OnePlus Nord 5G unveiled: 6.44" 90Hz display, SD765 and 48MP camera, €400 price tag

21 July 2020
The phone will be available in Asia and Europe and will receive 3 years of support. The OnePlus Buds TWS headset was also unveiled today.

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SizN80, 21 Jul 2020All that hype for this?looool Could have just given out a s... moreHa exactly!

    All that hype for this?looool Could have just given out a short press release.

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      • Fvc
      • 21 Jul 2020

      Peter-B, 21 Jul 2020Which region are you looking at? In Germany, France, Italy,... more419 / 519 in Portugal:

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        • g30
        • 21 Jul 2020

        Your hands on review says hdr10 support but here you specifically say there's no HDR support.. I'm confused.

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          • 21 Jul 2020


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            • 21 Jul 2020

            impinas, 21 Jul 2020The article is wrong. The device is listed at the website s... moreEhmm, nop, 399€, checked in the Spain and Germany sites

              Indrockz, 21 Jul 2020Could have to been better deal if OP opt for Dimensity 1000... moreI disagree. Mainly from a custom rom standpoint. This phone was supposed to have a Dimensity chip early in it's development cycle. I wonder why they changed. The only thing I can think of was that a Dimensity 820 or 1000 would be getting too close to the Realme X50 in performance and could potentially hurt sales. BBK is really segmenting things out pretty hard lately, but this phone fills a hole that was in their product line.

                What an overrated phone

                OnePlus can somehow hype up their midrange Nord more than their flagship line..

                  £379 in UK . Not a bad price. Incoming Indians expecting this phone to be priced at 25k INR

                    Since this is basically the Realme X50 Pro Player I almost bought except with the 765 and hopefully Oxygen OS I'll probably get this instead.

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                      • gCS
                      • 21 Jul 2020

                      Google where are your pixels? Need to compare to this. Dont need so big screen

                        No headphone jack or micro SD. Another useless piece of E-Waste

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                          • 21 Jul 2020

                          Verccety, 21 Jul 2020Hmm.. Don't know what to choose between Poco F2 and this pocPoco f2 better overall. Nord if you want something smaller

                            Could have to been better deal if OP opt for Dimensity 1000+ instead of 765G.

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                              • 21 Jul 2020

                              Nobody needs these useless depth and macro densor

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                                • 21 Jul 2020

                                Redmi 10X 5G is a much better offering

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                                  • 21 Jul 2020

                                  AmyHopps10, 21 Jul 2020Any alternatives with 3.5mm jack?Mi 10 Lite. 3,5 jack, ir

                                    Great price. Version with 6/64 gb for Europe will be good to, especially for price about 350€. Also mi 10 lite 5g with price of 290€ is great alternative and will be very big competitor.

                                      AmyHopps10, 21 Jul 2020We have to find alternagives now they don’t have 3.5mm jack... moreAny alternatives with 3.5mm jack?

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                                        • 21 Jul 2020

                                        According to hype oneplus created

                                        "We are back on our roots and this will be flagship killer"

                                        What we got? Good mid range phone but not a flagship killer like oneplus 3.