Samsung Galaxy M31s unveiled with 6.5” AMOLED, quad cameras and 6,000 mAh battery

30 July 2020
Sales in India start on August 6.

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Thsnk for replying deepansh.

i also looked at realme 6 but i did not like the screen.. was oke but the samsung was much better.. i think.. also tried the 90 hertz mode on the realme. i noticed it yes indeed. i realme had a amoled screen i would have bought it.. maybe.. the looks of the realme ,to me just awfull. samsung is just black ant thats it... such a shiny realme phone i do not like. for design i like the oppo phones. Could have bought that too but samsung they can repair on every street corner oppo i do not know. just practical choice.

What is wrong with people who are complaining about reusing 9611 chipset. Exynos 9611 is a decent midrange chipset. Besides, Performance is not the only department that can be improve and M31s start at 6GB of RAM, which is plenty enough.

Samsung M Series specifically M31s is clearly advertised focusing on BATTERY LIFE, CAMERA PERFORMANCE AND EXCELLENT DISPLAY. (3 out 5 Pillars of a Smartphone)

If you don't prioritize those 3 then don't buy it

  • Viper

Deepansh, 31 Jul 2020You're clearly lying. Your 2017 J7 Pro sports an Exyno... moreIf the processor is effficient 5000mah is enough.That 9611 is not efficient at all a when u play pubg it lags and heats up real quickly.If they provide 5000mah battery with a good processor it will be more tha enough.Whats the point of giving 6000mah when the processor is not efficient(Atleast the a73 cores on 9611 is not efficiwnt as a76 cores found on other mid range processors)

Fredwinia, 31 Jul 2020anyway old or not.. serious question. what am i supposed to... moreThese days, performance difference of opening apps, doing regular things is just so unnoticeable that you cannot even differentiate between entry level phones and flagships (we're talking about Android here). It's also only in demanding tasks such as 4k (even 8k) recording, locked full graphics setting PUBG. 90% of games available on Android run on these budget phones as they would on a flagship. Seriously tell me, why do you need 16GB (ROG 3) or even 8GB RAM on your phone? Do you want to make a server out of it? And I think these Android phone manufacturers (including Samsung) lie about their RAM capacity (just like they do about their cameras). On my old phone (J7 Pro) which has Android Oreo and 3 GB RAM, at the most 1.2GB RAM was available for use to me. Now in my 6GB RAM phone (A51), I seldom have more than 1.5GB RAM available for use to me. I don't know why all the arguments exist like "this one has a 10% better CPU!", "NO DUDE! This one has 2GB more RAM!". Senseless bantering.

Sam94, 30 Jul 2020Exynos 9611 again. My God when Samsung will learn. I'm... moreYou're clearly lying. Your 2017 J7 Pro sports an Exynos 7870 (8 Cortex A53 cores with a fagile Mali T830 mp1 gpu). I also have one and now using galaxy A51 with Exynos 9611. The 9611 is much much better than 7870. The 9611 is a pretty usable chip. I don't know why everyone bashes Samsung for no reason. Tell me which other vendor provides 6000 mAh battery, a great amoled screen and an overall mature looking smartphone(compared to flashy Chinese competition) at this segment.

anyway old or not.. serious question. what am i supposed to notice? i own a m21. in real life how do i noticed when a processor is fast or slow. i do not notice anything.

opening apps? phone seems to work just fine. when i compare it with my older phones i do not notice anything.

  • Lene

Exynos again really? 😕🤔

There was no case included in the M30s purchased last September (had to purchase seperately), seems its not included in M31s either! How come Samsung??
*greedyness can amount to loosing customers.

Strawhat, 31 Jul 2020Even 665 slightly better than thisYeah. I've been using an sd665 realme phone until I have enough money to buy a better phone and it's good enough for me except in pubg

And oh. The screen is absolutely beautiful. Camera seems fine to me too. Just for FB and Instagram. Till now. Nothing left to be desired. Maybe faster charging and wireless charging. No need for more speed. I can wait that fraction of s second. No problem.

I have a m21. Just bought it. Received it yesterday. Seems just fine to me. I do not notice anything slow. I do not play games. It just does what I want. That's it.

  • Viper

TheLastOracle, 30 Jul 2020It's interesting how much people are whining about thi... moreNo one is expectimg iphone 11 pro the 11 pro provides the best processor at its price range but samsung m31s doen't provode the best or even the good processor in its price range except that other features are good enough

  • Anonymous

Same charger as their 80000inr phone in their 20000inr phone whose actual price should be 10000 instead.
Ohhhh so confusing.

  • Anonymous

I didn't realize they still make phones using 10nm chipsets. Samsung must be clearing out their old stock.

  • Anonymous

Deepansh, 30 Jul 2020You got to comprise somewhere if you want to buy a budget s... moreThe M-series is even MORE budget than the A-series. Your comment doesn't make sense.

Fulljack, 30 Jul 2020name a more iconic duo than samsung midrange and exynos 961... moreFor me it would be, Samsung and Exynos 7870. It started off as mid-range and ended in low-range spanning 3 years from 2016 J7 to 2019 M10.

  • GreenT

Exynos 9611 flood disaster Alert!

wbpwns, 31 Jul 2020Even sd710 or sd675 would have been way better than this E9611Even 665 slightly better than this

Even sd710 or sd675 would have been way better than this E9611

TheLastOracle, 30 Jul 2020It's interesting how much people are whining about thi... moreThat yes, but the only thing that if they complain is the processor, that is what buyers in India and others see more