Weekly poll: is the OnePlus Nord a great phone or just overhyped?

26 July 2020
OnePlus entered the mid-range market to offer an option to those who can't keep up with the ever-rising costs of its flagships.

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  • Pushpendra

Anonymous, 27 Jul 2020Math is a thing, and we can't expect "something f... moreVery bad OnePlus Nord

Demongornot, 27 Jul 2020Don't get caught at the MP race that Samsung is doing ... moreif you shoot raw, you want hi res sensor to get usable shots as compared to alpha cameras at 25/40/60mp. Obviously the quality will lag, but at least for me is 12mp and 27mp not the same. lvl

  • Bendeguz

Kali, 27 Jul 2020It's just marketing, they didn't create the hype,... moreBestseller ? Do pink pigs fly ?

  • Bendeguz

Ok so the phone just failed the bend test and cracked, this is a poor start !

$500 is mid range?!

  • Anonymous

Math is a thing, and we can't expect "something for nothing". OnePlus has put out an answer for a formula that has a bunch of variables, and it's a great answer if you place value on the variables they focused on. It's got the performance of last year's flagships. The best OS going. Good set of cameras. Good screen, fast charging and good looks and build quality. There's nothing on the market that beats it at that price point and with the dual SIM + 5G baked in, it's a good phone for travel and for the 3 years you're going to keep it. There's always going to be trade offs, but this phone does much more closely reflect the OnePlus brand thats become a budget Samsung to an extent lately. This is their best phone since the 7t in terms of what the market wants.

  • Kali

klv12gcn, 27 Jul 2020You call it good, I say it not. They promise what? If yo... moreIt's just marketing, they didn't create the hype, the community did. No matter if people say it's overhyped, it will be a bestseller nonetheless.

  • Pollen

OnePlus Falling low, 27 Jul 2020I had been a OnePlus fan since they released OnePlus 1. An ... moreVery well said,
A big TRUE.

  • Anonym

PSA: !! OnePlus Nord failed the bend test !!

  • Lumina

Anonymous, 27 Jul 2020€399 looks promising at first glance, however for whatever ... moreOne Plua dont even dare to reveal the price in Malaysia because it's not gonna be that cheap too hahahah we are predicting it to cost around 500 euros. That's why they dont dare to announce it until now BUT post on their instagram every 12 hours on photos of Nord.

  • Sagor Sarwar

Just want a smart phone in mid budget segment just like Poco F1 which can satisfied our expectation

  • Anonymous

It's supreme marketing strategy from OnePlus..It's still overpriced and overhyped..Should have given 3.5mm headphone jack as its midrange phone from them.Also 2cameras waste

I think hyper-marketing is the main reason for lot of bashing this phone is receiving. The specs and design are decent for the price. With all the marketing and the videos released by OnePlus, people were expecting something different/unique not a rehashed Realme/Oppo phone.

OnePlus started hyping the device when it should have left it to users. For example, look at iPhone SE 2020. It gets mentioned in the comments of every article since its announcement. Some users are bashing it, some are praising it but the fact is it gets attention. And I think OnePlus has created enough brand appeal to expect such hype without forced marketing.

  • OnePlus Falling low

I had been a OnePlus fan since they released OnePlus 1. An incredible, incredible phone with awesome value for money. I was on love with this phone, so much so that I used it for 3 years and it was still awesome. Then I bought OnePlus 5, for 50% extra price compared to OnePlus, and I am still using it, happily. But I am disappointed with OnePlus's strategy of releasing phones twice a year, and increasing prices with every release. So, if you count, there will be two price hikes every year! They have started spending in stupid marketing, started signing Celebrities for advertisements, and have transferred the bill to us. They have started sounding like any other Tom Di*k Harry company, less keen on delivering a great product at a great price, but more on the Hype. Anybody can deliver great phone at huge price, but it takes great deal of effort to provide the same phone at a much lower price, like OnePlus 1. They are no longer Flagship Killer, No longer on the mantra of "Never Settled". They should change their tag line to "Settle Down and Cough-up" if you want our phones. I think OnePlus 5 will be my last OnePlus phone, and I am heart-broken to say goodbye to a company which had so much potential, but again fell prey to stupid strategy of doing what everybody else is doing - focus on how much money they can make by fooling people that they are the only ones doing great innovation and stupidly justifying the price tag. They never needed immense marketing budget - they would have made much more if they had taken into account their loyal fans(like me) and spent that marketing budget in bringing the cost down, while still providing a great device. This is how a company falls, and keep in mind, Nokia and HTC were marketing leader at one point, they also fell when they lost focus and failed to recognize on what differentiates them from the rest. OnePlus is going down the same road, ignoring their loyal fan base that they managed to make, and instead relying on marketing to propel them forward. Goodbye OnePlus, will miss you.

  • Anonymous

Feel happy for op Nord customers at the same time I feel really bad for op 8 customers.this was not fair honestly.those who purchased op8 will not be happy with this company's move

  • AnonD-947371

This is what happens when OnePlus settles.

We really need a phone of this price with similar specs and finish but with a trio of lenses. Nobody uses a macro lens, a Telephoto is what's needed, like a true flagship.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Jul 2020Good luck with updates, my OP6 is still at 1st May security... moreyeah, on android 9.... makes a lot of sense,right? my op6 got 2 OS updates and is getting 11.... Good luck on 10 for your s8 which I had since december. But muh security updates

  • Anonymous

Anonym, 27 Jul 2020Knowing the Mi A2 and Mi A3 far too well, you must be reall... moreWith all you word in the comment, one thing I can say - a lot of shit charges higher in EU for a premium for a no good reason, thanks to the poor competition and idiotic EU regulations think it bad for local business.

  • Anonymous

For 6GB, 64 GB price should be around 22K, Or at least for 25K with 6GB, should have 128GB. Absence of 3.5 mm jack is another point.