Black Shark 3S unveiled with 120 Hz 6.67" AMOLED display, same Snapdragon 865 chipset

31 July 2020
The screen is the major upgrade over the Black Shark 3, which topped out at 90 Hz. The 3S also has faster RAM and storage.

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  • Abinash

Not bat

Well to me looks good but compared to Nubia redmagic 3gs and Lenovo Legion is a bit exopensive i have to say but stil looks good.

Cimic, 03 Aug 2020I do!Than gaming phones are not for u.

  • Cimic

Alex 94, 02 Aug 2020People who buying gaming phone doesn't care for the price.I do!

Anonymous, 02 Aug 2020For twice the pricePeople who buying gaming phone doesn't care for the price.

  • AnonD-948787

Good one

  • AnonD-948787

Anonymous, 02 Aug 2020For twice the priceReally

  • Anonymous

Alex 94, 01 Aug 2020Rog 3 is much better phone.For twice the price

[deleted post]I saved the money that you spent on Asus. How about you? We use euro here.

Riord , 01 Aug 2020First of all, you were the one who made the controversial r... moreI still haven't seen any proof stating that I'm wrong? So since you can't give that, I'll stand right in my words.

So get your proof, and comment again.

  • Yo

Which game is being played in the Main thumbnail of this article?? i.e. in the thumbnail/ image behind the title of this article/ heading/ link. having a girl punching iron fist kind of something.. lol

  • Anonymous

CompactPhones5ever, 01 Aug 2020Ahhh it's so wonderful to see some manufacturer solvin... moreBest comment i've read all day. But the screen being tall as a giraffe makes the small camera bezel an after thought. What's the point of gaming phones when +90% of the market is geared towards them? Since my kenzo abruptly died (will be tried to be brought back in the comming week) i have to use a failed buy of a phone - Nokia 7+.

Rog 3 is much better phone.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

I really hope the screens don't grow to 10 inch! I'm not a giant and my trouser pocket is not a big bag!

Ahhh it's so wonderful to see some manufacturer solving the camera question correctly, by putting the cam in a slim top bezel. After all those hideous punch holes and pill punch outs, it's refreshing to see such beautiful phone.

  • Riord

Olym1mk2, 01 Aug 2020Do you have any source that can support your words? Just asking. First of all, you were the one who made the controversial revelation that Asus has got some monopoly over the SD 865+ so no one else can provide it in their phones, so the burden is on you to provide proof for your statement. Anyway, I proved wrong just by the fact that the Lenovo Legion Pro too has the SD 865+. You didn't say anything about that in your 2nd comment ?
Also, unlike your "conspiracy theory", which another commenter pointed out, I made a logical deduction from the sales and the size of the companies of Xiaomi & ZTE (Nubia), compared to Asus, who have more money to influence Qualcomm to give them the SD 865+.

-See this post ( ) ".. Provided there’s no halt in production due to the ongoing pandemic, Qualcomm is expected to announce the Snapdragon 875 in December 2020, followed by a debut on a Xiaomi smartphone. " SD 875 that hasn't even launched, & Xiaomi has made a deal with Qualcomm that the first phone to have it will be theirs. Earlier, Samsung used to launch the first phone with the flagship processor. Now, you see how Xiaomi has risen over the years. Read the whole article & you'll see how Xiaomi buys the most SD processors from Qualcomm. So, who will Qualcomm try to keep happy, Xiaomi or Asus ?

- Also, by your logic that Asus makes other things, they do make laptops, routers, mice, headphones but their sales don't even compare to Mi's phones, laptops, e-scooters, TVs, CCTV cameras & whatnot. Similarly, ZTE has a whole telecom equipment business with 5G equipment, with backing from 'their government', thats why it is facing US sanctions.

So unless you have a better counter-argument than your 2nd comment, this conversation is over.

  • Cimic

Olym1mk2, 01 Aug 2020Did you know that Asus sell more than phones? Btw, how poor... morePay for what? And I know ASUS sells things other than phones. I'm just comparing the Redmagic 5GS and the ROG Phone 3. What's wrong with that?

I'm not sure if 120Hz and UFS 3.1 upgrade are worthy compared to the previous BS3's 90Hz and UFS 3.0. Even the battery didn't really change much at all. At this point, I may as well just get the BS3 Pro instead.

Cimic, 01 Aug 2020IDK, but a built-in cooling fan seems much better at contro... moreDid you know that Asus sell more than phones? Btw, how poor are Microsoft, since you think they can't afford to pay for it?