Realme introduces its own extreme fast charging - 125W UltraDART

16 July 2020
A 4,000 mAh battery can charge up to 33% in three minutes.

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in short, they using GaN to boost their charging capacity

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    • 07 Oct 2020

    Next will be 3 parallel battery with 185watt and 4 parallel battery with 250watt and then 10 parallel battery with 650watt charging!

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      • 26 Aug 2020

      Realme is my favorite smartphone company and the 125W ultradrat faster⚡ than vivo, Mi and oneplut

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        • 24 Aug 2020

        FakirMehmet, 23 Jul 2020I understand from this news that Realme X3 PRO will come wi... moreRealme phone need higher fastest charging saport so 125W is best

          Anonymous, 16 Jul 2020lots of people here smarter, they are convinced that this f... moreWell, that's the point - I'm electronics engineer myself, and my hobby is drones and autonomous battery-powered devices. As a result I have almost 15 years of experience working with all kinds of Li-Po and Li-Ion batteries and their charging circuitry design. And I simply refuse to believe those numbers shown in this diagram, as there is currently no such technology available even in the professional and industrial market (let alone the consumer market), to offer such a charging characteristics.

            I understand from this news that Realme X3 PRO will come with 5000 mAH and 125W

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              • 17 Jul 2020

              Anonymous, 16 Jul 2020tesla is made in chinaThe compartments yes!

                CompactPhones5ever, 16 Jul 2020You can't possibly compare cars or airplanes with fast... moreThat's where your wrong you must always compare apples to oranges and things that are seemingly unrelated in the science world to ever be innovative

                The rule is to take what is done in a different segment and apply it to a different category/field and viola you have innovation

                Perfect example are birds

                I dare you to tell me how the hell someone applied the idea of how a bird's head stays completely stable dispute turbulence or shaking and then applied that to

                Ois in cameras/gimbals???

                You think they practiced functional fixedness like you ??

                Nah we shouldnt compare birds to cameras right?

                Failure to adopt innovative solutions is ok the most important thing is that you make ity exist

                I hope you know that the first smartphone was not the iPhone... But look where we are now

                Look at the rough time smartphones had but that goodness the technology existed.

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                  • 16 Jul 2020

                  Anonymous, 16 Jul 2020Tesla is making batteries for cars. Totally different chass... moretesla is made in china

                    IpsDisplay, 16 Jul 2020Technology should be proactive and not reactive to only whe... moreYou can't possibly compare cars or airplanes with faster charging... I'm all for innovation but the problem is that sometimes the "innovation" is literally just trying to grab some numbers and buzz words for marketing with close to zero real life advantage.

                    Same way you could call notches or punch holes a "visionary idea" that moved humanity onwards to brighter tommorows but guess what, it didn't. If the phones just moved to slim bezels (like Meizu 16s), the only difference would be... That the phone would've looked better. Innovation? Yes. Needed? No.

                    And so if people really just aren't ever put into position where they'd need such fast charging, what's exactly the point of it? I mean look at Nubia Z20 for example. Dual display on a smartphone. MAJOR innovation. Surely took a lot of time to design and put together. Visionary idea. But it failed and nobody was really interested in it. Why? Because nobody needed it. It was a dead end.

                    The problem with fast charging is that a) they won't give it to you for free, there'll always be a bill to pay even if you have no use for the technology, b) its safety and limited effect on battery endurance is not proven by anyone, and we're just taking BBK's word for it. And not sure about you but if there's something you can be sure about chinese manufacturers, is that if they don't lie to you, they give you half-truths.

                    If the whole technology was exactly as safe and cheap as slow charging and had the same effect on battery endurance, then sure, why not. But right now, there're still a lot of question marks.

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                      • 16 Jul 2020

                      Zusurs, 16 Jul 2020Let me be a little bit sceptical. Firstly - that suppose... morelots of people here smarter, they are convinced that this fast charging tech is without any implications. While people outside such experts, engineers and or other college students who studied relevant course/degree with battery are saying completely the opposite

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                        • 16 Jul 2020

                        Gundorf, 16 Jul 2020What you say about innovation is correct, but with such hug... moreTesla is making batteries for cars. Totally different chassis, operational modes, cooling solutions.
                        Engine inside a rocket would be different from engine inside your car.
                        Is Tesla making batteries for cellphones? I don't think so..
                        So it's like an apple to oranges comparison.

