Moto E7 live images leak, confirming specs

16 July 2020
The phone will unsurprisingly be the successor to the E6 launched last year.

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  • Justice808

But will it get updated to Android 11?? And will the 9G Plus come to that ?! The 8G Plus never got updated to Android 10 - wtf!!! That's always the biggest fear with with a new Moto.

  • Anonymous

So what's gonna be Moto's answer to the 5.45" iPhone 12? G9 Play is already designed too, so that leaves what? G9 is imo not gonna be the small one, and a power lite can't be small because the battery. Maybe an E7 play with hopefully 3gb ram 64bit OS and minimum 32gb storage? We need a one handed moto with decent specs and battery life, please

  • Zman

Where i the new member of the Z line allowing the moto mods?

Looks promisig if the price will be right.

  • Anonymous

If you can't buy a phone powered by Snapdragon 8 series processor buy 7 series at least for smooth performance. Never buy weak phone you will regret.

Should have used snapdragon. 636/660 and full HD display.

SD 632 still exists? Why not go for Mediatek Dimemsity?

  • Anonymous

Moto E7 is available in the US in the last month or so, and yes, it's a same phone with 632

Almost like g7 power.
Will be great entry level phone.

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