Sony to release three 2021 flagship sizes, Compact and Premium make a comeback

03 August 2020
The Xperia's from the XZ era are coming.

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Oh boy, thats some good news. I hope that this ifno will be real. I really want to see [and later buy] little flagship like this one in Sony Compact series [except X Compact]. I think, that nwe Compact should be smaller than XZ2 Compact. IMHO XZ2C was too big. But after seeig next Xperias i can tell, that it was not so big xD Finger corssed and let the Compact dream come true :)

Hopefully at least one will be more than 2" wide. Narrow phones are worthless for reading emails, PDFs..

Shui8, 03 Aug 2020Others can do it, why not Sony? Need some fresh marketing s... moreBecause if you look at Sony's developer website on supported devices on their AOSP Program at Kernel Support closely, since the mid-2010s, Sony always released their phones in the Batch Platform every year, which they're developed with the same base platform for their phones for the year it released with the majority of the core specs are same with little differentiation. And most Sony phones developed for 1-1.5 years before they come to the market. This the reason why their core specs are almost the same for the year (base design, sensors, connectivity, chipset, audio hardware, camera tech, charging tech), despite a refresh tech came to the market (like Xperia 5 utilized SD855 while SD855+ released earlier)

Example: Yoshino platform from 2017 was developed for XZP, XZ1, and XZ1c, and most their core specs were the same due to one platform (SD835, UFS Storage type, 4 GB RAM, Loop Surface base design, 19MP rear camera, 3.5mm, stereo speakers, 18W with Qnovo), while the rest are different. Applied as well with the Kumano platform (Xperia 1 & 5) and others. Sure, the possibility of specs with big different could or already happen between one of them, but it has been a pattern for a long time, so here's just my analysis to explain 😁

  • barom

Ah what? I was hoping for an Xperia 5 II. Now I'm sad.

Shui8, 03 Aug 2020As i repeatly mention, its time to restrategized things. ... moreI too hope they'll upgrade their auto mode - then this phone would be near perfect.
Maybe upgrade the camera to normal 16 MP lens - no pixelbinning or other useless things. Just a regular, normal 16 MP lens with normal sized microns.

  • Anonymous

Sony is going to be my next choice for a phone. My ex has one,has had zero issues,with it,and it does everything, flawlessly,being a typical Sony... So that's for me.

You trolls never stop do you? I happen to text you from my XZ Premium, so yes, people buy Xperia. From experience mind you. The masses go for what's in front of their eyes, the Android geeks buy what's best for their needs.
Don't do that please, you make yourselves look uneducated

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Shanti Dope, 03 Aug 2020They were never even dead to begin with. At least not that ... moreBring back dedicated sd slot regardless of how big is the internal storage while maintaining duo simcard

I do long for Sony Z series compact.if they do comeback with sff it is a sure buy thing.ill hold on ip12 atm hoping sony did deliver.for sony craftmanship, a $600-700 asking price for a compact is highly anticipated

Lightning2.0, 03 Aug 2020With reports of a 5.4" iPhone, Sony sees value in a Co... moreThey could still garner a lot of customers, in a sense that they're the only brand that offers such unique devices on Android platform, so those people that want a small phone but don't want to switch to iOS can surely pick the compact phones from Sony instead.
If the new compact is to be something that's even smaller than the Xperia 5 lineup, but retaining almost every aspects except for battery size (given for such form factor), then that could be a major competition against the upcoming iPhone 12 small versions. Priced lower than $800, and it could definitely catch some eyes, well, if it gets marketed properly, that is.
Having the option is still very nice, and I really hope for its success, so that manufacturers can regroup from there and start making smaller phones again.

Shui8, 03 Aug 2020Thats the problem. Dont keep the same old same old strategy... moreMore like they should just step up their marketing strategies to mainstream level, then they could regain their lost market share.
There's absolutely no problem with the products themselves or their naming convention or even their timely release. People just need to know that they're still making smartphones, and very good at them.
Their Bravia TVs are still selling well despite LG and Samsung becoming more and more competitively improving and becoming mainstream brands for TVs. Their Alpha mirrorless cameras are still among the best in the market business despite Canon showing some incredibly great innovative leaps. Their PlayStation consoles are still as popular as they were back in their early days despite Xbox immensely trying to steal their market from them. Even their audio headsets are still considered to be premium level despite the rise of competition from other brands.
The main point here, is that those other Sony electronics departments are still doing fantastically great because of their much better marketing team. I strongly believe they can still regain their presence to the world with smartphones if they only regroup and re-orient their advertising strategies back to how they are supposed to be.
I remember back in 2015, when the Z5 Premium was almost as popular as the Note 5 in my country, and many big YouTubers have reviewed that phone, and I can imagine they can do that again especially now with their much more improved phones.

  • Anonymous

Pro may be out in upcoming weeks.
Stay tune.

  • anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Aug 2020All Sony can do is to try to keep sales between 3 - 4 milli... moreI don't want it to be popular. Sure, they may lose profit, but less people owning the phone makes it special.

  • Anonymous

Man I've been waiting for a successor to the Xperia ultra and it never happened

Come back india

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Aug 2020I am hoping for a phone which is less than 145x70x8mm. I am... more5 has 6.8 cm wide.

So with 14,5 cm tall, phone would be much narrower.

  • Anonymous

Shui8, 03 Aug 2020Guess that my sense of thinking different than yours. No co... moreAll Sony can do is to try to keep sales between 3 - 4 million units per year and make as much per unit they can.
They will never go back to 2013-14 when they were selling near 40 million devices yearly.

There are too many brands now. Chinese brands have much cheaper costs because local suppliers, BBK sisters share R&D etc ....

Even of Sony makes the best phone and charges 10-15% less than Samsung and Huawei, they will still sell much less.

Huawei is too popular in China, Samsung is too strong everywhere except China, Japan and North Korea (of course).

By the way, the chinese version of 1 ii may have 12GB.

  • Anonymous

Yes, yes, yes !
Just keep the headphone jack, no notch/punchhole, with a reasonable price, then i'm sold !

  • Anonymous

Are you really making an article about ONE anonymous user talking about having an uncle at Sony that knows insider info?

  • Anonymous

I am hoping for a phone which is less than 145x70x8mm. I am banking on sony. It's high time that compact phones make a comeback.