Duck of death, 15 Jul 2020I don't know what century you're living in. If I ... moreTechnically its probably the same in terms of efficiency as any adapter, you forgot the time matter here, it will charge twice faster than a 60W or in half the time, but i am still not a fan.

anybody noticed "extremely fats"?