                        Same doubts were raised when Chinese gave the world 30W-40W fast charging.
                        They were safe.
                        Why don't you email the company representatives all your laughable concerns which will be debunked within minutes but your expertise is too low to grasp those concepts.

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                          • 16 Jul 2020

                          IpsDisplay, 16 Jul 2020Technology should be proactive and not reactive to only whe... moreWhat you say about innovation is correct, but with such huge claims they'll have to give very hard evidence that it does not harm the battery in the long term, just some drawings and children explanations will not do. Customers do not want to file a lawsuit after 10 months to know about the risks after their batteries have degraded.
                          Also, if this was helping any battery technology, Tesla would have already shown it..They are years ahead of everyone. Even the most advanced Chinese battery maker CATL will be manufacturing the million-mile battery using Tesla's research only.

                            Let me be a little bit sceptical.

                            Firstly - that supposed charger diagram makes no sense from practical aspect - either it's a total bullcrap made up by the PR department, or they are simply make fun of competitors.

                            Secondly - 98% efficiency for DC-DC plus chemical reaction during charging? Yeah, sure...if that's the case, their engineers are about to get a Nobel price in battery chemistry and physics. Also 40 degrees Celsius while pushing 125Watts into a 4mm thin battery? I'll believe once I see and measure this myself.

                              CompactPhones5ever, 16 Jul 2020Yeah that's what I find funny, it's obviously the... moreTechnology should be proactive and not reactive to only when the "need" arises

                              Smartphones were not needed

                              Same for airplanes and cars... You think the whole world made a vote/petition that they needed them and then inventors responded??

                              They were all made by visionary people taking the lonely road of creating the future making things people laughed at and ironically called them unnecessary at the time

                              You sound like the same guys that said humans aren't meant to go that fast when cars were progressing, those people could not have seen big cities and that speed enabling people who live miles away being able to get and keep that job because of transportation

                              This technology might have implications for electric vehicles as well.. but continue with your short sighted vision

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                                • 16 Jul 2020

                                CompactPhones5ever, 16 Jul 2020Yeah that's what I find funny, it's obviously the... moreWay to support latest technology pal.
                                If they are giving it at cheap price with all safety in place, what is your problem?
                                Keep charging your phone for an hour while we get there in 20 minutes.

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                                  • 16 Jul 2020

                                  Aldwin123, 16 Jul 2020Of course they did something to prevent Degradation. &qu... moreKeep in mind that MKBHD is no expert in the field of battery technology and only a tech enthusiast/ reviewer. Also, he's pretty cozy with BBK elec., having done official campaign shoots for Oppo & review ad of sorts for OnePlus.

                                    iOS Sucks, 16 Jul 2020OnePlus will call It Super Warp Charge or Warp Charge 2.0. ... moreYeah that's what I find funny, it's obviously the same technology for all the BBK sub-companies but they all need to give it a different flashy name to pretend it's something different. Personally I don't really care about anything faster 25W - I currently have 18W charger on my phone and it's perfectly fine for me, if it was those 7W faster it would be about as much as I could use.

                                    And frankly I'm having hard time to even imagine someone actually *needing* such fast charging - when you look at gsmarena's battery life tests ( and set the phone usage to 4 hours of calls, 4 hours of web browsing and 4 hours of video playback, you still get a rating of well over 1 day on most modern phones, sometimes even 2 days... Aside from some Apple phones with 5W charging, most phones these days get you from 0-100 in around 1 or 1,5 hours, so even if you don't want to charge over night, you still charge your phone perfectly fine when you get home from school/work and have a dinner, check mails and stuff and have a shower before going to sleep... So who on earth would need to charge their phones faster than that?

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                                      • 16 Jul 2020

                                      [deleted post]Lol agreed

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                                        • 16 Jul 2020