Samsung Galaxy M31s unveiled with 6.5” AMOLED, quad cameras and 6,000 mAh battery

30 July 2020
Sales in India start on August 6.

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  • mahedi

samsung m31s When will he come to Bangladesh?

  • What

FISOCODED, 03 Aug 2020I love this device and definitely buying soon Not bought yet and you love this phone?

  • Mosrur Ahmed


  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Aug 2020Samsung m31 is worst phone in decade. Worsted screen displa... moreIt’s not

  • Anonymous

Deepansh, 31 Jul 2020These days, performance difference of opening apps, doing r... moreSamsung m31 is worst phone in decade. Worsted screen display. Servicecentre workers are thief's. Don't buy the Samsung Galaxy products.

Fredwinia, 01 Aug 2020Screen with round edges??? Viewing angles??? Who over here ... morewe are good with it

I love this device and definitely buying soon

  • Viper

Fredwinia, 01 Aug 2020Most people do not play games. They just need a phone. If y... moreYeah most people do not play games they just need a good battery a good camera and good screen thats all.But see i am talking about efficiency and efficiency of processor matters in case of battery life.A efficient processor with a 5000mah battery is good enough.When the phone is new it runs fine but what baout when its 2year old??.It heats it lags the battery degrades fast even if u used the phones for like common purpose like calls texting etc etc.For normal use this phone is good but for simple pubg gaming its not that good

dt031sin, 01 Aug 2020Yes, it may have the best display and battery but they just... moreWhat do you mean with "felt sluggish". Guy who works in my house has an iPhone 11. I just tried it. After that I tried mine. Oké some apps open faster then on my phone. Just a second. Otherwise I do not notice much difference. What am I supposed to notice ? Phones are both new.

Screen with round edges??? Viewing angles??? Who over here views his phone in an angle? Not me... Heat cameras??? Ir blasters???

Strange enough phone maker do not understand their customers very well. Most phones only have good battery life when they are new. After a year it worsens . Very fast. And what do they make?? Very fast phones with shitty batteries. 90 Herz screens and other bullshit like glass phones. Missy people I guess do not care. Who needs a glass phone . When you put it in a case you will not see it anyway. To protect your glass phone which you do not see. And other ppl also do not see because of the case. Then it goes further...cameras. you uses four cameras??? I use one.. main one. I do not even bother to find out how the others work. Then they put more bullshit in phones. You uses it?

Just make a phone that works!!! And that I can charge fast. Nice screen . That's it. And Samsung got that right. If I could choose between an very expensive phone and a phone with big battery I will choose that one. Any day. You can keep the 120 Herz and 4 cameras and glass panels. And shiny designs which you do not see because of the case.

Viper, 31 Jul 2020I am compalining about what i know.And yes the so called op... moreMost people do not play games. They just need a phone. If you want a phone for gaming just buy one.

I looked at a lots of phones. Tell me what to buy then? Which phone has a nice amoled screen and big battery? And decent cameras. I can buy any flagship I want but I do not want a phone with a 4000 battery. And I do not want those shiny awfull designs.

Just a phone that works. I owned some expensive phones. Most of them had horrible battery life. Try apple of Samsung 8 have to charge those phone 2 times a day. At least. Who is the purpose of of a 120 Herz screen if you can't use it because it eats battery... And you can go on and on. Me as a normal user just think about battery life and screen. Whatever processor they put in to I do not care. I do not even ask. I do not notice.

Do you really think I would notice the difference in speed when I use an apple pro max of my m21? I do not think so. And if there what??

Deepansh, 31 Jul 2020+1 buddy. People want everything from a $300 phone, when yo... moreYes, it may have the best display and battery but they just can't justify the same chipset in two very different market segments: 11-13K and 20K+, I have used M30s and it just feels sluggish compared to every other phone in the segment.

  • Viper

Deepansh, 31 Jul 2020I know that you never had a phone powered by Exynos 9611. E... moreI am compalining about what i know.And yes the so called optimization for ur kind information any low end phone can get those tasks u mentioned preety smoothly.Its ok i am fine with it the are giving 9611 its not upto the mark but they are giving good display good camera and built quality cause most of the people care about this three things.But please don't defend somwthing which is not true try pubg in smooth setting and see the heat and lag it produces and yes somwtimes the system UI lags while opening certain apps.So its a good phone we are just wanting a little good processor cause most of us want to buy it cause the other features are great.


indeed those realme phones remind me of the disco.. like disco phone.. really no style at all. i cant understand that people like that kind of design. Was an other reason why i did not buy that phone.

Aldwin123, 31 Jul 2020What is wrong with people who are complaining about reusing... more+1 buddy. People want everything from a $300 phone, when you are getting a segment best display, segment best battery and mature looks(not flashy designs at the back which makes me puke). If you buy a phone that cost less than some other phone, there ought to be some compromises. In this case yeah the processor is maybe 15% underpowered than the chinese competition but looking at this package overall, there isn't any deal breaker. Makes me laugh, people need to understand that Samsung is a business, not a charity.

Viper, 31 Jul 2020If the processor is effficient 5000mah is enough.That 9611 ... moreI know that you never had a phone powered by Exynos 9611. Else you would've known better about the optimization Samsung has done. I use my phone for it's main purpose. As a phone. Not as a gaming console replacement. For my usage which is calling(main purpose), document editing from OneDrive when my laptop isn't with me, whatsapp, music playback (again a main purpose) with mobile data mostly off and using Wi-Fi, this A51 with 4000mAh battery lasts me solid 1.5 days even 2 sometimes. Optimization is top notch (because Samsung also makes phones worth $1200 running the same OneUI). So naturally a phone with 6000mah battery and Samsung level Optimization should last you 3 days. Please don't complain about what you don't know.

  • Kashif

Samsung galaxy m31s is 5g network?

  • Rocky

If they used snapdragon 720 or 730, that would have been made phone really great deal..

DHARANI V, 31 Jul 20202020 new version phone so many peoples waiting this phone f... moreYeah many phones but strange enough not the exact phone I wanted.

You can't buy a relatively affordable phone with amoled screen wireless charging and fast charging. I mean really fast charging. Like in half an hour. Then you have spend a lot of money. I expect such a phone before the year ends. Like a 400 dollar phone with wireless charging and very fast charging and amoled.