Weekly poll: is the OnePlus Nord a great phone or just overhyped?

26 July 2020
OnePlus entered the mid-range market to offer an option to those who can't keep up with the ever-rising costs of its flagships.

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  • Joker

I would like to see a metallic frame rather than Plastic frame , could have been use 64 mp main and 5 mp macro , 3.5 mm jack is also expected. Then the phone will be better.

I've Pocophone f1 top variant 8gb ram & 256 stoarge size.
i had purchased this phone 2 years back & it still cost me 27000 INR.

Oneplus being an Mid-Range smartphone is still charging 28000 INR & After few months 25 INR.

At this Point of time, Poco F1 Top Variant will cost somewhere in between 18000 INR To 20 INR.
It does as Old Flagship Chipset and Performance is yet so good as well as Memory card Slot & Above Decent/Average as compare to today's Flagship phones and also, it has 3.5mm jack audio jack port too.,

I'd go an buy another pocof1 and back cover skin or Solid Good looking backover yet i will save alot of money xD

If not pocophone then, Realme X2 pro, Oppo A92s, Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite or Xiaomi Redmi 10X or various other brands that can offer good features in lower price.

Its just hype for mid-range phone by oneplus.
Because, i dont remember last time when did Oneplus even advertise in such a way to create a hype for ther flagship phones.

ask your self when do u create hype of something, its only when the product is super awesome or super disappointing.

No Offense.

  • Anonymous

droidfreak, 27 Jul 2020Pre-ordered mine with Amazon prime for 370€, for me persona... moreGood luck with updates, my OP6 is still at 1st May security patch while the older wife backup phone is a Samsung S8 that is at 1June security patch..

Are people using their phones to stop bullets or something

A plastic frame has miles better WiFi, 4g,5g and call reception signal capabilities

Why are people crying about plastic frames??

An aluminium frame offers far less utility than a plastic one

Anyways the OnePlus nord is overrated

  • EGBarry

I've ordered one. Lot of phone for the money. And I find dual SIM useful.
Although sensible thing would have been to wait for Nord T or Nord 2. These things often snaggy. But my 3T coming to its end......

Pre-ordered mine with Amazon prime for 370€, for me personally the phone offers great value. My options are very limited anyway. I won't ever buy a "flagship" because I don't feel like paying some 1.000€ for something that will be obsolete in a couple of years. When I spend 4k € building a PC I know it will still get updates in 4 years and beyond. Somehow I lost interest in those flagship devices when I transitioned from "Android enthusiast" to "Android app developer" around 6 years ago, can play with them at work anyway.
I don't need the best camera (my Canon 77D does a pretty good job), I don't play mobile games and I don't need BS like a 4k display on a phone. I also don't need sh!tloads of bloatware found on many phones.
What I actually need are fast updates and an Android experience as close to stock as possible, without buying an actual Pixel because after years of glorious Nexus devices I still can't see a convincing value proposition in the Pixel line. After Android One (where nothing can really match the Nord so far) OxygenOS is as close to stock as you can get, that's why I don't even consider that "competition", running some "WhateverTheyCallItOS" yet-another-ugly-skin, basically guaranteeing bloatware and lagging updates.

so this is competing with samsung A51 5G. atleat sammy didnt cheap out on and put alumium frame. I prefer plastic on the back then glass.
probably cameras are better on sammy, even if they are similar. atleast the wide is 12mp. i dont know what differnce will OIS make on oneplus camera.
also headphone jack + card and 10% bigger battery.
performance the same.
and sammy improved os skin and updates.

and they call samsung greedy. plus sammy will get discounts and better service.

  • Anonymous

Can we make the top bar completely black & hide the punch hole cameras for full cinematic experience?

  • Anonymous

overrated... mid range and doesnt have 3,5mm jack or sdcard slot.. phones half that price have that......

Well, plastic frame. Tell me about it

  • Kali

klv12gcn, 26 Jul 2020Well, I agree with you it's not the worst phone. Wh... moreNothing wrong with a good marketing campaign. What exactly does the Nord not live up to? Because OnePlus never made any statements they didn't live up to. The expectations from certain people just were way too high, which now resulted in disappointment and claiming the Nord is overhyped.

  • Rob Marks

Love the Community, 26 Jul 2020I'm a Gen Z too (1995) but I don't want to mandat... moreATH-M50X totally correct, an awesome headphone.

  • Rob Marks

Human, 26 Jul 2020You totally spoke my points. They're trying to mark... moreI definitely value the 5 years support by Apple more, Good point !

  • Rob Marks

You missed the UFS 3.0 support the OP8 has, a midrange needs a 3.5mm jack, no WIFI 6 support, and remember this is a mid range phone with a mid range chipset at a price that still expensive for what it is.

The greatest , over-hyped tech scam.

This is a classic case of a company putting too much money into advertising and nothing into the phone itself. They've only gone downhill since late 2017.

Whackcar, 26 Jul 2020Although i do think this phone is overhyped. I must say peo... moreWell, I agree with you it's not the worst phone.

What went wrong here, in my opinion, is the hype BBK created, and the phone doesn't live up to that. That causes a snapback, and people are more critical of it now.

Just like a rope, the more tension it is on, the harder it snaps when it breaks.

  • lashi

Anonymous, 26 Jul 2020Hope the waiting will be stopped on Aug5...this is making p... morewhy wud you buy this if yo are a SD800 sereis user? even SD 835 is better than this processer.. what yo gonna do is not upgrade.. its a de-grade

Its a great device but I'd pick Note 10 Lite over it

  • Carrie Sertra

Everything about OnePlus is hype.