Android 4.1 Jelly Bean confirmed in the Google Play Store

22 June, 2012
The Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ is marked as "soon the first phone with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean."

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  • AnonD-65658

Quizzed, 24 Jun 2012To be completely honest iPhone has more useful apps than android... moreLOL! I'm not alone. I'm the proud new owner of an HTC Vivid as of July 5th. My iPhone4's call quality was dying and I did not want to upgrade to Siri right when I knew iPhone5 was due in 3 months, but I couldn't wait that long. I bit the bullet and got the cheapest Android whose specs I could tolerate. I

  • AnonD-65658

Who has the bad apps? The Android Market or iTunes? I just switched to Android month ago after 5 years of iPhone. Did I jump ship just in time?

  • eidbest

Today the 26 June 2012, I've been able to upgrade my HTC Evo 3D to ICS. I checked if there was any updates and upon the confirmation upgraded using my ADSL WIFI connection. The size is about 280MB, all went smoothly and seamlessly. After a couple of restarts, bingo, my phone was given a new lease of life. Certainly a big improvement and most welcomed one too, just perfect. Please note that mine is a non-contract carrier free phone and I live in Beirut Lebanon. So maybe you guys living in the region could start checking to see if your area is included. Cheers HTC and a big thumbs up.

  • Mr. Anon

Quizzed, 24 Jun 2012To be completely honest iPhone has more useful apps than android... moreto be honest, after being an iPhone user since 2009 I was impressed with apps up until the store was flooded with shoddy knock-offs and falsely misleading apps that didn't do a thing that they stated to do.
I work for a telco and I try to remain neutral to all handsets and companies but with Androids refudnable market and the broader optimization of the apps I fell in love with the market. Still happy with Apples iTunes store but not happy about misleading paid apps.

  • Anonymous

That's why prefer nexus over any Android phone. And pls Google with JP make your own phone not two version for one phone like Galaxy nexus one update by Google and other one update through Samsung!

  • Quizzed

To be completely honest iPhone has more useful apps than android and a lot of games as well. Rightfully so I own a HTC Vivid on At&t coming off of the iPhone 4S. And my user experience on the vivid was about 60% better than the 4S. Siri got old after a week and I found myself bored of the phone in less than 2 weeks. My vivid runs 4.0.3 and I can say the only thing I hate about ics is the fact that apps optimize before loadup leading to some slow boot times. I own a PS3 so I rarely play games on my phone and when I do want that mobile gaming I use my xoom for the larger screen real estate. Saying that I would never recommend android to someone new to smartphones, however if you want an experience closer to that of your desktop, easy file sharing, downloading of files without 3rd party apps, customization and overall control of the phone, easy battery removal and expanded storage android is definately a must have.

  • AnonD-52738

AnonD-12162, 22 Jun 2012Yuk yuk yuk...! what is there in Play store ? seriously ? call c... moreFull of FC, if you don't know how to use, then don't use.

I hardly seen any FC in latest ICS. Actually never seen.

Also, plenty quality apps in Play Store now, most App Store developer is coming to Android now and don't forget plenty of great developer for Google previously.

I doubt you really own a Android phone, or you are really to dumb to use a real smartphone.

  • a7xjandro

baby I like it!!!

  • Anonymous

AnonD-12162, 23 Jun 2012ohh really ? initially i had Black Note then i sold it brought w... moreOh, really ?? You should have been using iPhone 4S now, don't keep holding on to the Note if you can't stand the software issues.

  • dusade

AnonD-12162, 22 Jun 2012Yuk yuk yuk...! what is there in Play store ? seriously ? call c... moreYeah,you really don't have an Android at all my friend,you have an iPhone and your simply trolling,go away.

  • AnonD-12162

[deleted post]ohh really ? initially i had Black Note then i sold it brought white color since white looks more attractive and i found the same issues with both fone, so u mean to say all the phones have software issues. I am not an idiot like to use the phone while always software issues. thats say the quality of Androids.. Come on boss, grow up before simply complaining, im a user and complaining about the output im getting after using the mobile for 6 months.. Ive used iphone2g, and then 3gs and then 4 and i never found any such issues. Quality products shows quality always..! u cant deny the fact.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-14547, 23 Jun 2012And I think that gsmarena's mods should dreary deleting stupid. ... more*facepalm* you sound like those kids who goes into XDA,See one comment you dont like and annoy the mods to remove it.really maybe you need to grow up.

Look at the comment,he made is sound like play store doesnt have ANYTHING useful at all,what is he 5 year old?

And BTW i didnt use any vulgarities,no point removing it,please use YOUR BRAINS when you talk.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Jun 2012If you want a dumb phone with good games get an iphone, if you w... moreInteresting comment, I agreed about the kid's stuff in app store,
I'm a very unhappy iPad2 owner, all those stupid apps are there for people to activate a website when u can do it with a web browser and bookmarks, and they call it quality.
And all the dumb steps I need to go through connecting to my PC to do regular stuffs like coping and transferring.
Now, please tell me how is the play store different?
Name me some non-customizing quality apps which I need to have on an android phone.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-12162, 22 Jun 2012Mr. i have no reason to lie here , i have shifted from Iphone to... moreIf u still have your iPhone, sell your S2 and Note, go back to app store, simple as that !!
Name me some of the very good apps that I can't do without for my iPad2, please...
I can't see what you see in that store filled with 90% of kid's stuffs.
The only good that my iPad2 is for surfing the webs.

  • AnonD-14547

[deleted post]And I think that gsmarena's mods should dreary deleting stupid. Comments like this!

What makes you different ? You all act like a little child!
I'm proud android smartphone owner since 2009, but I've never in my live tell how stupid or dump IPhone is, or those one who have it! Comeon, smartphones are for smart people.
Be more grown uo, and be careful whit your comments.

  • AnonD-29966

I haven't bought a phone with ICS 4.0 yet , and now the it is almost the time JB starts to release . Can't caught up with technology nowadays. Better use my old phone .

  • Anonymous

ithehappy, 22 Jun 2012And you rotten kid get out of here. What he said is more or les... moreSimple,you simply dont know how to UTILIZE the apps and your probaly a no brainer kid who wants games to show off to your friends.

  • Anonymous

eidbest, 22 Jun 2012And to think that owners of some HTC models are still waiting fo... moreWell, blame the manufacturers for being slow.

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