Google Pixel 4a announced with Snapdragon 730G and 5.81-inch display

03 August 2020
Google's mid-range Pixel is finally out.

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  • mangyiscute

this is by far the best smaller phone you can get right now. What people need to understand is that for 99% of people the minor differences in hardware don't matter. What people really care about is software. that is why so many people buy iphones. Therefore, this phone is way better than all the xiaomi and realme ones because it actually has good intuitive software, rather than 5% extra performance which no one will notice. The shortcomings in hardware are made up by this fact - the phone is actually useable. At the end of the day, it's the software that the user interacts with, so that's what matters.
Having said this, I would go for the oneplus nord over this (even though it is a little more expensive) because oneplus are one of the only manufacturers with a decent software skin, and that phone has much better hardware too.

  • Nice.


  • Htr

just another boring DOA

  • Anonymous

Finally, and it checks all my boxes! Just the fact that it will be released in October here is a downside, but hey, I can wait another two months.

Cheapest point and shoot camera in the body of a cellphone. It's sad that Google will launch it at (40k) 530$ in india.

  • Nick

Can it compete with with realme
And does it have proper stereo speakers
Plz reply

I'll pay max 350$ for this outdated beta hardware.

  • DONG

No 5G
Oneplus Nord better