Realme introduces its own extreme fast charging - 125W UltraDART

16 July 2020
A 4,000 mAh battery can charge up to 33% in three minutes.

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Ok so that's Oppo with "SUPER VOOC", IQOO with "SUPER FLASH CHARGE" and now Realme with "ULTRADART", now we're just waiting until OnePlus announces the same technology as "CHARGING SO FAST YOU FART AND SHID PANTS"

  • Blackk Mamba

[deleted post]They'll give these guys 100W fast charging in the year 2030 and charge 200$ for this charger while calling the whole thing revolutionary.

  • Anonymous

There is an article or a video on one tech site (I think Android Authority) which says supercharging degrades battery capacity. Not surprising since Chinese are focused on specs and features to sell rather than longevity of devices.

meanwhile UltraDWARF got autoimplemented for our electricity bill paying bank accounts...

Spoiler Alert!!!
It's faster than 3min :P!

Anonymous, 16 Jul 2020this cant be healthy for lithium batteries....Of course they did something to prevent Degradation.

"Oppo achieves this by charging smaller batteries in parallel. And still surpasses industry standard 80% battery health after 800 cycles

I'm ready for our smartphone supercharging future."

Realme is under Oppo so the tech will probably the same.

  • Anonymous

this cant be healthy for lithium batteries....

I think next vivo will release the ultra super fast dart charger...all sister companies under bbk is OnePlus....Chinese crap